How to make motherboards for rabbits with their own hands in the drawings?

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  • Why do I need a matrix?
  • Characteristics of mattocks
  • Production of mattocks with its own hands

Correctly made mattock for rabbits with its own hands, the drawings of which are created at the stage of designing the future design, is the key to the

successful breeding of these animals at any time of the year. Rabbits appear on the world without fluff, so they need to create favorable conditions for their survival and maturation. In wildlife, all breeds of rabbits produce their offspring in burrows underground, and in cells they do not have such an opportunity. Therefore, the host needs to help the rabbit make a comfortable nest.

How to make motherboards for rabbits with their own hands in the drawings?

Photo 1. The construction of a matrix is ​​a wooden box with a round or rectangular hole.

When constructing a matrix for rabbits, keep in mind that it needs to be warm and constructed in such a way that small rabbits can not escape from it. If the births will take place in the winter, then the mother liver needs not only warmed with sawdust or straw, but also periodically warmed up with a lamp, a hotplate or plastic bottle with warm water.

Why do I need a matrix?

How to make motherboards for rabbits with their own hands in the drawings?

Photo 2. Scheme of portable mattock with double walls.

Krolenyata are born bare and blind, because of which they are helpless and highly vulnerable. The first gun in them appears only in 6-8 days, after 2 weeks after okrolov eyes opens, and after 4-6 days the offspring will be able to move and feed independently. For a successful rabbit rabbit cage for a rabbit should be equipped with a mother liver - a special place where the female breeds and nourishes their children.

The structure of the matrix is ​​quite simple: it is a wooden box with a round or rectangular aperture( photo 1).As a building material most often used plywood in the thickness of 0.8 mm. This is due to the fact that it has low cost, low thermal conductivity and environmental safety, and also perfectly protects animals from wind.

However, the mother liver does not only protect the function, but also adds a bitter sense of security. The rabbit in it will feel like a hole, that is, in a natural environment that will positively affect its health and functionality. Mum, along with her offspring, will stay in the mother's house for about 25 days, after which the kids will crawl out of it. Some rabbits assert that the matrix needs to be equipped only for winter turbidity. However, this is not entirely the case, because this extension to the cell will be relevant at any time of the year.

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Characteristics of

How to make motherboards for rabbits with their own hands in the drawings?

matrixes Photo 3. Insert a heater inside the frame.

Before starting the construction work, it is necessary to determine the shape and size of the matrix for the rabbit. The following should be taken into account:

  • The time is running out. For the summer labor, one-sided design can be made, and for the winter overshoot you need to make a two-sided annex with a heat-insulating material between the walls.
  • Size of breeder rabbits. For small animals there are enough boxes of 40x30x30 cm, and for large animals it is recommended to erect a matrix of 50x33x30 cm or more.
  • Kind of matrix. A similar structure can be stationary or portable. In the first case, the area of ​​the cell is divided into 2 parts, which are separated from each other by a solid wall made of wooden boards or plywood. To arrange a rabbit passage, a hole of appropriate size is cut in the wall with the help of a power tool. The smaller part of the cell is arranged under the matrix. The portable version is the most convenient, since it does not take up much space, and after the offspring grow older, the product from the cell can be removed, thereby freeing up space for the active development of animals.
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    Handling Your Own Handiwork For the success of your upcoming work, you may need the following tools and materials:

    How to make motherboards for rabbits with their own hands in the drawings?

    Tools for making mattocks for rabbits.

    • electroblack;
    • Roulette;
    • hammer;
    • simple pencil;
    • plywood;
    • wooden rails section 2.5x2.5 cm or 2.5x3 cm;
    • board in thickness of 2-3 cm;
    • piece of galvanized sheet;
    • thermal insulation material;
    • awnings;
    • hay;
    • nails.

    Construction work begins with the design of the future design. As an example, you can consider portable matotea with double walls, which can be used both in the summer and in winter( photo 2).The dimensions of the product are as follows:

    • width - 33 cm;
    • length - 50 cm;
    • height - 30 cm;
    • diameter of the entrance hole - 18 sm.

    How to make motherboards for rabbits with their own hands in the drawings?

    Photo 4. To make it easier to clean, the top cover attaches to the wall using awnings.

    The first thing about plywood and railings is the workpiece cut.

    For the front and back walls, you need 4 sheets 50x30 cm and 4 rails length of 50 cm, for side walls, you need to prepare 4 pieces of plywood 33x30 cm and 4 rails length of 33 cm, for the bottom and cover also cut 4 rectangular workpieces 50x33 cm.

    Then, for each wall( except for the entrance hole), the frame and frame, which on one side is covered with a sheet of plywood, shrinks to the bottom and roof.

    Then the heater falls into the frame( photo 3).Then the second side of the frame is also covered with plywood.

    At the next stage, the place where the lava will be located, is covered with a board, and the rest of the wall is covered with plywood and filled with thermal insulation material. Then the entire design is going into a single whole, and in the specified place the entrance hole is cut out.

    To make it easier for you to clean your mattock, the upper lid joins one of the walls with awnings( photo 4).

    To protect the plywood from harmful effects of moisture, a zinc plated sheet is placed on the bottom of the matrix, which is covered with a thick layer of straw from above.

    The bedding must be clean and dry, since dirt and mold can cause various diseases of the offspring and the rabbit itself. Since in the first few days of life in the rabbits selection is insignificant, then the litter can be changed not every day, and 1 time in 2 days. However, after 5-6 days, cleaning will be required every day.


    A matrix for rabbits with heater can be used not only in winter, but at any time of the year. In the case of very strong frosts in the bottom of the design instead of the heater should be installed a heating element, which is perfect for a good fit hot water, a plastic bottle with hot water or a special lamp. If you are allowed finance, then the perfect solution is to install a system of "warm floor film type.