How to use smoking hot smoked


  • 1 Hot smokes - what's the point?
  • 2 Smoke selection and preparation
    • 2.1 Product processing
  • 3 Getting the result

Hot smoker is a great way to add meat, sebum, poultry and fish with unique flavor and delicate flavor. Unlike cold smoking, the

method does not require much time and special product preparation. Smoke can be used both in nature, using smoke from the fire, and at home, if there is an electric or gas model. What you need to know to get a perfectly cooked hot smoked meal?

How to use smoking hot smoked

Dry salty lard

  • Wet - used only for pork, beef, horseradish and other similar varieties of meat. Its essence consists in soaking the finished pieces in a salt solution of a certain concentration( 12-14-18-20%) for a period of three to four weeks. Then meat is washed, dried for 1-2 days and smoked.

    How to use smoking hot smoked How to use smoking hot smoked

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    Before smoking, the meat is soaked in solution

  • Mixed - suitable for all types of meat used to wet the ambassador, as well as for geese and ducks. At first, the products are rubbed with salt and left for 2-4 days, then cooked brine and placed in it for a period of 2 days to 1.5 months, depending on the size, then smoked.
  • During the preparation process, factors such as temperature and purity play an important role. Containers with salted foods should be covered with gauze in order to prevent insects that can put eggs on the eggs. The temperature level should be within the limits of plus 2-4 degrees, more - the meat rotates, less - the process of salinization is slowed down.

    Getting the

    result As in any case, there are some nuances in the process of hot smoking. Just do not have enough skills to use smoke to achieve the maximum quality of smoke you should pay attention to:

  • Baghatya - fire should burn for a long time and evenly;
  • Products of combustion - Suitable wood chips and sawdust alder, juniper, fruit trees, ash, oak, hazel, maple, birch( with the exception of the bark with high tar content).Not suitable varieties with a lot of resin - spruce, cedar, pine.
  • Sticks and sawdust - they should be damp to smother, but not to burn.
  • The presence of fuel in the smoke - in the process it is necessary to fill up with the degree of decay.
  • With the proper use of smoke and the organization of the hot smoking process, cooked casseroles will be an excellent decoration for the table and for the usual lunch, and for the reception of guests.