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How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

Many today are interested in questions: how to lose weight without a diet and remove stomach? Even such fabulous weight loss at home can become a reality, but for this you need to adhere to simple and easy rules. All those who have already tried to lose weight in contact with them, it is important for

to connect them together and go on a regular basis to the goal.

How to lose weight well without diet

Before you start to dip into the right weight loss tips, let's take a look at all the positive aspects of such a "thick" way of losing weight:

  • In the first three weeks of starvation, only the fluid that is very fast returns to the body is lost in muchmore volume;
  • Sharp and strictly reducing the amount of food will only slow down metabolism, which contributes to weight gain. That is, when you start eating in the usual mode, then all lost by you to return to a greater extent;
  • The lack of nutrients that we get when you eat regular food daily can turn into problems with your skin, nails, hair, teeth, but it's still flowers. From such stress, serious, and sometimes even irreversible, health problems may occur.

Day mode

Many treat weight loss as a temporary process. Like, I will eat right from months, so be it, go to the hall, I will achieve the result and I will always be charming, but it is fundamentally wrong. A beautiful figure is a constant work on yourself. It is important not only to lose weight, but also to save the result. Therefore, start with the most important - from the schedule of the day.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

For a slim figure it is best to lie in the area 22 - 23 hours and get up no later than 7 in the morning. Such a useful habit will give you not only a perfect state of health, a charge of vitality for the whole day, but will also help to reduce weight. It is during a dream that from 22 to 23 hours a hormone is produced that is responsible for fat burning.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

More Clean Water

The easiest way to lose weight fast is to drink on a day of plain water at 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. It will accelerate the metabolism and the process of rejuvenation of cells, to this extent do not include various cooling liquors, tea, coffee, cocktails.

By the way, about drinks. Soda water is the best friend of a cellulite, so it's best not to use it. It is best to replace soda with tasty compote or chilled green tea.

Always drink a glass of water after awakening, it will cheer the whole body. To eating less and improve the digestive process before meals, do not forget about a glass of water. If you want to easily remove the stomach and do not wash your sides in any way. It only doubles the chances of increasing the fat layer. It is best to start after half an hour in the afternoon, and no harm and a slight snack.

It is especially important to use the right amount of water to those who are engaged in physical exercises to reduce weight, because without it the body is literally dried, and not fattened.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

More Movements

Another way to ensure effective weight loss is physical activity. Ideally, attend a gym or engage in home training. If there is no desire or physical abilities, have a lot of habit and often walk on foot. It is desirable for 30 to 40 minutes before eating. Walking is the best cardio workout for weight loss.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

Do not forget about your goal during the day and use every free minute to lose weight. For example, alternately strain and relax the muscles of the press or sit squeezing a small but elastic ball between the knees. When performing this exercise try to squeeze the sword to strain the abdomen. So slowly, but right you will have a good press, and do not forget about the right and beautiful posture for a minute. After all, keeping her husband burns twice as much calories.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

Any physical exercise aimed at burning fat more efficiently, operates in the morning after breakfast. If you have classes in the hall in the evening after work, then do not be lazy in the morning, just make fun. A small five-minute will not hurt anyone.

After it you want to have a freshen up, and here too it is necessary to remember that you want to lose weight, therefore only contrasting souls. The bonus to losing calories, he will prepare your vascular system and make the skin more elastic and tightened.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach


Slowly we have come to the most interesting - to the daily ration. In this aspect, the main thing is to eat often in small portions and do not miss breakfast. Just for breakfast of sausage sandwiches, a cup of coffee with a candy can be forgotten. At this time of day, the most beneficial of all cereal products, namely from 6 am to 11 days.

Between full meals, arrange half-day, not just a bun, but better all with vegetable salad, light cheese, kefir or a piece of boiled meat. The best time to take any meat products from 11 to 14 hours a day, and sour-milk products are recommended to use from 14 to 17 hours.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

Sweet and flour limited. The most harmless to the figure is marshmallows, but it can be used only in the first half of the day. Just like fatty foods, such as sunflower oil.

It is also worth knowing that fruits can also contribute to weight gain. The best time to use them - from 17 to 19 hours. Green Apple - the perfect option for the evening afternoon.

How to lose weight without diet and remove stomach

Now that you can only eat up to 18 hours. This is entirely appropriate if you lie at 22 o'clock, but if you work at night, you can just get hungry. Therefore, nutritionists are advised to eat for 3 - 4 hours before bedtime. For such a late snack, no harm to the figure is best suited to vegetables, their quantity and variety of restrictions are not. Of course, it's not about fries or fried eggplants, but about fresh vegetables.

By the way, about roasted eggplants - they are very harmful not only for the figure, but also for health, as they absorb a lot of oil during roasting. This is how we remember the product in the limited access list. In comparison with them, pasta with butter is much more useful.

Video tips on how to lose weight without a diet

At last,

Only by constantly working on their habits and laziness can hone not only the perfect figure, but also the will of the will.