Hemorrhoid Treatment

Ointment from external hemorrhoids: Vishnevsky, Relief and Troksevazin

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Ointment from external hemorrhoids: Vishnevsky, Relief and Troksevazin

Hemorrhoids - an illness that occurs after a violation of blood clotting in the anus vessels. With this disease, the nodes and

veins expand in the back passage, which leads to the formation of cones. With the progression of the disease, these nodes begin to inflamed and fall into the anal passage.

This disease is divided into three phases of development: first, internal hemorrhoids arise, then combined, and at the end it is external. To avoid any complications, effective hemorrhoids treatment should be timely. At the first symptoms of hemorrhoids, you should go to a doctor.

The main symptoms of external hemorrhoids

Ointment from external hemorrhoids: Vishnevsky, Relief and Troksevazin

  • As a rule, blood traces on the stool mass after the act of defecation. It is imperative for such a hemorrhoid to appear wounds and cracks in the anus. Bloody hemorrhoids begin.
  • In the anus often there is an itch, a feeling of great discomfort, irritation.
  • When acute hemorrhoids, pain occurs at the time of bowel movement and after a while.
  • You can touch the bumps that are located near the anus.

Causes of External Hemorrhoids

How and Why Do Symptoms of This Disease Appear?

  • A sedentary lifestyle.
  • Difficulty with a chair.
  • Regular weight lifting, which is typical for many men.
  • Constantly eating meat fried with alcoholic beverages and spicy seasonings.
  • Women often have this disease during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth.

Treatment for

What kind of medication will help with hemorrhoids? You can treat the disease with candles or ointments. All candles and ointments from external hemorrhoids contain many different elements. This is a special hormonal substance with a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, as well as antishore effect. And anesthetic of local action. And a component that thins blood and prevents thrombosis. Many ointments and the best candles from hemorrhoids in its composition also contain other elements: antibacterial or significantly accelerates healing. Very commonly used ointments and candles Proctoglyvenol, Proctosedil, Relief, Aurobin and Gepatrombin. However, it is much easier to apply ointment, not candles. Therefore, candles are used much less often.

Ointment of Vyshnevsky

Ointment of Vyshnevsky with such an illness as hemorrhoid has proved itself with a very good side. This medicine is very effective, especially for men. The treatment of external hemorrhoids by the Vyshnevsky's ointment is already an ancient method that has saved many people from a delicate disease for many years.

Ointment from external hemorrhoids: Vishnevsky, Relief and Troksevazin

It should be added that Vishnevsky is still very popular today. It is very commonly used to eliminate an illness.

One day before applying Vishnevsky's ointment on hemorrhoids, you must make special compresses on a solution of manganese. Then you can already apply Vishnevsky. The means should be put on a piece of cotton wool and attached to the patient's place.

Ointment of Vyshnevsky is very effective in external hemorrhoids, it improves the functioning of the vessels in the anal aperture. In turn, it normalizes the circulation of blood in vessels, which is very important especially for men.

Vyshnevsky Ointment is a remedy that is not intended directly for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but it can be used to remove inflammation and use it as a prophylaxis.

Ointment Troxevasin

Against hemorrhoids, Troxevasin has been used for quite some time and successfully. It is used in the treatment of any type of ailment.

Troxevazine improves the walls of the veins in the anus, making the vessels more durable. In this regard, inflammation can be reduced and cured. Medicines prevent the formation of blood clots. Troxevasin is best taken with ascorbic acid. Only so can you very quickly cure an unpleasant illness.

Ointment from external hemorrhoids: Vishnevsky, Relief and Troksevazin

Troxevazine needs to be squeezed into a piece of wool, and applied to a restless place. Inside the anus, Troxevazine is not injected.

Troxevazine should be taken with Troxevasin tablets for internal use. Such a joint treatment best results in a very rapid elimination of a terrible illness.

Heparin Ointment

Heparin Ointment is very effective for the treatment of thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

An unpleasant sensation and pain in the anus - all this can successfully heparin ointment treat.

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids has been used for a long time. The basis of human blood clotting is a special protein fibrin. As a rule, decrease in its education and occupy the heparin ointment. Using the means for inflammation and vasodilation in the rectum effectively eliminates swelling.

Heparin ointment helps to rejuvenate all kinds of hematoma in the rectum. In addition, heparin ointment contains anesthetic that reduces pain.

Ointment from external hemorrhoids: Vishnevsky, Relief and Troksevazin

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with other ointments

Proctosedil - the drug can treat any form of hemorrhoids.

Posturing is a remedy that can also be used to treat external hemorrhoids. These ointments and candles optimize cellular immunity, as well as restore normal tissue regeneration.

Candles and Ointments Relief - the most popular medicines for hemorrhoids. The composition of medicines Relief includes butter from the liver of a shark, which has many beneficial properties. In addition, Relief contains Fenilefrine hydrochloride, which reduces itching. Thanks to all this, candles and ointments Relief take the first place in the market for anti-hemorrhoids. This ointment for hemorrhoids is practically the best in its kind and cure it with an unpleasant illness quite easily.

Gepatrombin - Treatment of hemorrhoids with the drug Gepatrombin can be considered quite effective, since it consists of such useful components as dexpanthenol, heparin, and also allantoin.

We hope that with this article you can easily cure your illness.

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