Hemorrhoid Treatment

The main manifestations of hemorrhoids in the photo and in life

Nobody is immune from hemorrhoids. This insidious illness is equally common among people of different sex, age and social status. Unfortunately, most patients late turn to the proctologist when the disease reaches certain stages and exhausts the person both physically and

morally. If people learned to listen carefully to their body, then the first signs of hemorrhoids would not be difficult to detect. In the initial stage it is easier and cheaper to get rid of the disease than in the running situations. Modern patients are more interested in their bodies and are more likely to get knowledge about various diseases with photos and videos from the Internet.


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What you need to know

The main manifestations of hemorrhoids in the photo and in life Hemorrhoids are a chronic disease that can begin long before clinical signs are noticeable for the eye or perceptible to the body. The basis of the disease is the hereditary feature of the tissues of the rectum. Genetically transmitted reduced elasticity of the vascular wall and insufficient density of connective tissue, which forms the supporting framework for venous plexus.

For a person with a family with predisposition to hemorrhoids, there is sufficient presence of at least one provocative factor for the implementation of the genetic peculiarity of the disease.

The main manifestations of hemorrhoids in the photo and in life These factors may include conditions that increase intra-abdominal pressure and stasis in the blood vessels in the pelvic floor:

  • chronic constipation;
  • frequent diarrhea due to dysbiosis or intolerance to individual food ingredients;
  • sedentary life;
  • heavy physical activity;
  • standing or sitting work;
  • overweight;
  • Pregnancy and childbirth( there are many photos of hemorrhoids in different stages in pregnant women and childbirth);
  • alcohol, spicy and spicy food;
  • presence of other diseases - cirrhosis of the liver, bronchopulmonary pathology, tumor in the small pelvis.

How to be protected from hemorrhoids? Maintain a healthy lifestyle, move more, eat properly - everything is right. But what about being pregnant or doing physical work? In each case, you need to monitor your well-being and visit your doctor regularly, especially when burdened with heredity.

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First Swallows

The main manifestations of hemorrhoids in the photo and in life The initial symptoms of hemorrhoids are easy to detect if you are careful about yourself and your health. Signs of venous congestion in hemorrhoidal veins are manifested as:

  • discomfort in the anus;
  • feeling of incomplete emptying or heaviness in the rectum;
  • appearance of blood stains on linen or feces;
  • itching and secretion of the mucus from the anus;
  • painful sensation during bowel movements.

The first symptoms can be expressed in varying degrees depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and the type of hemorrhoids. There are two main forms of the disease:

  • external hemorrhoids - when the subcutaneous veins of the external rectal plexus, located around the anus, grow and expand( in the photo - the first external signs in the form of several smooth cones near the anus);
  • internal hemorrhoids - there is a pathological expansion of the veins of the submucosal plexus inside the rectum( photos in the initial stage - apparently no changes).

Approximately half of the patients have symptoms of a particular form of the disease - this is a combination of hemorrhoids.

What next

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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In the continuation of the action of provocative factors and lack of treatment, the disease continues to progress, the symptoms become more pronounced, as evidenced by numerous photos of various stages and forms of hemorrhoids. The external and internal illness has excellent external signs and characteristic complaints of patients.

The main manifestations of hemorrhoids in the photo and in life When external hemorrhoids are available, you can see the cones in a normal examination without special equipment. At first they are small, smooth, body color( as in a photo from the archives of proctologists), then the cones are enlarged, become cynomous due to the accumulation of venous blood( characteristic photos are in the network).Patients more complain about painful sensations when defecating, other symptoms( bleeding, discomfort in the rectum are less pronounced).The complication may be acute thrombosis of external nodes, taking place in its development of 3 stages:

  • thrombosis without severe inflammation( photos are small nodules, there is hyperemia and edema of the perianal area);
  • thrombosis with inflammation of nodes - cones become dense, sharply painful, acute pain expressed at sitting, walking and even at rest;
  • the spread of the inflammatory process on the surrounding tissue - necrosis of nodes( in the photo there are focal points of black color on the surface of the cones), signs of general intoxication appear in the form of fever, chills, headaches.

Inner hemorrhoids have no external manifestations for a long time; the diagnosis is only given by a doctor after a special examination( finger rectal examination, anoscopy), which reveals signs of varicose veins within the rectum. As the pathology progresses, the nodes begin to drop out of the anus. At first, they exercise spontaneously after bowel movements( stage 2), then they can be refilled only by coercion with their own hand( stage 3).Finally, there comes a moment when it is impossible to fix bumps, they are limited and trombiruyutsya( in the photo hemorrhoidal nodes look terrible - huge, shapeless, bluish-crimson color against the background of edema and hyperemia of the skin around the anus).This is a stage in which all the symptoms are so pronounced that the patient does not have the strength to endure more, he is forced to go on surgery because of the high risk of developing bleeding, joining the infection, developing sepsis.

What may end

The main manifestations of hemorrhoids in the photo and in life

When exacerbation of hemorrhoids in 3-4 stages is required to operate

Usually, hemorrhoids have a chronic course with a change in the periods of lulling and exacerbation, with each subsequent exacerbation proceeding heavier and longer than the previous one.

Men and women undergo periods of exacerbation differently, respond differently to treatment and respond differently. Most severe forms of hemorrhoids undergo radical surgical treatment - hemorrhoidectomy. Less invasive stages can be handled with less invasive interventions. External hemorrhoids and the initial stages of the internal process are subject to conservative treatment.

The choice of the method always remains for the doctor who examines the patient, specifies the diagnosis and prescribes treatment depending on the severity of the clinical manifestations and complaints of the patient, as well as the stage of pathological changes in the rectum and surrounding tissues.