Hemorrhoid Treatment

Using Bepanten for hemorrhoids

An exacerbation of a disease such as hemorrhoids is usually associated with a large number of unpleasant effects. Bepantine with hemorrhoids helps to cope with the main symptoms, and also has a healing effect on the nodes.

The drug contains medicines that can remove

from the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, which usually cause the most inconvenience to humans, as the testimony suggests.


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  • 3 Use of pregnancy

Composition and properties of

Using Bepanten for hemorrhoids The use of betapanthene from hemorrhoids is sufficiently justified.

The fact that the drug has in its composition dexapanthenol, due to which he is obliged to its main curative properties.

Dexapanthenol, interacting with inflamed cells, is transformed by the action of the biologically active substances of the organism into pantothenic acid, through which the processes of regeneration are much faster in the body.

In addition to the regenerating effect of dexapanthenol, which is part of Bepanten, produces the following effects:

  • acts as an antimicrobial agent, which is especially important, since inflammation and injured hemorrhoids are particularly prone to the development of infectious processes.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is closely related to antimicrobial.
  • Able to act as a coolant, which is especially important if a person suffers from itching or burning. As much as possible, this property of an ointment or cream is manifested in the event that it is pre-hold in the refrigerator.
  • Makes skin softer, thus preventing excessive injury and stretching.
  • One can not forget about the famous healing effect of the ointment or cream, for which the use of Bepanten from hemorrhoids has become particularly popular.
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    How to use

    Using Bepanten for hemorrhoids

    After the exam, the doctor chooses the drugs for the therapy of

    Despite the widespread popularity of this effective remedy, as well as the positive reviews that can be found on the Web, it is still advisable to start using Bepantene only if,if approved by the attending physician.

    If a doctor chooses Bepantine as an ointment for getting rid of hemorrhoids, then it is usually recommended to use it 1-2 times a day.

    It should be borne in mind that before each application of the ointment, the skin in the anus should be thoroughly washed and dried, since only in this case the greatest possible effect of the drug is possible.

    It is important to keep in mind that the use of different cases will vary. So, for example, if the disease is not strongly expressed, it will take 3-5 days to get rid of its symptoms and to prevent aggravation, but if the pathology could not be caught early, Bepant has to use at least a few weeks.

    Preferring this drug, patients should also be aware of the contraindications. Bepanten practically does not have them, however allergic people should use the drug carefully, since they are not insured from the individual intolerance of dexapanthenol - the main active substance of the drug.

    If a person notices signs of an allergic reaction, he / she should stop using the drug.

    Using Pregnancy

    Do You Have Hemorrhoids?

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    Hemorrhoids often torture women in pregnancy, and their treatment during this period is complicated by the fact that many drugs for pregnant women are strictly prohibited.

    But in spite of the prohibition, treatment is needed and doctors try to choose the safest for mother and child remedies that have the minimum number of side effects. One representative of these drugs is Bepanten.

    Using Bepanten for hemorrhoids It is worth noting that ointments and creams containing dexapanthenol can be used not only in cases where it is necessary to get rid of hemorrhoids, but also in the treatment of nipple injuries in nursing mothers, which in itself speaks of the relative safety of this medication.

    Bepantine has taken its niche in the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures, not only due to its effectiveness. This means, as mentioned above, favorably differs from others with almost complete absence of contraindications, excluding individual intolerance.

    Bepanten is safe, and therefore popular, but before using it, it is still necessary to consult a physician for accurate diagnosis.

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