Hemorrhoid Treatment

Candles and Ointment Gepatrombin P - an instruction and a review of the drug

Candles and ointment Gepatrombin R instruction and product overview Currently, hemorrhoids are a problem that occurs in a fairly large number of people. This is due to the wrong way of life, sedentary work, malnutrition, alcohol and smoking, heavy physical activity, and many other factors.

False shame does not allow patients to seek medical advice in a timely manner, and many are determined to visit a specialist only at later stages of the disease. Running hemorrhoids is already much more difficult or completely impossible to cure by conservative methods, and the doctor has to direct the patient to minimally invasive or surgical treatment.

The initial stages of hemorrhoids are successfully treated by changes in diet, by increased motor activity and by drug therapy, which includes the use of ointments, suppositories( rectal candles), and pills. In addition, the most effective methods of treatment are folk medicine.

In the article, let's dwell on the drug, Gepatrombin R , is a fairly common and effective anti-heroin agent.

Description of the preparation

Candles and ointment Gepatrombin R instruction and product overview The drug is released in several varieties, but only hepatrombin P, which is made in the form of ointments and candles, is prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids, since conventional hepatrombin can cause burns on the mucous membrane of the rectum.

Gepatrombin P is a combined local action medication. It has a pronounced anti-allergic, anticoagulant, and anti-psychoactive effect. Its application allows to remove inflammation, to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues and to accelerate their healing.

By improving metabolism and blood circulation, hepatrombin R inhibits the development of thrombosis in hemorrhoids. This drug is often prescribed to relieve symptoms of acute hemorrhoids, as a preoperative therapy and in the next recovery period.

In which cases are used hepatrombin P

Indications are:

  • Hemorrhoids of all types
  • Inflammation and thrombosis of internal hemorrhoids
  • Flushing, itching, burning and eczema in the back area
  • Preparation for surgery and the following period
  • Anal fractures

Composition of the drug and the pharmacological action of

The main active substances are heparin, prednisolone lauromacrogol, allowing complex influence on the area of ​​the lesion:

  • Heparin .It is an anticoagulant, promotes resorption of existing blood clots and reduces the likelihood of new ones, accelerates healing of the tissues and their regeneration, reduces swelling and normalizes the structure of the tissue. After application, the active ingredient is immediately absorbed into the subcutaneous tissue, then spreads through the network of capillaries, thereby improving the microcirculation of blood. In addition, heparin prevents the appearance of stagnant phenomena and promotes the removal of diseased products from the body decay.
  • Prednisolone , which is a glucocorticosteroid, reduces discomfort in hemorrhoids in the anus, eliminates itching and inflammation. This component has anti-exudative and anti-allergic effects.
  • Lauromacrogol ( polydocanol).It is a sclerosis that promotes adhesion of the walls of the hemorrhoidal node and has a pronounced anesthetic effect.

Hepatrombin R - Instructions for using

Gepatrombin P ointment . Before applying the ointment, it is necessary to conduct a hygienic procedure in the back passage. To do this, it is enough to wash the anus with warm water( no soap), then dry the moisture with soft wipes.

When used externally, the ointment is applied with a thin layer to the site of the lesion up to 4 times a day. Once the symptoms have disappeared, it is recommended to continue to use the ointment to fix the effect once daily for 7-10 days.

If the touch to the inflamed units does not cause pain, the ointment can be slightly rubbed in the node itself and the skin around them. If inflammation and pain are strong enough, for the treatment of hemorrhoids ointment, hepatrombin R is recommended to use gauze tampons, abundantly lubricating them with the drug and fixing the fasteners.

The drug can be applied rectally. Before the procedure, it is recommended to have a bowel movement, after which the ointment is injected inside the anus with the tip attached to the tube. It should be noted that excessive amount of ointment administered at one time slows the rate of regeneration of the mucous membranes and skin, increasing the time of healing of damaged tissues. Hepatrombin R Candles .They should be applied after emptying the intestines and carrying out the abovementioned hygienic procedures. In the day there are enough 1-2 suppository injections, and one candle after each emptying of the intestine. The course of treatment should be set by the doctor.

Gepatrombin G during pregnancy

Candles and ointment Gepatrombin R instruction and product overview Many women first encounter hemorrhoids precisely during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that in the future mother there is a change in the usual way of life with a decrease in physical activity and motor activity, there are constipation.

Fruit grows with each passing month pushing more and more pressure on the pelvic organs and venous vessels, which leads to circulatory disorders. The pressure on the rectum leads to a disturbance of its normal functioning and the formation of solid fecal masses for the extraction of which requires additional efforts. It is for these reasons that hemorrhoids begin to bother the woman most often in the second half of pregnancy.

The problem of treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy is complicated by the fact that not all popular and effective remedies can be used because there is a risk of harm to a growing child. Therefore, the treatment of any diseases in this period should be carried out only by the doctor and under his constant control. Geatrombin P is allowed to use only in the 2nd and 3rd trimester .This is due to one of the components of the drug - prednisolone, which can have a negative effect on the formation of the fetus and cause the involuntary abortion. After a dangerous period of use, hepatrombin G for the treatment of hemorrhoids is completely safe. It is noted that the drug in most cases is tolerated by pregnant women very well, and in very rare cases, allergic reactions may occur, which should be reported immediately to the doctor.

Side effects and contraindications

In rare cases, the following side effects may occur:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Skin reddening

Prolonged or frequent application of hepatrombin G in large areas of tissues can lead to undesirable consequences of a systemic nature.

If you find the symptoms listed, you should stop using this medication and contact your doctor.


  • Skin lesions of bacterial, fungal and viral nature
  • hypersensitivity to the drug
  • syphilis, tuberculosis, oncology
  • reactions to vaccination
  • When bleeding
  • first trimester
  • Blood clotting
  • drug overdose, retard recovery

Gepatrombin T-establishedin medical practice as an effective means to combat and prevent hemorrhoids. Its use is recommended for the prevention of various complications of this disease, for example, when thrombosis of the hemorrhoids and elimination of post-thrombotic symptoms.

Ointment Gepatrombin P is a good tool for complex treatment of hemorrhoids using noninvasive methods, such as infrared photocoagulation, sclerotherapy, doping with latex rings, etc.

Proctologists often prescribe this drug before and after surgery because it effectively and quickly heals damaged tissues, provides a resorbing and anti-inflammatory effect.

No less effective is the use of ointment and candles Gepatrombin G for the treatment of anal fissures. The drug relieves pain, accelerates the regeneration and healing of damaged tissues, eliminates the microflora of wounds.