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New LG V10

New LG V10

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    Characteristics of LG V10

    In the company of LG decided to create absolutelya new series of smartphones. The first swallow became the V10, which is famous for having an additional

    screen. This is a small touch line that can display various virtual keys. That's why the manufacturer offers users to simplify their lives by regularly using this secondary and miniature display, located adjacent to the front 5-megapixel camera with flash.

    Performance The LG V10 is at a decent level thanks to the Snapdragon 808 processor that received six cores. The user has been provided to store various files of the order of 32 GB.There is also a version of the smartphone with a 64GB internal drive. In addition, there is a memory of 3 GB.The 16-megapixel dual-flash unit acts as the main camera. There is also a fingerprint scanner, as well as stylish volume control buttons. The screen in the device is 5.7-inch, and the frame around it is minimal.

    New LG V10

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    Released Date LG V10

    Novelty in the face of the LG V10 received the official release date. The device should appear on the shelves at the end of this year. This step of the manufacturer is clear, since the pre-holiday time is quite successful in selling. In Russia, the gadget will also be implemented in full. This means that the user will be able to select any available on-market models with a different amount of internal memory. With a secondary screen, the V10 can become an excellent acquisition for people who love advanced and technological gadgets.

    New LG V10

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    Latest news LG V10

    As has been mentioned more than once, the LG V10 is in some way a unique smartphone, because it contains just two displays. Of course, we are not talking about a complete additional matrix, but the fact of its presence is already impressive. However, not only this interesting device, because its specifications also cause positive emotions. It has a great processor, a gorgeous large screen, two advanced flash cameras, and a substantial amount of memory. Striking is the design of the LG V10, especially its front end.

    It can be stated that LG V10 has come out with a productive option with an additional mini-screen. This is a balanced top-level smartphone with a corresponding cost.

    New LG V10

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    Photo LG V10

    New LG V10

    LG V10 -

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    Video LG V10