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Diet for ulcerative colitis: proper nutrition

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In any case, a diet with ulcerative colitis should be selected by a doctor individually. In this case, the experienced physician must always take into account the severity of the disease, its

phase, the phenomenon of intolerance, concomitant diseases and taste preferences of the patient. However, diet therapy has universal requirements that need to be taken into account.


  • 1 Recommendations of nutritionists
  • 2 What else you need to know?
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1 Recommendations of nutritionists

Experts note that people suffering from ulcerative colitis need protein because it is the best plastic material. It is necessary for the gradual restoration of the intestinal mucosa. That is why the protein quota should reach 2 g per 1 kg of patient weight. With colon of the intestine it makes no sense to exceed this norm, as the protein does not have time to digest the body. In the menu you must enter the fat-free cheese, cooked steep egg, lean meat( beef, veal, chicken, turkey), non-fat fish, buckwheat porridge.

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Diet for ulcerative colitis: proper nutrition

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In the disease of the colon, fats have the ability to activate the motor activity of the intestine, which increases with disease. Therefore, the daily amount of fats should be reduced to 60 g. Exclude from the diet should be fat, fatty fish and meat, butter, dairy products, pastry creams.

A properly selected diet for non-specific ulcerative colitis should contain a small amount of carbohydrates. Patients are advised to remove from the diet fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, nuts, beans, poppy seeds, veal meat, corn, sesame seeds. If the patient's condition has improved, then several times a week can eat canned fruits or fruits that do not contain seeds.

Of course, feeding with ulcerative colitis can be very diverse. But it must be remembered that the best choice for any dish will be baking of refined flour. If the patient is suffering from constipation, cooked vegetables are introduced in the menu, which should be chopped with a grater before use.

Diet for ulcerative colitis: proper nutrition

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2 What else do you need to know?


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Doctors Opinion. .. "

In people suffering from ulcerative colitis, physicians may find iron deficiency. From useful products it is possible to get only 20% of iron. Despite this, the daily diet is necessarily filled with poultry meat, beef and oatmeal, which contain easily digestible iron.

In some cases, when developing ulcerative colitis, the diet does not accept the use of dairy products. This fact is more closely connected with the presence of a lactase deficient enzyme that breaks down the milk sugar. To fill the lack of the human body of this mineral, doctors advise to enter in the menu such sources of calcium, such as, for example, bone meal, broccoli and cheese from soy. But dairy products should be excluded.

Diet for ulcerative colitis: proper nutrition

To make a diet good, products should be cooked and chopped with a grater or blender. For example, from meat it is better to cook kneli, fridges, steamed cutlets, souffl├ęs or teefteli. In the menu, you must enter mousse, fruit juice compotes, jelly and jelly.

In the dietary menu, foods that are filled with substances that irritate the mucus are not acceptable:

  • of smoked;
  • pickles;
  • Sour Fruit or Berries;
  • spicy condiments;
  • nourishing broths.

If the doctor has allowed, you can use a small amount of home-made yogurt and brynza.

3 Useful recipes


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Even in the event that a broad spectrum of antibiotics have been started on the patient, the diet should be followed and try to eat light and nutritious meals. For example, rice porridge cooked on a meat broth.

Diet for ulcerative colitis: proper nutrition

For this meal, take 5 g of butter, 50 g of rice, 1 g of salt and 235 g of meat broth. To get a weak broth, it must be cooled, and then remove all fat from the surface, be sure to strain and add a little boiled water. Rice washed in water, pour into strained broth, bring to thickening, cover with a lid and cook for an hour, saline and grind in a blender. Before serving to the table in a porridge it is necessary to put a piece of butter.

It is possible to pamper yourself with the health benefits of almond jelly. To prepare this meal, take 15 g of sugar, 25 g of almonds, 120 g of water and 3 g of gelatin. Almonds need to be split. The grain immediately sprinkle with boiling water, remove the peel from them and thoroughly grind in a mortar, pouring water.

The resulting almond milk is to be strained. After that we add sugar to it. In a separate container, fill with gelatin and leave for 40 minutes. Then the milk is injected with gelatin, poured into any mold and placed in the refrigerator.

Diet for ulcerative colitis: proper nutrition

4 Additional tips

It will be very useful for the patient to have beefs of boiled meat. Take 5 grams of butter, 110 grams of meat, 1 egg, 8 grams of rice, 1 gram of salt and 50 grams of water. Meat should be cooked, cooled and then chopped with a meat grinder. Separately you need to cook rice porridge. After that in the meat puree add rice porridge. Pass the resulting mass through a meat grinder, and then add the egg and salt. We create hands with minced beetles and cook them in steam. Before feeding to the table, it is necessary to water the beads, which was melted in the steam bath.

To make the lunch delicious and has benefited the weakened body, cook meatballs with soup. Take 350 g of fish broth, 80 g fillet of pike perch, 1 g of salt, 10 g of bread, 7 g of parsley, 15 g of water. First you need to prepare a low-fat fish soup from the skin, head, fins and bone of the pike perch. Fish fillets are passed through a meat grinder, add the water soaked in bread and mix thoroughly. After that again we pass through a meat grinder, salt and divide into balls. Then the meatballs are boiled in water. In a bowl of fish bouillon before serving, lay meatballs.

Several times a week you can cook liver pudding. Take 1 item.ldry milk, 110 g beef liver, 2 g salt, 40 g carrot, 10 g butter and 1 egg. The liver is cleaned from the vessels and large ducts, washed, removed, and chopped with a meat grinder. Carrot must be boiled, grated and mixed with the liver. Only after that you can add salt, egg yolk, milk and butter. In separate dishes, we mix the proteins and put them in mince. Then the obtained mass should be put into the form and cooked for a couple of 40 minutes.