How and why you need to bat a rabbit

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Many owners are wondering how to bat a rabbit, because cleanliness is the pledge of the pet's health. Decorative rabbits, the ancestors of which were Polish ermine rabbits, first appeared in Russia in 1997. Funny dwarf rabbits were given to children on holidays and acquired as a pet. Now the popularity of the animal has greatly increased, and nobody is surprised when he sees in a pet store a little rabbit.

How and why you need to bat a rabbit

Decorative rabbits first appeared in Russia in 1997.

With the acquisition of such an unusual beast, many begin to wonder about the answer to the question: how to wash a rabbit, so as not to scare an animal and not harm it? First of all, you need to understand, and you can bathe rabbits.

Necessity of bathing

In wildlife, rabbits do not bathe in water bodies, because they can easily cope with the cleaning of the skins themselves.

Modern home schoolchildren are very insolent and badly tolerate stressful situations, and bathing for any animal is a huge stress. Rabbits in terms of hygiene are very similar to cats, they themselves pour out their mash, and once a year completely rolled away, getting rid of dirty coats. If there is a way to avoid water procedures, then it's best not to scratch stress, but simply wipe the skin with a damp cloth or give the animal self-cleaning. But there are occasions when washing is necessary: ​​

How and why you need to bat a rabbit

In terms of hygiene, rabbits are very similar to cats, they themselves pour out their mash, and once a year they completely melt away, getting rid of dirty wool.

  • Rabbit is very dirty. This happens infrequently, usually during a walk or eating delicacy.
  • The animal has digestive problems. This situation leads to adverse effects, and then it is advisable to wash the rabbit until he has licked the contaminated area himself.
  • Heat shock, unpleasant overheating: in this case, washing is part of the treatment.
  • Every bath has its own consequences, and wrongly conducted water treatments can be harmful to health. Rabbits do not like to swim and are afraid when they are dropped into water, so when collided with the surface of the water begin to scratch and break out. In such a situation it is recommended to keep the animal firmly so that the animals do not slip away and do not hit the floor. Get ready for the sharp ticks to hurt your arms. After washing, especially if used shampoo, the wool can climb and lose its natural shine. Of course, such a result happens only with regular washing. Due to the thick wool, the animal extinguishes for a very long time and may catch a cold in the smallest extent. Be careful and prepare the room in advance for bath procedures.

    If you still need a bath and the owner of the rabbit intends to start an unpleasant procedure, then first you should listen to the advice given by the breeders:

    How and why you need to bat a rabbit

    Before bathing, you need to remove all drafts in the room, close the vents, windows, as after bathing because ofthey can easily catch a rabbit.

  • It is best to spend bathing in a room with a constant temperature and closed windows, doors, so that there is no draft. Bathroom is suitable for this.
  • Do not bathe an animal in the bathroom. She is too big, and if the rabbit pops out of hand, it can hit the edge very much. It is desirable to use a basin or, as a last resort, a sink.
  • Water should not be too cold or hot. The optimum temperature is roomy. It is not recommended to wash the animal from the tap or shower, it is best to conduct a procedure already collected water.
  • To avoid injuries, wash the rabbit together. So much easier and faster, which is very important.
  • Be sure to wash rabbits completely, just rub the body part where there is contamination.
  • Bathing is desirable to do without shampoo or soap. Such "assistants" are not always well washed off, and with further licking the animal is at risk of poisoning.
  • Gently pour it with water. It is inadmissible to hit the water in the nose and ears.
  • After washing, wipe the baby thoroughly. When drying, use only a towel. A hair dryer, often advised by the owners, can not only frighten the beast, but also burn it.
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    Full rabbit bathing

    Depending on the contamination, there are 2 types of bathing: full and partial. Full bathing is possible if the rabbit is completely healthy and easily tolerates a change in the environment. It is worth noting that stress can lead not only to illness but also to the death of a beloved pet.

    How and why you need to bat a rabbit

    One more rule - in the winter, you can not wash and bat a rabbit in any case. This is a fairly clean animal that fully cope with its wool.

    First, prepare everything you need to take a bath. At the distance of your elongated hand, put a towel and bathing supplies( shampoo or soap).In advance, dial the water and carefully trace its temperature, it should not exceed 40 ° C, but not be below 38 ° C.Close all windows and doors to avoid drafts.

    Now proceed to the very bathing. The helper should hold the animal firmly, closing its head and ears. The owner, using a bucket or a circle, does not make sharp or hasty movements, pours water on the body. If a special shampoo is used, then the flush is recommended several times, otherwise the animal may be poisoned.

    After bathing, rabbit is wrapped in 2 towels and gently rubbed to dry the skin faster. In no case do not release the animal until it is completely dry, otherwise the animal will catch a cold, and then the hike to the vet will be mandatory.

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    Partial bathing

    To minimize stress, use a partial bathing option. All preparation is carried out in the same way as during full bathing, only to lower the animal and to wet completely not necessarily. It is enough to wash only the contaminated part of the body. If the pet is dirty after a walk, then you can only wash the paws. In the case when the back of the body is dirty from the excrement, it is washed only by the area where it is needed. This type of washing also includes spraying the pet's water.


    Washing of decorative rabbits is possible, and in some cases even necessary. But do not turn bathing into a daily ritual, thus exposing the animal to danger. After all, in order to get enough suffer and a small draft, and stress and strong fear can lead to death. A completely healthy animal is quite capable of self-correcting, and for this it does not necessarily endanger its life.