Appcrash what is this problem

In this material, I will tell you what the problem is with the Appcrash , list the reasons for its occurrence, and also explain how to fix the Appcrash error. When trying to run any application, the user may encounter this error, signaling the program crashes. Typically,

happens when you run game programs, but there are occasions when the Appcrash problem occurs when you start the service software, system files, and other types of applications.

Appcrash what is this problem

Error event event name Appcrash

Table of contents

  • 1 What is the problem with Appcrash when starting
  • games 2 Causes of
  • error 3 Fix Appcrash
  • error 4 Solution 1. Update the. NET Framework and DirectX
  • 5 Solution 2. Change the Cyrillic characters
  • 6Solution 3. Check the integrity of the system files
  • 7 Solution 4. Install the
  • 8 system updates. Solution 5. Use the
  • 9 system recovery. Solution 6. Work with the
  • 10 Compatibility. Solution 7. Check the system for the
  • 11 variants. Option 8. Disable the functionDEP
  • 12 Variant 9. Update drivers
  • 13 Variant 10. Perform upgrade of
  • computer Output 14

What is the problem with Appcrash when launching

games As mentioned above, when you try to run any program( usually games) on the screenThe "Event Name of the Appcrash Problem Name" window appears, indicating that the program you are downloading is stopped. Also, this window suggests closing or restarting the proposed program, mentioning APPCRASH( application crash), an error number, and a link to the module that caused the described dysfunction. As such, the most common mention of the ntdll.dll, kernelbase.dll, essent.dll, xlive.dll and other libraries is common.

Appcrash what is this problem

Problem when launching Skype

It's clear that this problem with Appcrash is most common when running modern games with high quality graphics and the corresponding load on the system - assasin's creed, Dota 2, GTA 5, Fifa, Steam and several others. After this error, in most cases an error occurs when the 0xc0000142 program is started, and when installing DirectX, the dxerror.log and directx.log errors occur.

Causes of an

Error Appcrash errors occur:

  • is a weak hardware part of the computer;
  • problems with system boot and shutdown;
  • virus performance;
  • cyrillic paths symbols in the program directory;
  • outdated versions of. NET framework and DirectX;
  • outdated system drivers;
  • errors in application installation;
  • problems with the compatibility of the running program and OS;
  • malfunctions in equipment operation.

Fix Appcrash

error Below, I will list a list of problem solving options. But before that, try classic restarting your pc and reinstalling the program - sometimes it helps.

Solution 1. Update the. NET Framework and DirectX

Because many game programs use embedded versions of application data, then try to download the latest versions of the. NET Framework and DirectX application data. Download installer programs, install them, and then try launching the application. If this problem of Appcrash is repeated - let's go further.

Appcrash what is this problem

NET framework

Solution 2. Change the Cyrillic characters

Since developers may not take into account the desire of domestic pirates to prescribe ways in the Cyrillic game, then when choosing the path to install, you need to either change the Cyrillic characters to Latin, or select the English version of the game. I think it's better than absolutely no games and GTA5 Fallout4.exe.

Solution 3. Check the integrity of system files

Violation of the structure of system files, their damage and failures in operation may be one of the factors of the problem with Appcrash.

  • To eliminate this problem, press "Start", write in the cmd search box, but do not press Enter, and right-click on the cmd shortcut above( under the "Programs").
  • We choose the startup menu as the administrator, and then at the command line write sfc / scannow and press Enter.
  • Solution 4. Install

    system updates Sometimes in the queue for updating the operating system there is a bunch of useful and necessary files that the user for certain reasons "forgets" to install. Go to the Windows Update Center( Control Panel - System and Security), and install the queuing upgrade.

    Solution 5. Use the

    System Restore In some cases, you can try to rollback to the previous working restore point.

  • Click "Start", in the search bar write "System Restore", at the top, click on the appropriate program.

    Appcrash what is this problem

    Solve the problem of Appcrash restoring the

  • system Select the last restore point when the system is working and go through it.
  • Do not forget to restart your computer after the end of the process. If you see the message "BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart" after rebooting the PC, read the article on the problem.
  • Solution 6. Working with

    Compatibility The reason for an Appcrash error may be the incompatibility of the OS version and the requirements of the application itself.

  • To fix this, try experimenting with compatibility - right-click on the shortcut for the application you want, select Properties.

    Appcrash what is this problem

    Compatibility Mode

  • Then go to the Compatibility tab, check the compatibility mode and select other( previous) versions of the OS.
  • Solution 7. Check the system for

    viruses Malicious software can cause crashes in the program, and therefore - and we consider the Appcrash bug. Check the system with powerful antivirus applications( Trojan Remover, Dr. Web Cureit! , etc.), the problem is the presence of a malicious PC on your computer.

    Alternatively, you can simply turn off your antivirus for a couple of minutes and try to run the program.

    Option 8. Disable Security Function DEP

    Appcrash - What is this problem? This feature protects the system from various attacks, but it can interfere with the normal operation of some applications.

  • To disable it, you must go to the control panel, then select System and Security - System - Advanced Options - Speed ​​- Parameters.
  • Here you select "prevent data execution".
  • You can disable or enable DEP only for the basic Windows services here.
  • Variant 9. Update

    drivers Install the fresh drivers for your computer's system components, especially pay special attention to the video card.

    Option 10. Perform an

    Upgrade If the appcrash error is causing the hardware weaknesses of your computer, then upgrade it or try launching your application on another, more powerful PC.


    In most cases, installing fresh versions of Net Framework and DirectX, as well as changing Cyrillic alphabets when installing the required application, is enough to correct Appcrash errors. If the first steps did not help you, try using the entire list of suggested options that can help you.