Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding

If you met pigs with an unusual appearance, and asked yourself: what kind of black pigs are in front of you?- know, in most cases, in the black color are piglets of the Vietnamese breed. They stand out not only the appearance, but also the features of

feeding, retention, breeding. This is exactly what you will learn from our article.

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Choosing a pig

If you decide to breed animals such as Vietnamese pigs to buy them - the first and most important task for you. Indeed, from this choice depends on the quality of all subsequent products.

So, the best way to go is to go to proven farmers. After all, in them you will be able not only to buy piglets for the price of which is relatively not high, but also consult on their content.

To make a good purchase, you need to know what the Vietnamese piglet looks like, here are its main characteristics:

Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding

  • The color of this species is often black, but there are individuals with ore or white color. But the Vietnamese pig is the most valued, than the animals with a different color.
  • There is a bristle in the bark all over the body, and the so-called bangs stretch along the groats. It consists of longer hairs that rise in fright or joy.
  • Mood and nose plastic.
  • The paws are short, widely spaced.
  • In the young piglets, the abdomen is slightly hanging, and in adults it practically gets to the ground.
  • Small ears standing.
  • If you have decided that the piglets should go to fattening, they need to be bought at a young age in order to avoid feeding problems. When asked, ask parents to show the piglets, so you can roughly determine what they will become in a few months.

    Ask the seller about the weight and age of the animal. To avoid cheating, remember that after the farrowing the sows have a thin body, and the lumps are drooping. Therefore, if you are told that the age of this piglet is one month, but the appearance of the mother is different from the above, then most likely you are deceived.

    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding For a breed like Vietnamese pigs the price is very high. This is due to many factors:

    • meat quality;
    • is a fat quality, the layer of which does not exceed the thickness of the three fingers;
    • fast growth with lower feed costs;
    • has good immunity, which guarantees virtually no disease.

    But in order to show these qualities, certain rules of care and maintenance must be observed.


    The question of how to buy Vietnamese piglets is solved. Now you need to arrange a room for pigs. After all, in order to achieve good results, it is necessary to give the animals maximum comfort.

    Preparing pigsty

    It is better to use materials such as stone or brick to build a pig breeder. And you must carefully close all the cracks and holes, as Vietnamese piglets can not tolerate drafts.

    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding Since the pigs are small in size, then a large pig breeder is not required. The area for each individual should be 4 square meters.

    Peculiarity of breed is precision. That is, in pigs there is a certain division into a place for sleeping and for a toilet. Concrete in the main area of ​​the floor. This will make it easier for you to clean, and will not allow piglets to dig. To arrange a place for a dream, first lay it with wooden boards, and from the top make a deck of hay.

    It is necessary to build a fence in which sows and boar, or a sow with small pigs, will be found. When building fences, pay attention to the fact that it is convenient for you to clean it. You can also read about building a pig farm here.


    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding Vietnamese piglets are mostly herbivores, but on some green fodder you will not get delicious meat. These guinea pigs, as well as others, need a balanced diet. To do this, you will have to prepare your own meals for feeding.

    Since we sell herbal piglets differ in their stomach structure, their nutrition is different from that of other pigs. They are difficult to digest foods with high fiber content. Therefore, from their diet it is necessary to exclude beet and straw. Fodder is better served in a steamed kind. To do this, add a little salt to him with boiling water. Let it brew, after which you can add vitamins, for example, fish oil.

    If in summer the grass is the basis for the piglets, then in the winter it is necessary to ensure that the animals receive enough vitamins. To do this, they need to give soft hay, as well as juicy foods, such as apples, pumpkins, zucchini. Do not boil them, as when cooking we lose most of the vitamins. But the potatoes are better served with boiled, as in the process of boiling water takes half a solanine - a poisonous substance contained in raw potatoes. And before the water supply it is necessary to drain, as it is harmful to the stomach of piglets.

    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding Take care of the grain that is so fond of Vietnamese pigs. It is also possible to buy it, but it is better to agree in advance with the seller about the continuous supply. Whole grains are not digested by the stomach of the pigs, so it must be ground. Feed piglets better than cereal mix. The most useful is barley and wheat, so they should be in the mixture the most. It is not recommended to give oats and corn, as it will lead to an increase in excess fat.

    To speed up the digestion of animals, you can make porridge from the feed. It lasts for a long time, which increases the salivation, accelerates the conversion of sugar into starch.

    Sows are good for giving milk and whey, as well as egg mixes during pregnancy and feeding. In summer, feeding pigs is 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening, and in winter - 3 times, as there is no main source of nutrients - fresh herbs.


    In the summer, Vietnamese piglets need to be brought out to fresh air. For this purpose it is necessary to organize a special lawn. Place the beams vertically in the ground, which animals will be able to easily scrub the back. It is possible to arrange water or mud pools, which will prevent the pigs from annoying insects. It is imperative to erect a floor, as the piglets can easily overheat, despite the fact that they easily carry any weather and quickly rebuild under the climate.


    About the breeding of such a breed, as Vietnamese piglets reviews only positive. After all, they are very fruitful: at one time one sow can carry up to 20 piglets. Similarly, they reach puberty very quickly: female subjects are 3-4 months old, while men are at the age of six months.

    Pick for breeding individuals

    To get a healthy offspring, you need to cross sows and boars that do not have kinship ties. To do this, they should be bought from different vendors.

    The sow should not be thin, since then it will not be able to give a large offspring.

    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding To determine which species are suitable for breeding, you need to know which Vietnamese piglets have weight and size. If their weight is less than 40 kg, it is better to wait.

    It is also worth paying attention to the signs by which you can determine the readiness for pairing:

  • rabid character.
  • Tumor of the sexual loop.
  • Appearance of allocations.
  • Peace on Clicking on Groats.
  • Frequent head lift.
  • Crossing process

    The bundle and sow need to be closed with a specially designed fence overnight. If after 20 days the sow did not go for a walk, then you can be sure of her pregnancy, which lasts 115 days.


    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding In the last month of pregnancy, you need to examine the sow. To do this, gently put it on the side and touch the tummy. The fruits must be well nailed.

    For 4-5 days before farrowing, the sow begins to fuss, cook locally, drops of clear colostrum appear on milk particles. Possible refusal of food. Then you need to clean the place, to lay a new hay.

    It is necessary to prepare for childbirth, which can last up to 5 hours. Prepare diapers, scissors, threads. Your help is simply needed during farrowing. If necessary, cut and rotate the umbilical cord, processing the morning, for example, green. Remove the film from the piglets and wipe it with clean diapers. About the termination of the genera says the output of double suckling. To avoid eating it with a sow, immediately remove it.

    Feeder should be full of water, so that the sow would restore the water balance.

    Period after fertilization.

    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding Organize a warm place for piglets by installing a lamp or heater. The first week they need a temperature not lower than 30 degrees. The first days should be observed so that all piglets receive the right amount of breast milk. His deficiency can cause serious illness or even death of offspring.

    Newborn piglets need gland, but they can not get it from colostrum. Therefore, it is worth entering vitamins. Read more about vitamins for pigs here.

    Vietnamese pigs have a well-developed maternal instinct, so the first few weeks offspring can not be weaned off from the sow. But in a month it is necessary to gradually reduce the time of their joint stay. Nutrition of small pigs should be complex, therefore from 10 days they need to give such additives as chalk, charcoal, and from 20 days - porridge from mixed fodder, after a month the piglet should eat the usual diet.

    At the end of the

    Both breeding and the quality of the meat of such breed, as Vietnamese piglets, the owners' feedback is only positive. Their meat is different in flavor from another pork, and the price of live piglets is just as much higher. Particularly appreciated dairy pigs to buy which - a big task. And if you decide to breed Vietnamese piglets to buy a price for them, you have to be ready, there will be about 5000 rubles per pig.

    As you have already understood, the breeding of pigs of Vietnamese breed is not only interesting, but also a beneficial matter.

    Vietnamese piglets: peculiarities of feeding, keeping and breeding
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