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Trendy children's down jackets for girls 2017-2018 photo novelties

Girls, even the smallest, always try to look beautiful and fashionable. This year, designers tried to make the outerwear for the young lady more interesting and replaced the dark gray color scheme with bright and juicy shades. Due to such changes, the most advanced

members of the fair sex can pick up a colorful outfit that will help them always be more visible to other children.

Trendy children This season, designers have done their best to make cufflinks for girls and teens fashionable, comfortable and practical. To conquer the hearts of young fashionistas, the famous brands decided with a variety of vibrant colors and shades. In the collections of children's black and white, the sad gamut gave way to juicy colors. Models for teenagers are made of fabrics, close to the fabrics, from which sew up down jackets for adults.

Trendy children

Stylish down jackets for girls fall-winter 2017-2018 photo

At the age of three, girls start to realize slowly that they can voice their wardrobe. Often, the choice of small fashionistas falls on the down jackets of bright colors or on models with fun prints. Taking into account the opinion of children, parents should choose a beautiful, comfortable and practical down jacket for a child who is not afraid of bad weather and easy to switch. Down jackets for little girls are often complemented with warm overalls and half sleeves.

Trendy children

Older girls are beginning to imitate their parents and pay attention to what their mother is wearing. The style and color of a down jacket for girls five years can already resemble adult models with an emphasis on brightness and fun decor. At this age, almost all girls attend pre-school establishments, and therefore the down jacket should be simple enough for self-dressing and undressing.

Trendy children Seven years is a new stage in the lives of every child. At this time, the children go to school and take the first steps towards knowledge. At this moment, everything should be geared towards comfortable training, including clothing. A trendy and comfortable down jacket for a seven-year-old girl should be warm enough to keep the baby cool on the street in the frosty days.

Trendy children In order to meet the needs of teenagers down jackets should not only be warm and comfortable, but also fit fashion and youth style. Girls, while tracking fashion colors and styles, often make choices in favor of their appearance. The task of parents, to pick up their fashionistas is a reliable in all senses down jacket, with high quality filler and ergonomic trim. Usually ten-year-old girls are very mobile, they independently attend not only the school but also different sections, so during the cold season, down jackets should provide them with comfortable conditions during their travels.

Trendy children

Fashion cushions for girls of school age 2018 photo

Teenagers can also choose things with fashionable "adult" prints - for example, leopards. Such an actual trend, of course, first of all, for girls. In general, the down jackets for girls in 2018 are very diverse. Long and short, bulky and fitted, in the lungs of caramel tones or, conversely, dizzyingly vivid, the 2018 models give a huge amount of space for self-expression. For example, wearing a down jacket, stylized for military camouflage, girls can try on a militant image. A model with a print of "goose legs" will allow you to feel like an elegant woman, and a down coat in a flower will turn your wizard into a romantic person.

Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 32) Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 31)

In fashion and unusual models of children's clothing from the down. Designers play with color, and in shape. So, the thing may be one color, and the sleeves - absolutely different, contrasting. As for the form, some creations of fashion designers for girls resemble not the upper winter clothes, but rather elegant dresses with lush tiered skirts. At the same time, in collections for children there is a calm classics, designed for adherents of traditions. Virtually all models of children's coats and down jackets are additionally decorated with natural or artificial fur.

Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 18) Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 16)

Winter jackets for girls with fur 2017-2018 photo

Contemporary designers offer a whole collection of down jackets for every taste so that girls can look stylish without sacrificing comfort. Famous brands do not just sew down jackets, they experiment with shapes and combinations of colors. The opportunity for a rich selection of down jackets, other items of clothing and accessories gives the young lady the opportunity to feel like real stylists.

Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 17) Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 19)

This season you can find a down jacket that resembles princess dresses with a large skirt and even rucksacks. The variety and color combinations are based on contrasts and eclecticism. To create a vivid image can be used and classic laconic models of down jackets, which are completed with a stylish scarf, cap and mittens or gloves.

Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 30) Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 3)

Fashionable colors of down jackets for girls 2017-2018 photo

Winter season pleases us with the abundance of fashionable ideas that designers embody in clothes for teenagers. Perhaps it's no secret that fashion designers have long since highlighted young fashionistas in a separate category, so they are developing new models of fashionable clothing for them. Fashion cushions for teens girls are bright and practical. Other than the new collections, in which the incredible colorfulness of the eye rushes into the eye.

Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 28) Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 8)

Monochrome cushions, although considered more practical, give way to fashionable podiums with juicy colors. Bright red, emerald green, sunny-orange, yellow, pink, blue and turquoise - these are the colors that are favored by designers who create youth down jackets for teenage girls. Special attention should be paid to creative prints used by manufacturers. Flower motifs, peas, horizontal and vertical stripes, geometric patterns and ornaments varied in width - winter promises to be bright!

Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 24) Trendy children Puhoviki_dlja_devochek_( 23)

Adolescence is the time for fashion experiments. A boring black and white beige graphic is easily replaced by bright colors. The teenage girl can afford a stylish down jacket with a leopard pattern or a model with a camouflage print that will emphasize her aggressive mood. But it happens that the teenager really wants to become an adult girl sooner, so the advantage is given to outerwear, whose design is as close as possible to the "adult".What does it mean? The fact that in a girlfriend's wardrobe should be a down jacket of classical restrained color.

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Children's winter overalls 2017-2018 for girls photo

Choose not only the most cozy and comfortable, but also a fashionable wants any mom. Opportunities that open collections of children's winter overalls for the winter 2017-2018, will make it a pleasure. Especially if you have a young fashionable girl. The two main criteria for choosing girls' overalls are the style and type of heater.

Trendy children When choosing a style, the main thing is to focus on the age of the child. In its appearance, and most importantly, the possibilities of this year's model are divided into several types. For the very young, perfectly suited so-called "whole" winter overalls 2017-2018.It is neither much nor small - an insulated envelope with sleeves and a hood. It is perfectly comfortable: it is easy to dress and does not interfere with movements, it is warm and comfortable to sleep - and after all, it is this way spend time on baby's walk.

Trendy children For those who make their first steps, winter children's overalls-transformers will be perfect. Due to the features of the cut and thought out system of lightning bolts, they can easily be transformed from a simple envelope into a comfortable suit for walks. This year, the manufacturers have made a special emphasis on comfort: long, full cover shoe pants complemented with very comfortable jackets on the chest and back - warmed natural materials, as well as adjustable straps.

Trendy children

Winter overalls 2017-2018 for girls 3 years old photo

To educate a good taste should start from the very earliest childhood. Therefore, choosing a model even for a three-year-old woman, you should always ask - whether you like it or not and take into account its advantages, in this case it will wear a suit with a special pleasure. Particular attention in this case should be given to the properties of the heater.

The best, the natural fluff is considered to be right - but such a choice is justified, if you live in a very harsh climate, and walking with a child in severe frosts is not recommended. The fashionable color scheme, which today is represented by neutral, but juicy shades, will look great. Blue, Green, Fuchsia or Orange - focus on the actual palette, which will look good and optimistic even in the bad weather.

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