Features of myxomatosis in rabbits: symptoms and treatment

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  • Causes and routes of infection
  • Symptoms and forms of the disease
  • Features of treatment
  • Prevention of myxomatosis

Myxomatosis in rabbits is a rather complicated serious illness. It is characterized by the fact that the animal appears a number of cones.

The causative agent is a virus, precisely because if one animal gets ill, then all the rest of the day are necessarily ill, literally the next day.

Features of myxomatosis in rabbits: symptoms and treatment

Myxomatosis virus in rabbits spreads very quickly to all rabbit specimens.

This disease affects both wild and domestic rabbits the same way. And should be extremely attentive to the owners who breed animals for meat. After all, if timely do not treat, then the meat may become completely unfit for consumption.

Causes and Ways of Infecting

Like any disease, mycosoma in rabbits has its causes, the ways of transmitting the infection. And knowing all this is extremely important so that you can quickly identify the disease and take appropriate action promptly.

Features of myxomatosis in rabbits: symptoms and treatment

The myxomatosis virus is transmitted by contact, through insects, by air.

The main causes and simultaneously carriers of this unpleasant disease are pathetic insects. They are capable of spreading the virus by infecting animals. The most common infection occurs from fleas, mosquitoes, mites, oats and mosquitoes. Interestingly, the virus of this disease can remain in the saliva of these insects to six months. This already speaks of the fact that you can not allow the contact of rabbits with them.

Another possibility of airborne contamination. The reason for this is the presence of the virus in the air. The risk of infection increases in cold weather. Well, of course, the most common is the transmission of the disease from one animal to another.

Often, the same reasons as those listed, for which healthy rabbits are infected with myxomatosis, is considered to be very low immunity, malnutrition and drink, which meet the sanitary requirements of the conditions for the maintenance of rabbits.

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Symptoms and Diseases For the purpose of correctly identifying this disease, it is necessary to know clearly its main features. As a rule, the disease has its own incubation period. It can last from 2 to 12 days. At this time there are no manifestations in the animal. But then the first symptoms of myxomatosis begin to manifest.

Features of myxomatosis in rabbits: symptoms and treatment

Temperature measurement in rabbits occurs rectally.

  • The main symptom of myxomatosis in rabbits, which in virtually all cases appears primarily from the disease, is an increase in the body temperature of an animal - usually up to 41 degrees. But this is not always seen by a person, especially since in a couple of days the temperature becomes normal again.
  • The next sign of myxomatosis is the appearance of nodules that often isolate manure. Such nodules usually appear in the area of ​​the eye( specific conjunctivitis), near the mouth, nose and ears, and even near the genitals and anus.
  • When the disease begins to progress, rabbits begin to suffer from breathing problems. At the same time, you always hear snoring, and it is clearly heard that the animal breathes difficultly. This is especially noticeable during sleep, when the rabbit is in a calm condition.
  • There are two forms of myxomatosis: nodular and swollen. It is important to understand that nodular form carries less danger to life, since death from illness occurs only in half of all cases. Edema forms develop more quickly and can lead to fatal outcome.

    With regard to the nodal form of the disease, it is characterized by the appearance of small nodules in the area of ​​the head, which do not isolate the manure. Often such nodes pass by themselves, even without treatment. But that does not mean that the disease has disappeared. Instead, there is a runny nose, a strong conjunctivitis begins, in which the animal may even remain completely blind.

    Features of myxomatosis in rabbits: symptoms and treatment

    Conjunctivitis in rabbits is one of the symptoms of myxomatosis.

    Edema is more dangerous. If it is not time to use a special vaccine, then surely there will be a lethal outcome. Characteristic features of such myxomatosis are large nodules throughout the body, edema of the nasal cavity, runny nose, strong conjunctivitis, and decrease in total motor activity of the animal. And yet rabbits begin to refuse food, their ears fall. Many ask the question: can you eat meat from rabbits, patients with edematous form of myxomatosis? The answer here is unambiguous: in any case it is impossible. It will be a major threat to human health.

    All these signs may occur within two weeks, while the period of complete recovery of rabbits with proper treatment usually lasts 1-1.5 months. Usually surviving animals with very good immunity, weak - die.

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    Contents Features of the treatment of

    And now with regard to the direct treatment of myxomatosis in rabbits. The most important thing - to predict that the disease may appear, and from the early age to vaccinate animals. But if this was not done, you will have to deal with a comprehensive treatment of the disease.

    First, all the wounds and nodes should be treated with tincture of iodine. Then it is extremely important to purchase the necessary immunomodulators and antibiotics and to treat. So with myksomatosis very well help drugs such as Fosprenil, Gamavit and Batriel.

    Gamavit is injected into the skin. It is recommended to do them during the month of 1.5-2 mg daily. But it is better to consult a veterinarian."Baitril" is used as a drink for the animal. It should be used at the rate of 0.5 mg of the preparation for 5 kg of weight. This medication is continued for 10 days. At the same time, you must drink rabbits 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. Fosprenil is considered an excellent injection drug. It should be given daily 1 mg. In this period of treatment is appointed veterinarian.


    If the disease is accompanied by strong snoring and non-alive in rabbits, then you must use a spray or drops from the nasal congestion. Otherwise, the animal will feel worse, the immune system will weaken further. An excellent drug here is Aquamaris. It is used for people and sold in a pharmacy, but for animals it is safe to apply this medicine without fear. It's best in the form of drops, not sprays.

    It is still necessary to understand that even after a complete recovery from myxomatosis, the animal may remain infectious for all other individuals for some time. It is for this reason that it will take another 4 months to hold it in quarantine in a separate cage, and then send it to other rabbits.

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    Prevention of Myxomatosis

    Features of myxomatosis in rabbits: symptoms and treatment

    Rat's Vaccination against Myxomatosis.

    Particular attention should be paid to the prevention of this disease. It is better to prevent such a disease, than to be treated later. This is especially true for those owners who grow rabbits for healthy healthy meat.

    First of all, a vaccination should be performed. The virus of the disease is a very effective vaccine В-82.You can do it at any age, but it's still better when the animal is still small. There is a vaccine year, after which time the vaccine should be repeated. When entering a vaccine, you must follow the instructions and take into account all precautionary measures. Otherwise, the drug may either not act at all or start to act differently than it should be.

    Cells where rabbits live should always be kept clean. And an important condition is absolute dryness and warmth. If the cells are constantly moist, then this will be an excellent condition for the development of pathogenic bacteria. To drink animals is necessary only with pure water. In no case can use water from ponds, raw water from the tap. And feed only quality feeds, hay to give only fresh or completely dry. And be sure to check that there were no insects in it.

    It is very important to prevent rabbits from interacting with other people and animals as a preventive measure. Without noticing it, they can become carriers of myxomatosis, as the infection is on the clothes or body.


    So, the main features of such a disease as rabbit myxomatosis, its prevention, are fully considered.

    As already described above, the main thing is to identify the disease in time and start appropriate treatment. It is also necessary to constantly monitor the implementation of all measures to prevent the disease. And if the vaccine against myxomatosis of rabbits is kept at home, it should be kept only in a dry and dark place at a temperature not higher than 8 degrees and not lower than 2 degrees Celsius.