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Nitrogen-like warts - causes, diagnostics, treatment, photos

Neck-shaped warts or acrohordami are called skin formations of elongated shape. This type of warts received its name due to its characteristic appearance, which resembles a torn thread.

Nitro-like warts can start to grow at any age, but most often they occur in the elderly. Yes, acrochondria are practically all people over the age of 80 years.

Some believe warts are a cosmetic defect, not a disease. But in fact, what is a warts? You will receive the answer here.


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Causes of

Nitrogen-like wart causes, diagnosis, treatment, photo appearance The cause of all types of warts, including those that are threadlike, is the infection of HPV-human papillomavirus. There are many varieties of this virus, acrohords are formed when infected with HPV 3, 5, 8, 9 types.

Infection occurs by contact, the "gate" for penetration of the virus is the microtrauma of the skin.

There may be a lot of time between the moment of the virus entering the body and the appearance of the acrohord, since the virus activates only when the immunity is reduced. Therefore, the factors that can lead to the growth of filiform warts, include:

  • The presence of chronic diseases;
  • Stress;
  • Hormonal Crashes. There are cases where acrohords began to grow during pregnancy or when a climax occurred. Often, the cause of venous warts in women becomes polycystic ovaries.

You should also know that the appearance of warts during pregnancy is fraught with complications. Therefore, it is very important to know the doctor than the dangerous warts during pregnancy.

Clinical picture of

Nitrogen-like wart causes, diagnosis, treatment, photo Acrohords have a distinctive appearance. At the first stage, the wart looks like a little bullet on the skin, so sometimes they are confused with the germs. But in order to begin treatment on time, it is very important to know how to distinguish birthmarks from warts. Then the knot begins to grow gradually, buying an elongated shape. Sometimes the acrohords retain a rounded shape, but grow on a thin stalk.

The education consistency is elastic and dense enough. Typically, the length of the warts does not exceed 5 mm, but sometimes acrochondria grow to 1 cm or more. Some people on the skin appear several nearby warts, which can grow, gaining the appearance of a cock scab. The color of filiform warts is different, they can remain carnal or buy a brown tint. Also, sometimes warts can itch, what to do if you have a itchy wart read here.

Threadlike acrochondes are found, usually on body parts, covered with the most delicate and delicate skin. Most often, acrochondria are localized:

  • In the area of ​​the eyelids and nose;
  • At the neck, especially on its lateral surface;
  • In folds of the groin area;
  • In armpit;
  • For women - under the mammary glands.

Depending on where warts can be localized, different types of warts with different structures are distinguished.

The feature of thread-like warts is their ability to spread when injured. For example, when scratching, rubbing the skin with clothing, etc. In case of damage to the acrochondine, new filamentous formations may appear on the adjacent areas of the skin.

Diagnostic Methods

When skin formation occurs, contact a dermatologist. Only a specialist will be able to determine precisely whether the formation is a wart or has a different nature.

Typically, in the diagnosis of filiform warts, there is enough external examination and dermatoscopy - looking at education under a strong microscope.

Nitrogen-like wart causes, diagnosis, treatment, photo In the case of dermatoscopy in the filamentous enlargements of the acrohorda, angiopathy and thrombotic vessels are detected. These signs indicate the viral nature of education. In addition, the patient is referred to a PCR study to confirm the fact of the HPV infection. Sometimes a biopsy of acrohorda tissues is required, followed by histological examination.

It is necessary to differentiate the acrohordes with nevus, fibromas, papillomas and other types of warts( flat warts, genital warts, warts on the soles of the legs, etc.).


Is It Treated With Threaded Wart? The answer to this question should be given by the doctor. By themselves, acrochondria do not pass, so if they cause discomfort, then they should be removed. Why do not they disappear on their own? The answer to this question is outlined here.

It is imperative to remove the acrohords that are often injured due to their location. For example, on the neck the warts can be damaged by collar clothing or jewelry. Also many questions are asked: why can not you tear off warts? The answer is: frequent injury of warts can lead to the development of inflammatory reactions and cause serious complications.

Modern dermatology can offer several techniques for the removal of warts, the most appropriate one for each patient should choose a doctor.

  • Laser Removal. Acrohords can be removed using a laser beam. This method is considered to be the safest and fastest, so it is used quite often. The warts are simply fired with a directed laser beam. Before performing the procedure, conduct local anesthesia, the whole process takes no more than 1 minute. On the site of the removed acrochondine there is a crust, which eventually goes away, leaving no traces.
  • Removal with a radio wavelength scalpel. Often, acrochondria are removed by the method of radio waves surgery. In this case, high-frequency radio waves are used to destroy education. The procedure for performing the operation is similar to laser removal of skin defects.
  • Cryotherapy. Acrohords are often destroyed by cold. This technique involves the use of liquid nitrogen. After exposure to the cold, the acrohordes disappear spontaneously in a few days.
  • Electrocoagulation. The method is based on burning of high frequency currents. This method of treating worsted warts is used today less often than others, as under the action of the current on the skin a burn is formed that lasts a long time.

Treatment by folk methods

Nitrogen-like wart causes, diagnosis, treatment, photo Trying to get rid of filiform warts can also be done with the help of folk remedies. These remedies act not so radically as a laser or radionuclide, but folk remedies are simple and accessible to everyone.

Garlic Ointment. You need to take fresh garlic and wipe some teeth, turning them into mashed potatoes. Mix garlic puree with equal amount of melted intestinal pork fat, and if there is no fat, you can take cosmetic vaseline. Take a cotton disc or a small piece of folded quadrant bandage and apply ointment to it. Put compress on the area of ​​the warts, secure it with a patch. Make compress every day for the night.

Clean. Fresh juice of celandine is an excellent remedy for the treatment of all types of warts, including those that are filiform. It is necessary to lubricate acrohords with juice several times a day. In the course of treatment, the wart should fall off.

Iris garden. To remove warts, it is necessary to take parts of a sheet of iris, to crush it in the hand, so that the juice will stand out. Then apply for several hours before the warts.

Rowan. If the treatment of celandine and iris is only available in the summer, then during the winter period, the fight with thread-like warts can be done using berry rowan. You just need to squeeze the berries and add the rubbish to the warts, making the compress for the night.

Forecast and prophylaxis of

The prognosis for yarn-shaped warts is good, and these formations are not particularly harmful to health. However, when injuries to the acrohorda, it is possible to develop inflammation.

It should be remembered that after removing the thread-like warts, the formation on the skin can grow again. The fact is that the cause of the formation of warts - the virus remains in the body and, with its activation, acrohords can begin to grow.

Prevention of recurrence of the growth of filiform warts is a measure aimed at strengthening immunity:

  • Abandonment of bad habits;
  • Maintenance of healthy physical form;
  • Compliance with hygiene requirements;
  • Saving good mood and an optimistic view of life circumstances.