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Bath classic cast-iron

Bath cast iron is a classic version of a plumbing equipment, which is characterized by high quality, durability, durability, durability and long lasting warmth. Today there are modern acrylics for sale, but what kind of bath is better to choose, to be comfortable and practical?

How to choose a cast iron bath for home?

There are many selection criteria that you must pay attention to. It is necessary to consider how much the bath will fit into the interior in size and shape, appearance. Today you can buy an ordinary one-piece, one-and-a-half bath, built-in type, classic, non-standard sizes, corner. Be sure to carry out measurements in the bathroom, if possible, execute the drawings by hand.

Next, the question of choosing a bath is decided on the basis of the color scheme. The classic version is white, but today you can buy a design of almost any color.

It is best to take pastel shades for a bathroom, but the modern interior allows you to use both red, and blue, and even black.

Before choosing the color you need to come up very seriously, as if the wrong solution the bath will just seem alien to the subject. After this, attention should be paid to how the bowl will connect to the water supply and sewage system. You will have to choose the right plumbing right so that the shower is on the side that is suitable for connection, it can greatly facilitate work, save time and money.

What to choose the bath in the form? For a private country house this problem is not so difficult as for a city apartment. In the latter case, everything is greatly complicated by the fact that the space is rather limited, it is not always possible to install a full and large bath. It is also necessary to determine the extent to which the bowl will have a depth, which heights will have. You can choose a standard option if the free area of ​​the bathroom allows. Today, the market has a large range of cast iron baths of various sizes. When choosing, remember that a bowl of unusual shape and size will cost a lot more. In any case, professionals recommend choosing a cast iron model, as the service life is large, the bath itself is very practical, it is easy to wash, it keeps the heat perfectly.

How to choose the dimensions?

When choosing attention it is necessary to pay attention to the size, as it may well arise the situation that the cup just does not fit into the bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out all measurements in advance, evaluation of the doorway, installation possibilities. The advantage must be given to structures that have a smooth surface, but with anti-slip properties. Today, many models have additional equipment, such as railings, head restraints, rollers. For older people, these elements can be very important, as well as the presence of anti-slip and safe enamel.

What should a bath be, how to choose it correctly? The bowl can be purchased with special adjustable legs on the screws, but the best cast iron baths are put on the brick supports. When purchasing it is necessary to remember that the enamel perfectly withstands a lot of load, but here strong blows will be hardly carried. If heavy objects fall into the bathroom, chips and cracks will appear quickly on the surface.

Cost depends on the following parameters:

  • manufacturer( domestic products are usually cheaper);
  • length of construction;
  • width design;
  • height of construction;
  • color and type of coating;
  • form a bowl of bath.

So which pig-iron bath is better with all the variety of models? Today, sanitary ware is offered not only by domestic but also by foreign producers. In Europe, for example, cast-iron baths belong to the premium class, that is, their cost is very high. Of course, the variety is bigger, but the quality is the same as in domestic, but in the latter case the price is much lower. Recently, iron baths from China have become popular, which are characterized by the presence of several layers of the most durable enamel. The price of Chinese baths is quite affordable, often it is even lower than domestic ones. You only need to select products from well-known manufacturers.

Mounting the bathroom on the brick

Quite often a cast-iron bath is placed on ordinary bricks, after which it is closed with a decorative screen. Such a foundation can be called the best, since the design itself is quite large in weight, decorative legs, even metal, can not always handle loads. Specialists recommend the use of brick as a base, especially if the bottom part will be closed by a plastic or drywall screen lined with ceramic tiles.

Bath classic cast-iron

The advantage of this method is that the cast-iron bath will never change its position, will not deform. In the case of screw legs, distortion may well be, as the weight of the construction itself and the mass of water can not always withstand even strong legs.

In order to make a cast-iron bath installed on such a laying, it is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • ceramic full bricks;
  • cement mortar for masonry, you can take a ready mixture, which is easy to mix together by yourself;
  • capacity to replace the solution;
  • building level;
  • trowel and spatula;
  • special nozzle for drills, which allows you to quickly and accurately mix the solution.

A cast-iron bath is easy to install, it is not necessary to call a specialist a master of a beginner with such a job. The following steps must be followed:

  • It is necessary to prepare a solution, it is mixed with the finished mixture with the addition of water. The number of brick for masonry - about 20 pieces, but it all depends on the size of the bath itself.
  • Calculate the amount of brick for a masonry can be quite simple, the height of one support is usually 2-3 bricks, between the supports should observe a step up to 50 cm, which is quite enough for reliable mounting, stability. If you install a cast-iron bath with a length of 150 cm, then you can use 2 supports, which will be at the same distance from the wall and each other. The width of each support is equal to the width of the bottom. If the size of the design is greater then it is best to make 3 supports to provide better stability, no deformation when used.
  • Once the marking for the supports is applied to the floor surface, you can begin to masonry. It is taken into account that the height of the upper edge of the bath after installation should not be higher than 70 cm. The front brick support should coincide with the position of the outlet, but do not overlap it. The best height for it is 17 sm. The rear support usually has a height of 19 cm.
  • The shape of such brick floors should be strictly rectangular, on the edges it is recommended to put half the bricks to create a comfortable slot for the installation of a bowl of the bath.
  • Bricklaying is carried out in accordance with the markings made, joints should not be thick. After the masonry is completed, it is necessary to leave the support for drying. When the supports are ready, a cast-iron bath is installed on them. Mix a small amount of tiled waterproof glue, they will seal the joints between the wall and the bath. This will allow more reliable installation of the structure, ensure its stability and reliability.
  • After mounting, it is necessary to fix the siphon. To avoid leakage during operation, sealants are used.

    How to install a cast iron bathtub securely?

    To ensure the reliability of the mount, you must comply with the following requirements:

    Bath classic cast-iron

  • The bath can only be mounted on dry supports, it is impossible to carry out installation work until the cement mortar is dry. Usually it takes about 2 days.
  • The cast iron bath is better and more accurately installed, if you use a building level to check the horizontal. If this is not checked, then possible deformation during operation, especially if the bath will be filled completely.
  • After installation, it is necessary to check how free the water goes through the drain hole, whether there is leakage. Water should not accumulate, it is difficult to descend. It is imperative to use special sealants to provide additional reliability and protection against leakage during operation.
  • Cast iron bath is increasingly replaced by acrylic or steel, but this replacement is uneven. In Europe, so far, such models of cast iron are premium-class. The bowl of this metal is durable, durable, and holds the heat perfectly. The surface of the enamel well tolerates even the most adverse conditions of operation, is not covered by cracks, withstand strong stress. The installation of such a bath is simple, but because of the weight of the design it should be done together. It is better to put the bath on the brick supports, which perfectly withstand a lot of weight, do not allow the bowl to deform when used.

    Installation of a cast-iron bath. Video