Tampermonkey what is this program

In the course of its work on the network, many users often notice on their browser the installed Tampermonkey extension, is continuously active. The question is, what is the Tampermonkey program, what is its functionality and how much it needs on my


Tampermonkey what is this program

Once I encountered these issues, I will outline the features of Tampermonkey , , its features, and explain how to remove it if the user does not consider its function necessary.


  • 1 Why Tampermonkey
  • 2 Requires Tampermonkey
  • 3 Functions If you want to remove Tampermonkey
  • 4 Conclusion

Why do you need the Tampermonkey

application Tampermonkey application is designed to work with scripts - script files that allow you to simplify and automate the work of the softwaresoftware. Scripts are used everywhere, and especially useful in the network, helping them dynamically display websites, facilitating database handling, finding wide use in seo-coding, and so on. The free Tampermonkey application will be useful for working with custom scripts, providing easy and convenient management, greatly expanding your browser's capabilities, such as games on it.


Features Immediately notice that Tampermonkey's add-on works only with browsers such as Chrome, Opera, google chrome and is available for some browsers under Android. "Its functionality makes it easy to install a script, review scripts and their automatic updates, smooth out the conflict of various scripts, there is a built-in editor that allows you to write or debug a script.

Tampermonkey what is this program

Thanks to the Tampermoney functionality, you can block unnecessary ads, expand video viewer capabilities, open passwords when mouse clicks, display web pages correctly, and more. Also, this Tampermonkey program will be useful to synchronize its settings on different computers, it also has such a feature.

To find out how many scripts are currently active enough to look at the program icon in the upper right corner, where the number of running scripts will be displayed. Clicking on the specified Tampermonkey icon will open a list of current scripts, as well as those that can be enabled. You can sort available scripts, view update dates and adjust their frequency, go to the home scripts pages( if any).It is also possible to create a "black list" of sites that user scripts will not have access to. The richness of the functionality of the app is really impressive. Once you've learned that Tampermonkey is in it, you can go to the uninstallation item if you do not need it.

If there is a desire to remove Tampermonkey

If for some reason you have decided to remove Tampermonkey, then it's easy to do:

  • Log in to the settings in the browser extensions control;
  • Select Tampermonkey, and click "Delete";
  • The application will be deleted from your browser.


Tampermonkey - is a useful and multifunctional product that can greatly facilitate the work with various custom scripts.

Variety of its settings, the ability to connect with scripts for all-mon-key under Firefox, easy installation and removal - all this makes it a practical and convenient tool for working with a variety of scenarios scripts. If you have Google Chrome, Opera or the Dolphin Browser for Android "- then you might want to take a closer look at Tampermonkey.