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Piercing at home. How to care for piercings?

Piercing at home. How to care for piercings? Piercing is one of the most ancient means of body decoration. Piercing was made by people of different nations and different epochs for centuries and even millennia. Ancient Egyptians pierced the navel - this is not only a decoration, but also a symbol: pierced nipple meant belonging to the nobility. In the

, the modern world of piercing, which once settled down in the hippie culture, gradually became popular among representatives of all ages and social strata.

Where to apply the piercing

Most often wear earrings in ears, eyebrows, nose, navel and nipples.

Experts strongly recommend to do piercing only in the salon of the proven wizard! But there are craftsmen who are ready to puncture at home. To minimize the puncture in the wrong place, do not spoil, damage nerve endings and blood vessels, you must clearly identify and point directly to the skin point for future decorations.

Having taken this responsible work, the needle must be kept firmly and confidently, punctured quickly and necessarily smooth. In any form of piercing, the main thing is hygiene and sterility, so that puncture and tools are carefully disinfected. Hands are no exception, wash with soap, wipe dry and rub with alcohol. If it is possible, then you should use sterile medical gloves.

Features of

Procedures Ear piercing is the most popular kind of puncture, it's not so difficult to make: there is no risk of getting into a bowl, there are not many biofuels in the ointment. Prick on the back of the nape, insert the catheter of the earring and pull it out holding it. If you pierce the ear with an ordinary sewing needle, the earring will be inserted a bit harder. Hold the earlobe stretched and do not release until the jewelry is in place. The easiest way to use a cluster earring is. Often after a successful first experience of a puncture of the ear there is a desire to make several more holes.

Eyebrow puncture from the bottom up, grabbing the skin. The rod pull out and disinfect the puncture site. It is important that the piercing is as close as possible to the end of the eyebrow and as far away as possible from the friction: if you cut into a pearl, there is a risk of getting into an active biotok. You can also damage the eye nerves and get a sharp deterioration of vision. Eyebrows pierce horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If, piercing the skin, there was a sharp and severe pain, then you fell into the vessel or nerve. Remove the needle, squeeze the pain place with cotton wool, and puncture will have to do elsewhere in the eyebrows.

The wing of the nose is a popular piercing place. Before puncture, the nostrils are pulled out to allow the cuff to lie along the wall, so that the procedure is not aesthetic, unlike the result. Frequent cases of piercing in the septum between the nostrils.

The language is even more often pierced, although it is quite dangerous: under the tongue are large vessels. Therefore, puncture is done between them, from the bottom up. It is important to place the needle strictly vertically, otherwise it will be both ugly and uncomfortable. After the puncture is done and the rod is installed, it is necessary to rinse your mouth. First rinse should be done once a day and every time after a meal.

In addition, popular piercing patterns include piercings of the navel and nipples, as well as intimate piercing. But such punctures must be made in the cabin with the help of experienced piercing specialists.

Piercing at home. How to care for piercings?

Contraindications for piercing

Despite the desire to stand out, to show individuality or, conversely, to become like its idol, it is necessary to reflect on the rationality of such a decision. And in some cases piercing is unacceptable for health. So, for example, from punctures of your body will have to abstain:

  • for people who have poor blood clotting;
  • in the presence of any skin diseases;
  • during infectious and other diseases;
  • at elevated body temperature;
  • for young women and girls who are planning to give birth to children;
  • for those who have diabetes, body piercings and is completely contraindicated.

If this list does not include you and your desire to pierce your skin remains unchanged, it is advisable to think in advance which decorations to buy. Normal metal is inexpensive, but it is very likely to cause festering and the inflammation process will be delayed for a long time. Inexpensive decorations can be worn when enough time has passed after the piercing procedure, and the wound has already completely healed. To begin with, use only special materials. Gold, silver, platinum, titanium, niobium, teflon, surgical steel. The decorations of these metals do not cause allergies and even help in the healing of the earliest.

Piercing at home. How to care for piercings?

What does piercing pose for?

Infection and allergy are not so rare side effects of piercing. The infectious process in the wound ends with about one in five punctures.

In addition, if something goes wrong, there is a risk of getting inflamed, sometimes it can reach blood contamination! When you pierce your lips there is a risk of tooth loss, and when piercing the ear or nose - the risk of deformation of the anus or a nostril. Penile language, you can get swollen larynx, and as a result, the attack is suffocation. From rotting processes in the wrists can suffer and teeth. But the piercing of the genital or belly button can turn into complications in childbirth.

It is not necessary to carry out the procedure on the hungry stomach, because you can fall into fainting.

All tools that will need to be used in the puncture process should be sterile. Simple wiping with alcohol does not guarantee.

Proper puncture treatment is the only way to avoid problems. The arm is regularly disinfected, do not drink alcohol and blood-dissolving tablets( aspirin, etc.) a few days after the procedure. The most difficult to care for piercing is the language and genitalia.

When punching in a place where your clothes are worn, be prepared for some discomfort. About wearing clothes you have to forget for a while. The beginning of the summer is the best time to give your body a novelty. The clothing needs a minimum so that it will be easier to get used to piercing.

However, proper puncture procedures and hygiene requirements help to avoid unwanted infections and aesthetic piercing.