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Heparin Candles for Hemorrhoids: Instructions and Rules for Use

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Heparin Candles for Hemorrhoids: Instructions and Rules for Use

In the event of a disease such as hemorrhoids, prescribed treatment with special candles and ointments. They help to heal wounds and improve blood circulation. Sufficiently

are heparin candles for hemorrhoids. It's important to use them correctly to get the maximum effect.

How does heparin act

Heparin is a substance that is a natural anticoagulant. It can promote hemorrhage, so if you have such hemorrhoids, you should not use it. In this case, the active components of heparin contribute to reducing the adhesion of blood cells and the permeability of the walls of the vessels. Due to him, the following actions are observed:

  • improves blood flow in vessels;
  • relieves swelling and pain;
  • reduces inflammation.

Heparin Candles for Hemorrhoids: Instructions and Rules for Use

Often, candles with heparin are often prescribed as a treatment for thrombosis of hemorrhoids. The drug can be produced in the form of candles and ointments. Both in the first and in the second case, the substance heparin quickly penetrates into the tissue and promotes rapid healing and regeneration.

Due to the fact that the drug is non-toxic, it does not have any contraindications and is suitable for almost all. In the case of individual intolerance, the component of the drug should be discarded, as its use can cause itching, burning, rash and irritation.

Treatment for

Hemorrhoids There are the most popular heparin candles with hemorrhoids, famous for its effectiveness. These include the following:

  • Nigpean. Rectal suppositories, in addition to heparin, contain benzocaine, which relieves pain, as well as monoglycerides, vitepsol and water. Thanks to these candles there is rapid healing of the affected tissues, and blood circulation of blood vessels improves. Already after the first use, there is a positive result. The course of treatment lasts for an average of 10-14 days.
  • Hepazolon. In addition to heparin, contains prednisolone and lidocaine. Thanks to these components, the inflammation is removed quickly, eliminates the pain and puffiness passes. Due to the blockage of sodium channels, pain impulses are not transmitted, and a person feels relief. These rectal suppositories are used to treat internal and external hemorrhoids. In this case, for the treatment of the external manifestation of the disease, these candles can not be inserted completely into the anus, but only half. The average course of treatment takes 7 days.
  • Gepatrombin R. This drug contains prednisolone, heparin and lauromacrogol. Due to such a set of components, in addition to healing of cracks, reduction of swelling and removal of unpleasant symptoms of the disease, there is a sclerosis of the walls of the vessels. Over time, they decrease in size. Use a remedy for various types of inflammation of the hemorrhoidal within one week. Numerous positive reviews indicate that this tool is effective and high-quality.
  • How to use

    In order for rectal suppositories to operate to the fullest extent, follow the recommendations that contain the instructions for use. Before conducting the procedure for the introduction of a candle, you need to visit the toilet and try to maximize the empty bowel. After this - to wash off or take a shower. In order for the hemorrhoids process to take place faster, an integrated approach is required. To do this, you can take a twenty-minute seated bath with herbs, and then introduce a rectal suppository. To do this, you need:

  • Release the candle from the packaging.
  • Stand slightly to bend and carefully insert the suppository finger into the sphincter. You can put the suppository on the side. This will prevent further leakage of funds.
  • So that the suppository does not melt quickly in your hands, you can pre-cool your hands while holding something cold.
  • During the introduction, you have to relax somewhat to make it easier to enter the candle. If desired, it can be dipped in oil of sea buckthorn or lubricated with vaseline. Although they often melt slightly, and this problem disappears.
  • Once the rectal suppository has been introduced, at least an hour should be allowed for the device to be worn as much as possible and not expelled. During this time, you may want to quit, but this demand should be restrained. It is optimal to carry out a similar procedure before bedtime.

    Heparin Candles for Hemorrhoids: Instructions and Rules for Use


    There are plenty of reviews that can be heard on how effective heparin candles are. Thanks to them, the inflammatory process stops very quickly, and regeneration of the affected tissues occurs.

    Anesthetics, which are part of some candles, allow to quickly and effectively remove pain and unpleasant sensations, characteristic for hemorrhoids. Heparinic remedies are not recommended for use in the case of bleeding, but in cases of thrombosis and edema, they are simply irreplaceable. On average, the course of treatment with such rectal suppositories takes 1 to 2 weeks. It all depends on the complexity and neglect of the disease. Before using the medication, you must consult a specialist who will determine the required number of treatment days.

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