How to make rabbits for yourself?

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manufacturing technology Drinkers for rabbits are very important in keeping animals. Without these gadgets, no rabbit will be able to do anything. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, they must physiologically fit under the

of each beast. After all, when a rabbit refuses to receive water, it is often difficult to find this justification.

How to make rabbits for yourself?

Feeder and rabbit feeder scheme.

The best variants of

Cartilage can buy a ready-to-eat loaf of the factory. They are distinguished by their sizes, materials of manufacture. There are more expensive specimens. Typically, these are automatic drinkers, in which the water is served independently, as rabbits drink the liquid.

How to make rabbits for yourself?

Rabbit Autopilot.

However, you can make a water tank for yourself. Drinkers for rabbits with their own hands will be as comfortable as possible for humans and rabbits. You can make them the most suitable size depending on the area of ​​the cell. It is even more important that the animals can not climb into the drinking bowl, do not bathe in the water, do not lubricate it and do not splash around the house.

An inexperienced rabbit will simply put a container in the cage and pour water into it. However, the likelihood that it will be quickly poured out is very large. Therefore, lightweight containers, such as plastic, will not fit. In addition, rabbits can bite plastic containers, respectively, the latter will quickly spoil.

Nipple drinkers are sold in stores. In them, the liquid enters the vessel when touching the language to a special ball. In addition, they are small in size and conveniently located. Such drinking is easy to do and independently. To do this you need to buy a nipple. Very easy to use is a car bird. For example, in farms, float systems are used which help to fill the vessels with water when it ends.

A tank and hose will be needed for self-winding manufacture. Water in such constructions is first fed into a tank, and then itself through the hose with a cuff enters the drinking bowl. It is better to use a tank with a lid, this will provide the opportunity to warm the water in the cold season with a boiler. Since rabbits are prone to various colds, they easily catch infections, drink them with warm water. In winter, it's necessary to purchase a special cable for heating, so that the water in the tank and in the tube does not freeze. If you do not want to bother with the temperature in the winter, you can buy a special drinking bowl with warming in the pet shops.

How to make rabbits for yourself?

Fixing pox for rabbits at the side of the cell using a pin.

Another option for a homemade drinker that supplies the necessary amount of liquid to rabbits is a design made of buckets or canisters, a hose with a cuff and a metal vessel. To do this, you need to install a bucket or canister in a 10-liter capacity on top of the cage. From below you should make a hole. Its diameter should permit the insertion of a tube or hose. The latter should be lowered to the inside of the cell from which the rabbits drink. This adjustment is very convenient, since the cuff regulates the flow of water into the vessel.

Very practical vacuum drinkers. For their creation, a plastic three-liter bottle, the water from which comes into the bowl, is used, but not everything is poured out. Since an inverted bottle is being used, the resulting pressure prevents the full pouring of all the water. The bottle, fastened down the neck, is set so that the throat of the vessel is close to the bowl, but does not touch the bottom.

A durable and durable metal bottle. It can be made of stainless steel. The master will need to create all the seams in the process of creating it, and sharp edges to process with a file so that the animals are not injured. Such a vessel will easily be fixed in the container from which the rabbits are eaten. A well-made metal bottle allows you to spend less water, it serves for a long time and allows you to provide the animals with clean water.

Whatever the drink was in rabbits, it must be kept in mind that in addition to the convenience of water supply and other characteristics, it should always be clean. Drinking water should be washed daily. Every 10 days it needs to be disinfected so that the rabbits do not get sick.

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All about

feeders Just like drinkers, you can buy ready-made or feed your rabbits with your own hands.

Maximally convenient for the owner and for animal feeder will allow to store feed and to avoid its spreading in a cage.

How to make rabbits for yourself?

Drawing scheme for rabbits.

Depending on the area of ​​the house, the capacity for food can be made in large sizes. This will provide rabbits for food within a few days.

Rabbits are rodents, so far not any material is suitable for feeders. The best material is metal. You can safely use a thin plate, galvanized sheets. Short-lived and fragile wood, plastic. It should be noted that any food vessels should not have sharp corners that protrude edges of wires and other dangerous elements. This will protect the rabbits from damage.

There are three types of feeders for rabbits that are installed in cells:

  • for root crops and other moist foods;
  • for dry feed;
  • for hay.

For heavy moisture, such as beetroot, carrot, young grass, root can use a heavy metal bowl or other container. Rabbit scares to be sore, and they start to run around the cage. As a result, light capacity can be turned over. Once the animals are eaten, remove it from the cage and thoroughly wash it. This is done so that in the cage there are no pieces of food that can rot, promote the formation of mold.

Bunker feeders for rabbits are intended for dry feed: feed;grains mixed with beans. From him, rabbits grow rapidly and receive a lot of vitamins. As soon as everything is eaten, it is necessary to add food, so that the animals were not hungry.


The hopper feeder can be equipped with a lid. It should cover the remains of the food after the rabbits are saturated. This will help to avoid the contact of infectious rodents, such as rabbits. So no food will get any infection, and the animals will remain healthy.

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Production technology

How to make rabbits for yourself?

The scheme of placement of nipples in a hose.

During the self-production of any food containers, you should observe the safety rules. Before making the original, prepare drawings. They should be thoroughly studied and done on paper. Then you can get started.

To make a bunker feeder with your own hands, you need a dry, clean metal can. The upper part of it must be cut, predefined with the height of the lower part, which will be fed with food. Then you should get rid of the sharp edges. At the bottom, you need to drill holes of this diameter so that they do not get stuck in the feed. Screws are used to fix the capacity. It can be attached to the wall of the cage or to the door. In such a design, the feed or grain will independently pour out of the narrow part into the broad side of the jar as it is eaten.

For hay, rabbits use a nursery. The hinge box must necessarily be in each cage. Sino is an integral part of a balanced diet of rabbits. It contributes to a better assimilation of other products and their rapid digestion. The hay sheds out of the cage, if it has a mesh floor, or mixes with manure.

Nuggets can be embedded in a cage, for this they need to be designed during its construction. But it is very convenient to wash nurseries that are easy to remove, and then fasten to the wall or door.

Honeycomb just made from wire. The walls of it are fastened with metal brackets. The wide bracket, fixed on the side or above the nests, will help to attach them to the house. The size of such containers is selected depending on the volumes of the entire cell.


Any feeder for rabbits must meet sanitary and technical standards. Rabbits are animals that easily catch any infection, so the capacity for food should be easy to clean. Feeders and drinkers should be washed thoroughly every day. Periodically you need to treat them with boiling water for disinfection purposes. Since the health and weight of rabbits depends on full and high-quality nutrition, feeders should be constantly replenished with food so that the animals do not remain hungry.