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How to squat with a rod - the technique of exercise

How to squat a bench exercise technique

Squatting with a bar - is one of the basic exercises of the in the program for each girl. It is squeezing shapes beautiful skid muscles and save us from cellulite. Squats with a bar are effective twice, the main thing - to do them correctly!

Many girls try to avoid

force exercises( and squatting with the bar is power), because they are afraid of "transferring" muscles and becoming like a professional female bodybuilder. We hurry to calm everyone: squatting with a rod will only benefit the , the buttocks will be very beautiful and sturdy, but to transfer the fillet, you need to make a tremendous effort. In addition, without a sportsman here can not do. Therefore, we boldly take the barbell, and first we try to understand how to do everything right.

Content of the article:

  • 1 What muscles are processed?
  • 2 Learn to squat correctly
  • 3 How to squat?
  • 4 Video: how to squat correctly with a rod
  • 5 A bit of motivation:

What muscles are processed?

Squats with bars are useful for a large group of muscles of the , as well as for joints:

  • middle and most of the axillary muscles of the
  • legs: quadriceps and thighs
  • straight and oblique muscle of the stomach

How to squat a bench exercise technique

We learn to squeeze the

correctly In order toTo perform this exercise, it is not necessary to buy a subscription to the fitness center, it is enough to buy the sporting goods store and the pancakes of the appropriate weight and make the squat at home. But first you need to train the pose and technique. You can use a blank vulture or some sort of stick for this.

  • put the neck on the shoulders, the legs on the shoulder width of the
  • hold back straight, watch the need only to advance the
  • , start squatting so that the bowl is retracted, and the tips of the toes and the knees were on one of the imaginary vertical lines of the
  • during the sting of the foot should be tighton the floor, without tearing off the
  • , the knees should diverge in different directions, rather than approach the
  • ideal squat: the angle between the upper leg and the calf - slightly less than 90 degrees
  • How to squat a bench exercise technique

    How much to squat?

    Perhaps, no sports girl can imagine any day without squatting with a barbell. But do you have to start with something? If you are already far from the fitness world, we recommend starting with 10-15 times , increasing daily by 5( 2-3 approaches can be done).For a more advanced level, the following scheme applies:
    How to squat a bench exercise technique

    Video: how to squat correctly with a rod

    A bit of motivation:

    How to squat a bench exercise technique