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Plantar warts: treatment methods

Plantar warts: treatment methods


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    • wart on foot: how to get rid of folk remedies
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  • Warts are common manifestationsstriking skin and characterized by localization on different parts of the body: face, genital organs, legs. Most often you can see the appearance of warts on the plantar part of the foot, which accounts for one third of the total number of formations. In turn, the plantar warts are tumors of the skin of benign nature, which has a viral nature. In the majority of such "growths" do not carry any danger, but in some cases they can bring significant discomfort, which is manifested in painful feelings. For this reason, it is important to treat such skin formations.

    Plantar Warts: Causes of the appearance of

    There are various types of warts, each of which occurs with weakened immunity as a result of infection with HPV - a human papillomavirus. It can be contacted by means of everyday contact using other people's personal hygiene items or when they are found in warm rooms with high humidity. Infection does not always take the form of inflammation: in the presence of a strong immune system, the growth of the papilloma is excluded, but in the event of a malfunction in its work there is further infection, which results in education on the skin.

    Other causative causes of plantar warts include:

    • Skin lesions of the legs, in particular the feet where the papillomas are often formed between the fingers
    • Diseases in which tissue tissue is disturbed: atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus and other
    • Hypotension or dryness of the lower extremities
    • Diseasesor deformation that affects the foot: flat feet, osteoarthrosis
    • Constant friction and pressure on the skin of the foot.

    Therapeutic measures

    Because foot warts not only significantly damage the appearance of the skin, but also in some cases bring about tangible physical discomfort, it is important to take all kinds of measures to remove them.

    In the present time, it is possible to bring warts to the sole of the foot using professional methods or special means, which may be used at home.

    Professional methods

    The decision on how to treat plantar warts is purely individual and depends on a number of important factors. Thanks to modern medicine and high-tech equipment, removal of plantar warts becomes possible in several effective ways:

    Electrocoagulation Plantar warts: treatment methods

    It is worth to say at once that with this method of treatment it is impossible to get rid of large warts on the legs, deep into the skin. This is the main disadvantage of electrocoagulation. Also, for her characterized by visible scars and scars. The procedure differs painlessness and high efficiency in the presence of deep "growths" of small size.

    Cryodestruction of

    Burning with liquid nitrogen is particularly popular in the presence of warts on the feet, because of its low cost and lack of scars. But the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the level of professional qualifications of the doctor, who must, with a jeweler's precision, calculate the depth of the effect of the drug.

    When nitrogen penetration is too deep in the skin, there is a high probability of scarring, and with a very superficial effect, relapse develops. The whole process is characterized by a duration of about one minute and quite painful sensations. On the site of the removed warts there is a blister, which should not come in contact with water and be traumatized. Before complete healing of the wound it is recommended to treat it with a weak solution of manganese.


    Recently, wart withdrawal is practiced more and more often by laser. This is largely due to the fact that the result is the best cosmetic effect. The advantages of the laser are reduced to optimal control of the depth of influence, practical painlessness, as well as the holding of a minimum amount of time and a short recovery term. Laser treatment eliminates the occurrence of relapses and does not leave traces of surgical.

    Radio waves

    In this case, a special radionuclide is used, along with which the blood vessels are cooled. As a result, the viral effect is blocked, which prevents its penetration into the bloodstream.

    Surgical intervention

    The presented method is radical: it is used in extreme cases, for example, when detecting a virus that can provoke cancerous diseases. It is worth noting that surgical intervention threatens a long period of restoration of the wound, remained on the site of the removed warts. In addition, such a method does not exclude the possibility of recurrence of a papilla after a certain period of time.

    Warts in the foot: how to get rid of folk remedies

    Removal of plantar warts is also possible at home that involve the use of traditional medicine and not only:

    • Strengthening the immune system

    Sufferarily, leg warts, in particular, on the feet, disappear on their own. Typically, the causes of this phenomenon are certain positive changes in the body, associated with the strengthening of protective functions of immunity. To achieve such positive results can be achieved through active physical education in the fresh air, proper nutrition, meditation, yoga.

    • Salicylic acid

    This agent is very effective in the presence of plantar neoplasms of various localization, including hemorrhagic warts. Before using the drug, it is necessary to pre-soak the papilloma, and then subject it to thorough drying. At the end of all previous procedures, with the help of any applicator a solution of salicylic acid is applied to the wart.

    • Cleanser

    It is ideal to use natural juice of plants, which bloom from May to June. However, in the absence of the possibility of using natural resources, you can use the pharmacy option as a method of treatment.

    • Onion with acetic acid

    Plantar warts: treatment methods To prepare the mixture, it is necessary to pre-cut into parts of the bulb soak in acetic acid for a couple of hours, after which the mixture is applied to the wart and fixed at night.

    • Foot Breakdown

    The procedure for steaming the leg warts greatly improves the body's immune system, which is due to the expansion of the blood vessels, resulting in the process of treatment.

    Childhood Warts As children's immune system is still completely unformed in childhood, children are the most prominent age category of warts on their legs. In the vast majority of cases, these skin tumors give the child significant discomfort, and sometimes they can provoke the appearance of pain syndrome. As a rule, the warts are localized on the entire plantar part of the child's leg: between the fingers, on the heel on the entire foot area. A warts on the heel can bring a particular inconvenience in the process of walking or rubbing the skin on any surface.

    The causes of the onset of tumors in the foot in children are similar to the adult manifestations: wearing uncomfortable footwear, flatulence, diabetes and others. Also, infection can occur at the contact of the child with the carrier of the virus.

    Due to the growing body in children, warts of warts pass independently after a year and a half, resulting in a special release is not required. However, with the growth or bleeding of the formations necessary to remove them.

    In particularly difficult cases, children can use their "adult" methods of treating warts on their legs: cryodestruction, laser, surgical intervention. Among all available methods, the best for the child is getting rid of a papillo with a laser.

    With regard to conservative methods for getting rid of papillomas in children, various ointments are used actively, based on salicylic acid. The most effective ointment is imiquinod, which promotes the immune forces of the child's body.

    In order to remove a wart from a child's foot in the home, they resort to the use of traditional medicine. For the treatment of children, the leaves of Kalanchoe are used, which are applied to the "toe" and fixed with a bandage bandage. Dressing must be carried out daily.


    Fortunately, you can completely get rid of the appearance of warts on the foot and face through prophylactic procedures that will become an actual guide for adults and children:

  • Ensure that person's hygiene is carried out on a regular basis
  • Do not spill out various appearances on the skin in the form of acne, morning and other
  • Regularly come to the dermatologist
  • Follow the diet, excluding excessive consumption of fatty foods.