Hemorrhoid Treatment

Effectiveness of Gemoderm Spray from Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid gives people so much inconveniences and suffering that a visit to a doctor appears sooner or later inevitable. Often this happens late when the question of surgery becomes inevitable. However, there are drugs that can effectively affect the inflamed hemorrhoidal veins of the

at different stages of the disease, and also used in the postoperative period to prevent exacerbations. Such remedies include Gemoderm. This is a natural anti-hemorrhoid drug in the form of a spray that can be purchased in pharmacies, but can be purchased online. What is the Gemoderm spray, how not to get divorced and buy quality products, reviews that need to be taken into consideration - these questions are of concern to many proctologist patients.


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Treat whether or not

Effectiveness of Gemoderm Spray from Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - the disease is so serious and dangerous for its complications that it can not be treated. However, the initial stages are not very disturbing to the person, few pay attention to a small amount of blood in the stool or itch in the back passage. Nevertheless, medical and folk treatment at this time brings the most positive results and costs less. The launched forms of hemorrhoids manifest themselves in severe pain, loss, inflammation and thrombosis of hemorrhoids, bleeding, necrosis and sepsis may occur. In such cases, it is impossible to do without an operation, but after it necessarily appointed medicines for the prevention of complications and the appearance of exacerbations of the disease, the price does not matter at the same time.

Gemoderm Spray from Hemorrhoids can be used at any stage of the disease and has a pronounced therapeutic effect from the first days of treatment.

What are the properties of this drug:

  • antiseptic and astringent;
  • anti-inflammatory effect( relieves swelling, reduces the severity of pain);
  • hemostatic action;
  • wound healing effect;
  • venotonizing and antithrombotic action.

The main indications for the use of the drug Hemodrom are:

  • external and internal hemorrhoids, including postpartum;
  • thrombosis and inflammation of hemorrhoids;
  • itchy, eczema in the anus.

In the early stages of the disease, the Gemoderm spray can self-hemorrhoids. In run-up cases, it is used as a part of complex therapy, as prevention against complications in the postoperative period.

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Composition and benefits of

Effectiveness of Gemoderm Spray from Hemorrhoids The versatility of the therapeutic effect of Gemoderm is due to its unique natural formulation. All medical components are chosen in such a way as to amplify and complement each other's actions, and the price of spray also depends on it. The composition is as follows:

  • troxerutin - has anti-inflammatory and venotonizing effect, is a part of drugs for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency;
  • D-Panthenol - Provides a regenerating and disintegrating( scar tissue) action;
  • Horse Chestnut - Venotonics, strengthens walls of capillaries, cleaves thrombi;
  • ginkgo biloba - improves vascular elasticity, normalizes local blood flow;
  • nettle - makes a hemostatic action;
  • chamomile is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

What are the benefits of Gemoderm Spray over other antihemorrhagic remedies:

  • is a complex composition that provides simultaneous effects on various symptoms;
  • only natural ingredients, without flavors, dyes and preservatives;
  • no contraindications;
  • application safety( including pregnant women);
  • effectiveness at any stage of hemorrhoids;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • opportunity to buy on the Internet at a discount and take with you.

How to use

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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Effectiveness of Gemoderm Spray from Hemorrhoids Gemoderm's hemorrhoids spray was developed and created, primarily for the treatment of illness at home, and should be purchased by someone who chooses to treat it on their own. However, care must be taken.

Despite the safety and the absence of adverse reactions, Gemoderm should carefully read the instructions, strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and doctor's recommendations.

Only in this case, the effect can be as much as possible to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Effectiveness of Gemoderm Spray from Hemorrhoids Instructions for use are very simple:

  • to hold a hygienic toilet in the area of ​​the crotch with cool water;
  • lie on your back with legs divorced;
  • evenly disperse the spray in the inflammation zone;
  • gently rub the medicine with light massage movements;
  • can be reached immediately after the procedure;
  • put on spacious cotton linen.

The procedure is performed twice a day, in mild cases and for prevention only once a day. The duration of the course of treatment is determined individually, usually depends on the stage of the disease, the severity of clinical manifestations. The average course is from 2 weeks to a month. It is advisable not to interrupt treatment, so that the drug is guaranteed to help.

Spray Hemodrom is not sold in pharmacies, it can be purchased through an order on the official website, the price during the shares is usually not more than 1000 rubles against the 1980 on ordinary days. The main thing is not to trust the swindlers and buy the original product, it is desirable to obtain the approval of your physician, it is desirable to read reviews of the drug in the forums.

Comments and Feedback

Effectiveness of Gemoderm Spray from Hemorrhoids

Most of those who write positive reviews of the drug Gemoderm, conducted a full course of treatment with this drug. These are people of different sex and age with different stages of the disease. Some have undergone surgery for hemorrhoidectomy, after which, on the advice of a doctor, they decided to buy a spray to prevent postoperative complications and exacerbations of the disease. Many reviews have been left after a few days of drug use, when people have already experienced improvement. The price of medication is usually a little embarrassed, because patients understand how much effort and money will have to spend in the case of prolonged process.

Negative feedback could be left to patients who did not follow the rules of the drug, violated the diet and regime, although everyone knows that hemorrhoids can handle only a set of measures. Some drugs( which would not be a price) will not help if a person does not change the usual way of life that has led to the development of the disease. The comments and testimonials of proctologists are the same.

Doctors who studied the effect of hemodern spray on their patients and received positive results continue to recommend it to patients as an independent treatment at the onset of the disease or as part of a comprehensive therapy for the ongoing stages of hemorrhoids.

The earlier the treatment started, the more chances of a complete recovery, it also applies to a disease such as hemorrhoids, and drugs will only help accelerate and consolidate the process.