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Reviews Nokia Lumia 929

Reviews Nokia Lumia 929

The share of Nokia Lumia 929( Icon) smartphone turned out to be uneasy. This mobile device has been renamed several times, as well as constantly shifted and endured the exit date. But, nevertheless, Nokia Lumia 929 has seen the light. How do users relate to it?

Reviews Nokia Lumia 929. Igor, 22 years old. Many

s of my friends with a smile looked at me when I said that I wanted to buy a smartphone from Nokia. All for some reason do not trust this brand, which appeared much earlier than the same Apple or HTC.However, after I finally purchased Nokia Lumia 929, the situation began to change. Almost all friends have admitted that my Nokia is really cooler than many key parameters than their praised handsets! This is me to what. People, do not go for someone's empty thoughts or ponies, but buy really good devices!

Reviews Nokia Lumia 929. Nikita, 35 years old. The Smartphone went surprising. The design is a complete decay( although I have something to compare with).So inside it is all right. I liked the screen and the high-speed processor. Therefore, with productivity there is no problem at all. Everything is smooth, clear and optimized. But confusing only one thing - very few applications. Literally one, two programs that were really interesting to me, but I did not find any other familiar ones to me, unfortunately. The camera seems to be cool, but I was counting on more( purely subjective).By the way, I have enough battery charge for a few days iron. So, the output is a great smartphone with lots of features.

Reviews Nokia Lumia 929. Volodymyr, 32 years old. Taken in a black glossy color. The processor is just excellent, it cope with all the responsibilities. I even tried some "heavy" toys, and also worked without complaints. The resolution of the display is great, and no matter how anyone spoke, but it is convenient in everyday life. For example, when you look at photos or movies in high resolution, you can be fooled. The memory of Nokia Lumia 929 is a lot of both operational and built-in. The 20 megapixel rear camera is just something and a separate topic for conversation. With certain skills you can achieve masterpieces. From the beginning, there is a stock Windows Phone Update 3, so waiting for an update is not required. I was pleased with the Nokia Lumia 929 and I'm not sorry about the money spent.

Reviews Nokia Lumia 929. Darina, 25 years old. We with a girlfriend chose a smartphone for a long time, but in the online store they encountered Nokia Lumia 929. First of all, they were interested in the appearance, and then everything else. Having considered carefully the pictures came to the conclusion that this Nokia is an ideal option. That's how it happened! There are a lot of memory in it, so you do not have to buy the cards. There are many useful applications that are already built into the phone! Of the best I will mention Office and Facebook, as I constantly use them. Previously, I had a lot of cheap touch phones, but the Nokia Lumia 929 is comparable to both sky and earth! While I use a few days and impressions are positive. I do not even know what to get in touch with!

Reviews Nokia Lumia 929

Reviews Nokia Lumia 929

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