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Erotic Duodenitis: What Is It, Symptoms And Treatments

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Erotic Duodenitis is a rather common and dangerous disease of the duodenum, in which, as a result of the inflammatory process, erosion formation occurs on the

mucous membrane of the intestine. Over time, small cracks and wounds appear on the mucous membranes of the duodenum. Duodenitis has acute and chronic forms, provokes disorders of the digestive system and severe pain in the gastrointestinal tract.


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    Tips 1 Causes of the onset of the disease

    The duodenum is one of the organs of the human digestive system, located just behind the stomach. It is more than all other organs of the digestive tract is predisposed to the development of inflammatory processes, because it enters the food from the stomach, mixed with gastric juice and intestinal enzymes. The most common cause of the onset and development of inflammatory processes and the appearance of duodenitis in the digestive organs of humans is the presence of the pathogenic bacterium Helicobacter pylori, in the process of life which provides a huge amount of pathological toxins, destroying the mucous membrane. The causes of the formation and development of erosive duodenitis may be:

  • Poisoning with chemical substances-acids, technical alcohol or other liquids( in this case, acute catarrhal duodenitis develops, which, in the absence of immediate treatment, can go into the chronic stage).
  • Abuse or poisoning with low quality alcoholic beverages.
  • Wrong diet - with predominance of fatty, salty, smoked and stale foods.
  • Frequent intake of some medications.
  • Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, digestive organs.
  • Stress and other disorders of the nervous system.
  • Duodenitis can sometimes develop on the background of chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis or gastritis. In case of non-compliance with the strict diet, the disease becomes exacerbated, the inflammatory process begins, as a result of which the duodenitis becomes chronic and affects not only the duodenum but also the pancreas, the gallbladder and the liver. With each exacerbation the form of the disease becomes more and more difficult. But nevertheless the main reason for the development of chronic erosive duodenitis is the wrong and irregular diet: the abuse of fat and spicy food, spontaneous mode of eating, food "on the go" and drowsiness. All this in combination and leads to an aggravation of the disease and its transition into a chronic form.

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    2 Symptomatic manifestations of


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    Doctors Opinion. .. "

    Symptoms and treatment of pathology are inextricably linked, that is, the severity of the first depends on the second one. It is very important to find out the first signs of the disease to see a doctor. The specialist will appoint a treatment that will help to avoid the development of possible and rather serious complications and the transition of erosive duodenitis into chronic form. Duodenit is divided into several types depending on the duration and course of inflammatory processes: acute and chronic, which is more common. The proximal( with a defeat of the duodenal bulb) and distal( without changes in the duodenal bulb) types of duodenitis have similar symptoms, but differ in the location of the affected area.

    Pathology is easy to diagnose, since the patient experiences reumaid pain that is not dependent on whether a person has been eating or eating. With such pain, nausea is constantly felt, vomiting appears, which does not bring relief. In the vomit masses, there is blood that is oozing from the morning on the mucous membranes of the internal organs of the digestive system. The patient is disturbed by a chair, there is an increased gas formation and rumbling in the stomach, there is a feeling of over-stomach, even if he did not eat anything. Proper diagnosis of duodenitis helps duodenofibroscopy - a special study.

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    Erotic Duodenitis: What Is It, Symptoms And Treatments

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    3 Treatments

    TIP from the main gastroenterologist

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    What is it( duodenitis), you figure out, but how to treat a pathology? Therapy consists of a set of measures aimed at eliminating the symptoms of the disease and contributing to the restoration of the structure of the affected mucous membrane. During treatment, the patient is assigned a bed rest, complete rest - not only physical, but also psychological. Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited. When eroding duodenitis, it is strictly forbidden to wash the stomach and heat the abdominal region with the help of a hot plate. Such manipulations can lead to a very serious and dangerous internal bleeding and perforation of the intestinal walls.

    Erotic Duodenitis: What Is It, Symptoms And Treatments

    When erosive duodenitis treatment is carried out with the help of medicines used for peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer - receiving De Nola, Metronidazole and antibiotics containing tetracycline, and immunomodulatory drugs and a strict diet will help get rid of the main symptoms of the disease, prevent the formation of chronic forms of the diseaseand stop intestinal and stomach bleeding. Also, the patient is prescribed sedation, tranquilizers and sedative, which stop the neurasthenic syndrome inherent in the disease.

    Failure to comply with the recommendations and rules for treating erosive duodenitis may lead to perforation of the intestinal wall, the occurrence of internal bleeding. In such a case, conservative treatment is discontinued, an operative intervention is prescribed to the patient.

    Proper nutrition and diet, especially at the onset of exacerbation of the disease, help reduce the symptoms of the disease and alleviate the patient's condition. Food during treatment should be used exclusively in the wiped form, heat. Dishes of vegetables and chicken meat should be well cooked, and preferably cooked in a dairy. Useful rice, vegetable broths, kisses and warm milk. Limited use of sweets, sausages, sausages, tea and coffee.

    4 Folk advice

    In addition to traditional treatment, it is recommended to use classical folk medicine tips and recipes that help very well with acute exacerbations of duodenitis:

  • Incomplete tablespoon of dry herbs with potatoes brew half a liter of boiling water and drink half a glass half an hour before meals.
  • A small amount of plantain juice is mixed with the same amount of honey and taken three times daily before a meal.
  • Separately cook broths of nettle and oats, before using the broth, mix and take half a glass before each meal.
  • Following all the rules and appointments of the recommended treatment, relief occurs within a few days. When exacerbation of duodenitis is desirable for several days to starve and not overexcite. Erotic Duodenitis is a rather dangerous disease, in which it is necessary to constantly monitor both the patient and the medical specialists, the treatment and diet, as the disease can easily pass into more serious and dangerous ulcer forms. It is necessary to closely monitor the state of health, pay more attention to the diet and lifestyle, then the disease can be controlled and prevent the development of severe consequences.