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Cosmetic Bark: Reviews of Cosmetologists and Buyers

Cosmetic Bark: Reviews of Cosmetologists and Buyers

Cora - under this brand, a modern therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics is developed, which is being developed at the Russian Research Center of the Laboratory of Cora Holding.

The basis for the development of cosmetics Kora was the combination of traditional folk remedies created by nature and

scientific developments in the field of biology and medicine. The complementary combination of biotechnology products and phytocomponents has allowed cosmetic products with to provide a gentle, delicate, and simultaneously intense effect of on human skin. Cosmetics Bark saturates the skin with useful substances, stimulates metabolic processes, restores protective mechanisms.

Russian holding conducts not only the development and production of cosmetic products, but also its testing - a full cycle of creation of high-performance cosmetics. For more information on this you can find on the official site of cosmetics Kora.

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In the composition of cosmetics Bark:

Cosmetic Bark: Reviews of Cosmetologists and Buyers

  • Fat base. Correctly selected combination of solid fats and vegetable oils helps to restore the lipid layer of the epidermis, performs a protective function. Fats also help to transport the healing components of cosmetic to skin cells. In creams of the brand Kora used oils of plants that grow in Russia( linseed, sea buckthorn, corn, etc.), which allows you to create hypoallergenic drugs.
  • Medicinal plant extracts. Cosmetics are characterized by a high content of medicinal plant components, which can reach up to 20% in total. Also, one agent may contain extracts from several( up to 6) healing plants.
  • Antioxidant protection. The content of almost all cosmetic compositions is a triple antioxidant defense: water and fat soluble vitamins, bioflavonoids and enzymes, which provides reliable protection against free radicals that accelerate the aging process of the skin.
  • Mineral Complex. In the cora products, a line of cosmetics was created, which includes medicines of medicinal mud, known for their healing properties and rejuvenating effect. Penetrating through the pores of the skin, healing substances have anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect, saturate it with the necessary trace elements.
  • Essential Oils. Essential oils are known for their antibacterial effect, promote blood circulation, lymph drainage in tissues, serve as conductors of cosmetic drug substances into deep layers of the skin.

Products Bark

The range of cosmetic products of the cortex is wide and diverse. It is presented by treatment and prophylactic and professional cosmetics for skin care, body, hair care products. Cosmetic lines are created for all types of skin and for different age categories. These include:
Cosmetic Bark: Reviews of Cosmetologists and Buyers

  • a variety of skin creams in the area of ​​the eyes, face, hands, feet, body;
  • nourishing masks;
  • tonics, peels for face;
  • anti-cellulite complexes;
  • shampoos, balms, masks for hair care;
  • shower and bath products;
  • sunscreens.

Professional Skin Care Programs.

Cosmetic prices Kora

Cosmetics of the Kora Laboratory holding are relatively inexpensive and affordable for the general population.

  • Cream for face on average from 300 UAH.up to 850 g, depending on the composition and direction of application.
  • Cream, serum for eye skin around 500 - 1000 g.
  • Shampoos, hair balms, showering products from 150 g to 350 g.

Where to buy Bark Cosmetics?
Cosmetic Cream can be purchased from the corporate store Cosmetics Cora, in specialized cosmetics stores and online stores, pharmacies.

Bark: women's reviews

Cosmetic Bark: Reviews of Cosmetologists and Buyers

I like a cream for dry skin with argan oil and facial masks. The color of the face has improved significantly, and the skin becomes silky. I bought all masks for my skin type, made every day, I will use this makeup.
Olesya, 37 years old
Cosmetics Cream has acquired a long time. First, tonic with collagen for mature skin, then New Line mask with hyaluronic acid. I'm 50, and the result is obvious. Gently applied, the skin began to look younger, well-groomed. In addition, bought a night cream with collagen and peptides. Good prices. I recommend! Elena V., 50 years old
I have used shampoo of this brand for a long time, I am pleased with the beautiful eye shadow with shish oil. Cream for mature skin does not go to me, in the summer from him, oddly enough, the face is wet. Zinaida, 42 years old

Reviews cosmetologists of cosmetics CORA

I do customers wrap procedure with the use of anti-cellulite cream cream mask Kora. The result is awesome! There is a significant reduction of stretch marks and cellulite, the skin is leveled in just a couple of procedures. Alina, a cosmetologist
We use cosmetic cosmetics in the cabin with natural ingredients. Especially visited Kora's laboratory, saw how make cosmetics. Striking. Tatyana, cosmetologist
In a salon I use a series for care of the hair of the Bark. Good remedies that are not inferior to the expensive result. Yevgen, hairdresser-stylist
Cosmetics Kora, like other more expensive or cheap brands, can cause allergies. A good specialist will help you to choose the right cosmetics, including the great variety of cosmetics. Svetlana, cosmetologist
Our salon has long opted for the proven cosmetic products of the Kora Laboratory. Dissatisfied was not, but the affordable price of cosmetics, allowed to please customers with discounts on cosmetic procedures. Alevtina, administrator salon, cosmetologist