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Towel for bath: water and electric

Different equipment is used for the bathroom, it provides comfort and convenience. A variety of such equipment is water towel runners, which are made in the form of curved pipes, located snake or ladder. The choice of this equipment depends on the

in many circumstances, attention should be paid to various criteria, including material production, working pressure in the system.

Towel for bath: water and electric

Varieties of Towel Dispensers

A bathroom trowel can be classified into 2 large groups:

  • electric, which only works when connected to the mains;
  • water, which can be connected to the heating circuit of a building or to a hot water supply system.

Electrical equipment is easier to install, it has a large variety of shapes. Installation is extremely simple, you can install it yourself. The selected device is mounted on the surface of the wall, and then switched on the network. It is only necessary to take care of a moisture-free socket located close to the equipment. This option is ideally suited if there is no regular hot water supply, and the supply of coolant is provided only during the heating season. About the choice of electric towel rails look here.

Water towel warmers do not require electricity. They connect to the hot water supply or heating system, the two-circuit can be connected simultaneously to both circuits. In the process of installation, the insertion of equipment to the selected circuit, but this requires some experience. Such equipment is more economical, but there is one big drawback. If the supply of hot water is stopped then the equipment ceases to function.

It should be noted that the water towel warmer warmes up more slowly, it takes some time to provide the optimal temperature.

What do towels make?

What are the best towels for the home? When choosing, pay attention to the material from which they are made:

  • Stainless steel - one of the most popular options, which is most often used.
  • Black is polished steel, you can take only painted, but today they are used less often.
  • Aluminum is very popular, it's durable, light weight, excellent performance and low price. But expensive copper models, which have attractive appearance, are also available, and brass models can be purchased.
  • In order to choose the right equipment for a bathroom, you need to further elaborate on the characteristics of each of these materials. Stainless steel equipment is suitable for any heating system, but there is one drawback. Such models require good water quality, in the presence of impurities, they quickly fail. To prevent this, you need to set a filter. The surface of such steel models may be different. Most often it's chrome towels, but they can be simply polished, have a surface painted in different colors. Previously, only white towel rails were used, but today manufacturers offer almost all shades. Therefore, it's easy to choose equipment for a particular bathroom interior.

    Towel for bath: water and electric

    With all the variety of stained stainless steel towel rails, they are distinguished by the most short-lived surface, as the attractive top coat of paint can not be stored for a long time. If you need equipment that will work long and uninterrupted, without requiring any additional work to repair your surface, then it is better to give preference to chrome. By choosing which bathroom ruster is best, you can pay attention to the steel black, which has a special interior finish. This allows the pipes to be protected from corrosion processes that occur under the influence of water. Externally, such models are almost the same as ordinary stainless steel, but they are usually only covered with paint.

    Brass models are characterized by a high level of heat output, their appearance is attractive, but the durability of such material is not so high. But the cost is acceptable, which is perfectly combined with stylish exterior and heating efficiency. Copper models are durable, beautiful and stylish, but there are disadvantages. The problem is the high cost of the equipment, not everyone will be able to put out the amount on an ordinary bath towel. It would be more profitable to put copper pipes in the house.

    You can also buy two-circuit models that are more efficient and economical. One circuit of the device connects to the heating circuit, and the second - to the hot water supply system. This design is as reliable as possible, but for its work it is necessary to adhere to a high level of working pressure, therefore in private houses such equipment can be found not so often.

    Selection Criteria

    When deciding which towel rack is best to choose, one should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Diameter of pipes. It does not always turn out that the diameter of the supply pipe with hot water corresponds to the diameter of the tube of the towel dryer. In this case, you can use the adapters to connect, but you should take care of this in advance.
  • For water models, it is important for what working pressure they are designed for. It is not always possible to use the very device that liked it.
  • The appearance of equipment and material manufacturing plays a no less important role. Today, the towel warmer acts as an element of the interior of the bathroom. Manufacturers offer not only standard models such as ladder or snake, but also special designers, although their price is usually much higher.
  • Water models are harder to choose than conventional ones, as this is due to the peculiarities of their use. Models for apartments and for private houses are designed for different operating conditions. For example, according to modern regulations governing heating, water supply of city systems, all water-jet valves used, which includes a towel rail, can be used at a pressure of 6 atmospheres. But, in theory, the pressure in the system should not exceed 4 atmospheres. However, when choosing equipment, it should be borne in mind that water towel dryers( the choice and manufacturers) must maintain their ability to work at values ​​of 2.5-7.5 atmospheres, as the pressure in the system will vary according to the location of the device, surface, the general condition of allengineering communications.
  • To determine which towel warmer to buy, it is necessary to find out what pressure ratio is observed for a particular house, add to it a few positions for reliability, to take into account possible hidstones. Based on the received data and on the information provided in the product passport, it is necessary to select the optimal model.
  • Towel for bath: water and electric

    To choose the best option for a country house, it should be borne in mind that operating pressure in the system usually does not exceed 2-3 atmospheres. You can buy almost any model. In a private house, the sharp drop in pressure is a rare phenomenon, as the heating system is much better controlled, it can be regulated independently. Therefore, the choice of equipment for bathrooms in this case is much easier.

    What else to look for?

    When choosing towel rails, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape they take. Today in the market water models are presented in the following variations:

    • P-shaped models;
    • M-shaped models;
    • MP-shaped models;
    • type of ladder, which can have a side connection, edges of different types.

    If only classic white towels were offered earlier, today you can find beautiful chrome-plated, gilded models that can decorate any interior. There are not only straight, but also rotary, which are mounted on the junction of walls, with a possibility of turning 180 degrees and many others. Conventional white towels can be made of stainless steel or copper. In this case copper is better, although the price will be more expensive.

    Towel warmer is a common element of the heating system installed in the bathroom connected to a common hot water supply or heating system. The purpose of such equipment is mainly to control the level of humidity, indoor temperature. Today, manufacturers offer several types of towel dryers, which are popular with water, although electrical and more simple in installation and operation. More about the choice and manufacturer of towel rails look here.