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Fashionable sundresses spring-summer 2018 photo stones novelties

Light wavy sundresses and dresses have always been and will be the favorite summer clothes for girls and women, regardless of age and body shape. And it is not surprising, because it is in the folds of his light fabric that it's easy to hide all the flaws of the figure, while remaining feminine and

elegant, besides the summer sundress - the perfect clothes for crazy heat. Agree, wearing a light sarafanchik, you feel that the body breathes, it is easy and free. And if it suddenly cools down - let's put on a jacket, and a feeling of comfort comes back. Summer dresses and sundresses are tightly strengthened on world fashionable podiums and absolutely are not going to take their positions.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties And it's not for nothing, because the variety of possibilities is simply amazing, some styles can give a woman a romantic, refined, sexy, elegant or business image, everything will depend on the cut and accessories that will be by the way. Before loyal fashionistas there is always a choice - to buy a dressing on a floor or to be satisfied with short decisions. In fact, it is better to have both dresses in the wardrobe, because, like long sundresses do not leave a peak of popularity, and short remain in the trend. Long sundresses in the floor give the silhouette some mystery, even, we can say, magic. They are great for both the evening walks along the beach, and for the festive reception, most importantly, to pick up the accessories and purse correctly.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties

Long sundress in the floor 2018 photo styles of the newest

The dress on the floor adds to the lady of attractiveness, sexuality, femininity and mystery. Secondly, a long sundress hides the flaws of the figure. Thirdly, the sundress on the floor is versatile and practical, as it sits perfectly for girls and women of all ages and complexes. It is safe to assume that in the wardrobe of every fashion lady, there is at least one long sundress. The combination of nude shoulders and length in the floor looks so spectacular and wise that the fashion industry now offers long sundresses for all occasions: both for the exit, for everyday trips to work and evening walks along the city streets or on the beach.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties As a rule, as a material for tailoring long summer sundresses, light wavy fabrics are used, for example, silk, chiffon, thin cotton, etc. Variants of styles are numerous. But the most common ones are models with an inflated waist, which runs underneath the chest line, and a wide swirling skirt. The popularity of this model is conditioned, first of all, by versatility, since such a dress does emphasize the neckline, while concealing the extra roundness in the lower part of the body.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties

Chiffon sundresses summer 2018 fashion photos novelties

Chiffon - a unique material, often used in dresses from couture, at weddings and other holidays. Especially popular su is the chiffon - an incredibly feminine and sophisticated look of clothing. Now the dress from this material is relevant not only among the stars, but also among ordinary people. Chiffon is incredibly thin and airy, it is best suited for the summer period. Try and try on a new trend - an airy and gentle outfit. This is a must-have for the past seasons! Presented in catalogs of fashion stores, suits of sundresses from chiffon are very diverse. Chiffon is ideal for experiments, it is perfectly combined with different types of materials. That is why the fabric fits perfectly under any image and style.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties On podiums, the beauty is happy to wear chiffon dresses in combination with knitwear, fur, rucksacks and organza. Particularly relevant forms of pleated chiffon. The fashion is so diverse that every girl will find a suitable option for herself. The photo shows that the actual short, long, medium length and very short variations of summer dresses. Do not worry about chiffon transparent material. The dress may have several layers of clothing, as well as combined parts. Shades can be the most diverse. Summer dresses of the same color look more modest and restrained. An open silhouette, a transparent form, a rush and cuts will add to your image more sexuality. In this case, inattentive will create one color.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties

Stylish summer sundresses 2018 photo novelties

One of the fashion trends of summer clothes of the new year is lace. The abundance of openwork is emphasized not only by romanticism and lightness, but also by the summer mood when one wants to enjoy a long-awaited vacation. Therefore, in addition to dresses decorated with lace, many models are made entirely of this sophisticated and delicate material. Very interesting were the models that were made in "underwear style. These are sundresses from the finest, almost immense chiffon or hypochio, which are decorated with a contrasting lace.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties This outfit is so interesting and sexy that it is quite capable of fulfilling the role of a cocktail dress at a summer party or celebration. Another sign of fashionable sundresses is a lot of lacquer. Perfectly and fashionably, models will look like from several layers of fabric of the same color, and from the fabric of contrasting colors. A successful combination will be monochrome and print fabrics. And also interesting models of sarafans-cases made of translucent organza or silk sewn several tiers of different lengths. And on top of perfection are recognized on the shows various Maxi-sundresses.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties For example, American-made sundresses, fitted with silhouette A, with an overclocked waistline, with long cuts that open your beautiful, neat leg. Or the variant is bulging, which hides the shape of the figure. On such models a print looks very beautiful, which from the small floral pattern at the top gradually turns into large and bright flowers to the hem. Also very relevant combination of the picture on the part of the dress and brilliant monotonous silk of noble colors: white, black, emerald and others. Very varied color range.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties And the traditional shades of pastel tones also remain relevant. But they share a podium with a variety of vivid color schemes. It is lemon, and metallic gray, and candy-pink and orange, and piercing blue. And romantic bouquets, scattered around the fabric, adhere to bright watercolor patterns that are reminiscent or orderly, or chaotic, slightly blurred colored spots. Summer is a great time. Let it be bright and memorable, and a large number of models, styles, color solutions for sarafans will help you with this!

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties

Fashionable summer images with a sarafan 2018 photo

Summer sundresses are divided into several directions - long, approximately from the middle of the legs and below, and various models to the knees and slightly lower or higher, in short, variations of copper-length. Short sarafans for the summer too, they are less, but they are insanely popular in the youth environment, so if you belong to this category of girls, then be sure to consider this option. A long su is not so simple, with certain tricks, it can become the basis and evening image. For this, you need sophisticated sandals on a thin heel, blackberries, clutch and( in some cases) belt. Ornaments too should be replaced by more "elegant", shiny or vice versa restrained and laconic.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties

White Sarafan forms a stylish duo with a denim jacket or cappuccino. Wicker things are very suitable for him: handbags, hats, ornaments. From the shoes we again recommend the neat sandals of brown, beige, coral, black. But some sundresses( simple in style, length above the knee) will fit and white suede, espadrillas and blinds. A very interesting onion comes from a lace white sundress, jeans and rough boots or semi-browns of brown. We also recommend combining white sundress and birkenbags, as well as sandwiches on a tanket.

Trendy sundresses spring summer 2018 photo styles of novelties