Hemorrhoid Treatment

Be sure to pay attention to the dangerous symptom - bleeding from the anus

In the life of any person, a situation may arise when you have to contact a doctor, for example, there was blood from the anus. If the selection is insignificant and one-time, it is not necessary to immediately panic, the probability is merely a malfunction in the digestive system( the hard stool after the

constipation).Repetitive bleeding from an adult or child occasionally suggests a serious health problem( eg hemorrhoids, cancer, polyps, and cracks).

Contents of the article

  • 1 In which cases it is urgent to consult a physician
  • 2 The main causes of rectal haemorrhage
    • 2.1 Anal fracture
    • 2.2 Hemorrhoids
    • 2.3 Intestinal diverticulosis
    • 2.4 Polyp in the colon
    • 2.5 Cancer
    • 2.6 Intestinal infections - dysentery, salmonellosis
    • 2.7 Gluten invasions
    • 2.8 Diagnosis of nonspecific ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
    • 2.9 Intestinal obstruction
    • 2.10 Pregnancy
    • 2.11 Severe blood diseases( leukemia) or liver( cirrhosis)
  • 3 How to deal with intestinal bleeding?

In which cases should

Be sure to pay attention to the dangerous symptom - bleeding from the anus be immediately consulted. The advice and assistance of a competent physician is required:

  • If the bleeding from the anus is sudden, very strong and does not stop on its own.
  • In the meantime, vomiting with blood clots appeared.
  • There are bleeding from other organs - nasal, pulmonary, and hematomas on the body.
  • If the general condition of a person has deteriorated considerably.
  • Bleeding is associated with fever, chills and abdominal pain.
  • If the blood from the anus is in the child - with it diarrhea, high fever, rash or other situation - severe abdominal pain, constipation for a few days, lack of gases.
  • These are emergency situations requiring emergency medical assistance. In all other cases it is worthwhile to ask a doctor for examination and to find out the reasons why blood discharge from the anus appeared.

    The main causes of rectal haemorrhage

    It is worth noting that gastrointestinal bleeding is a rather common pathology in surgical practice, its causes are diverse, clinics and treatments vary according to the localization of the process. The location of the source can be assumed already on the appearance of blood. The higher it is, the darker the blood. So, if a bleeding stomach or duodenum is bleeding, a change in the color of stools( black feces or ground) will be typical. If the large intestine - the blood is mixed with caudal masses, the burgundy color, if the source is in the rectum or anus( hemorrhoids, polyps) - fresh blood red, appears after bowel movements on the top of the faeces or toilet paper.

    In which diseases are more often the blood from the anus?

    Anal fracture

    Be sure to pay attention to the dangerous symptom - bleeding from the anus A rupture of the mucous membrane of the rectum as a result of prolonged constriction, after gross anal sex, violence, an accident, with chronic inflammation of the large intestine. Such patients often have constipation. The blood flows after every bowel movement, with a sharp, burning pain. Can go to the chronic stage. Treatment of this pathology is only surgical.


    In the initial stage of the disease, small amounts of red blood on the toilet paper, linen, usually appear after the chair. In later stages, external nodes can bleed, especially with the complicated course of the disease. When thrombosis is concerned, severe pain, bleeding, weakness, possible development of anemia. The disease is almost equally common in men and women( especially during and after pregnancy).

    Hemorrhoids must be treated with the proctologist.

    Sometimes surgical care is needed to stop bleeding.

    Diverticulosis of intestines

    Blood from the anus is secreted from time to time, self-termination, in the case of developing inflammation of the patient, they are concerned about abdominal pain and temperature. It is more common in men after 50 years. Surgical treatment.

    About the causes of the appearance of blood from the anus and patient's behavior, says the coloproctologist:

    Polyp in the colon

    Sometimes it bleeds very much, usually after emptying of the intestines, the pain is not typical, therefore, for a long time the patient may not know about its existence. Aggravation is caused by the appearance of constipation. Treatment is only surgical - after detection, it is necessary to perform a surgery to remove the polyp due to the high risk of developing cancer. More common in women.


    Bloody secretions, sometimes with an admixture of mucus and pus in a chair, diarrhea or constipation, can be manifestations of cancer in the early stages, pain appears much later. Therefore, many people think that they have hemorrhoids and do not hurry to the doctor. Men tend to this type of oncology more often women. One of the most late diagnosed cancers( the reason is late timing in the late stages of the process).Treatment is only radical, immediate immediately after diagnosis.

    Intestinal infections - dysentery, salmonellosis

    Symptoms are high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, frequent appetite for defecation. In a chair there is usually an admixture of blood with mucus and manure. The diagnosis is put in the characteristic clinic and after the discovery of the microbial cause in the analyzes of feces. As a result of frequent liquid stools hemorrhoids may become aggravated. Treatment is carried out in an infectious hospital.

    Glandular Invasions

    Some types of worms( amoeba, schistosomes) can damage the deep layers of the intestinal wall with vascular destruction, causing bleeding from the anus after defecation, anal sex.

    Diagnosis of Non-Specific Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease

    Be sure to pay attention to the dangerous symptom - bleeding from the anus These two underlying diseases are hereditary. They are characterized by diarrhea with blood, anemia, abdominal pain, backwardness in physical development in children( Crohn's disease), frequent rebirth in cancer( with NNC).Hemorrhoids can accompany all of these symptoms.

    Intestinal obstruction

    Severe abdominal pain, constipation for several days, and the secretion of mucus with the blood from the anus through the "raspberry jelly" type. Treatment is carried out in an emergency procedure in surgery, often have to undergo surgery.


    Be sure to pay attention to the dangerous symptom - bleeding from the anus Isolated blood from the rectum is common, the cause is almost always the same - hemorrhoids, difficulty in constipation due to constipation from time to time worry pregnant.

    Serious blood diseases( leukemia) or liver( cirrhosis)

    With this blood comes from the nose, uterus, lungs and other organs due to poor blood clotting.

    How to deal with intestinal bleeding?

    Be sure to pay attention to the dangerous symptom - bleeding from the anus

    All actions of the patient should be directed to a complete diagnosis, to find out the causes of bleeding and to correct them:

  • Assess your condition, think of what this situation may be, was or is currently in a state of hemorrhoids or other causes.
  • Ask for a doctor to whom the situation - a proctologist, a surgeon, a therapist or another depending on the cause of the bleeding - will be solved.
  • Follow the nutrition and stool, preventing constipation or diarrhea that can cause hemorrhoids, crack-ups or other suffering. Be sure to pay attention to the dangerous symptom - bleeding from the anus
  • Treatment is performed under the medical supervision of the in-patient department( if you want to stop the bleeding, eliminate acute pain, carry out surgery) or at home. Use local hemostatic drugs( candles, ointments), as well as drugs for the treatment of the underlying cause - venotonics, antibiotics, anti-parasitic drugs or other medicines prescribed by the doctor.
  • Solving a serious problem should not be delayed in the long box, stopping the progression of the disease at an early stage can, if you pay attention to the symptoms in a timely manner.

    Be careful about yourself and your loved ones. If you have the first drops of blood in the anus, ask your doctor. In this case, you will be able to quickly solve your health problems without any complications.