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Why the eyes of your cat are ticking - causes and cure

Tears in the eyes of cats are a physiological norm, if they arise after sleep, when a foreign body or sharp directional light hits. If the eyes are clogged for other reasons, the owner does not always pay attention to it. In general, all four-legged burchal owners can divide the

into three categories:
  • . Such hosts try to cure their pet by all means, obtained through the World Wide Web sites. They treat eyes with strong tea, disinfectant solutions or liquid furacillinum;
  • Owners belonging to the second group, consider most of the cat's problems in life, practically do not react, thinking that this is a physiological process without taking any action;
  • In the third category there are people, hacked by their pets, so-called cowards. They, at the slightest symptoms or behavioral changes of the pet, immediately grab it and run to the veterinarian.

Why cough your cat

These categories are not only specific to the eye, but also to all problems in the life of the cat.

It is noteworthy that the third category of owners is the most rational and reasonable: only a qualified veterinarian should determine the cause of the disease and appoint an appropriate effective treatment scheme.

The main thing - do not forget that the small presence of secretions in the corners of the eyes - this is normal, because the person just after the sleep in the corners of the eye is accumulated incomprehensible fluid. From time to time, you can spend a bath day for a kitten: using cotton swabs and cosmetic disks, moistened with special drops or simply boiled water with water, wash the ears and eyes, as indicated here. But to do this you need to be careful not to damage your pet eyeball.

Nevertheless, if the tears do not pass, and vice versa, the cats are constantly blinding, and the paw tries to rub the eye or get something from it - you need to show it to a specialist.
So why do your eyes be rubbed?

Why cough your cat

Causes of

There are several reasons why the cat starts to tear eyes. The main ones include:

  • Anatomical features. So, from the British or Persia, due to the peculiar structure of the skull, a possible appearance of tears. In this case, it is necessary to more often carry out the hygiene of the eyes of a pet and make sure that they get the least amount of dust and dirt. In rexes, sphinxes and similar breeds, the eyes are tearing through the inversion of the eyelids, which very often increases the appearance of a pupil mechanical eye injury;
  • The initial stages of conjunctivitis( inflamed mucous membrane of the eye), the development of which was due to the ingestion of the cornea and the eyelids of certain pathogenic microorganisms, is characterized by tenderness of the eyes. Treatment is carried out by a comprehensive, obligatory consultation of the veterinarian;
  • Allergy. Banal allergy can cause problems with pet's eyes. Allergens, which are in large numbers in the air, irritate the mucous membrane of the eye. Natural protective reaction is the allocation of fluid, which should erase irritant factor. Therefore, in the summertime, tears increase. In successful treatment, tear-offs due to allergies include hormonal medications. Complete recovery of the tick will only come after the elimination of the inflammation center;
  • AgeLittle kittens 2-3 weeks from the genus can not independently conduct bath procedures and maintain the purity of their eyes at the proper level. At such moments, eye care should be taken over. In the same period, the constantly coughing eyes are the cause of weakened immunity. By the age of 2 months, kittens do not vaccinate at all, because tearing at such an early age can be a symptom of the presence of viral infections or worms in the body;
  • Mechanical damage to the eye. In this case, lacrimation is an indicator of the healing process.

Why cough your cat

Treatment for

To determine the correct course of treatment, you need to know the exact cause of tearing tears. You may need to drip in the eye or put an ointment in the eye, which includes an antibiotic. Rinse your eyes with strong tea infusion, furatsilin solution or special drops that can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Often, veterinarians appoint Diamond eyes droplets that bury two drops twice daily for 10-14 days. But it must be remembered that only the definition of the cause of the disease will give a good result in the course of treatment. Therefore, do not practice self-medication, but it is better to contact specialized veterinary clinics.