Migraine During Pregnancy: Causes, Major Symptoms And Treatment

In today's article you will find out why migraines appear during pregnancy, as causes contribute to this, consider the symptoms of approaching migraine, which is an irritant, what to do in this difficult period and what tools can be taken.

Migraine During Pregnancy: Causes, Major Symptoms And Treatment

The onset of migraine attacks

is not always up to date. If you face this problem for the first time and know the causes of the attack, you can cope with the attack for a certain time. The easiest solution is to take the pill and relieve pain.


  • Causes of migraine attacks in pregnant
  • How to behave during pregnancy?
  • What can you do to relieve an attack?
  • Summing up

Causes of migraine attacks in pregnant

But there are moments in a woman's life when taking pills is not easy to get unwanted or even forbidden. Pregnancy and breastfeeding is very responsible in every woman's life. All substances that enter the body of the mother entering the body of the child.

Migraine during pregnancy is one of the serious problems in the process of bearing a child. During pregnancy, migraine attacks can occur more often and in a more severe form. The reason for this is the change in the hormonal background. During this period, the content of progesterone and estrogen increases, and the amount of these hormones affects the functioning of the vessels.

Sharp narrowing and dilatation of blood vessels imprints the blood pressure. The work of the nervous and cardiovascular system changes. In pregnancy, there is a change in diet.

In later terms, the load on the spine increases and the posture changes. Pregnant women are more sensitive to changes in weather conditions. All these causes can affect the frequency of migraine attacks.

Experts say that migraine attacks are of a different nature. Women who did not suffer from migraine headaches can begin to suffer from headache during pregnancy.

Such attacks cause:

  • craniocerebral trauma;
  • violation of vessel functioning;
  • Infectious Diseases:
  • Pressure Drops;
  • tumors and hematomas;
  • alcohol, narcotic substances, a sharp abandonment of which can provoke a state of stress and, as a result, an attack on the headache;
  • chronic diseases of any organ;
  • a sharp increase in body weight and fatty deposits;
  • of various pathologies;
  • various neuralgic diseases;
  • voltage, stress, fatigue.

These factors may be present during pregnancy and affect its course. Migraine attacks during pregnancy have all the usual symptoms, namely:

  • pain in one part of the head;
  • sensation of ripple;
  • pain sensations are long lasting.

In such manifestations, the work of many systems of the body can be broken. There is a feeling of nervousness, irritability. Reduces performance, sleep and appetite may be disturbed. If you notice such symptoms you can contact a psychologist. It will help you correct your behavior at this stage.

There are migraine attacks that are associated with the presence of certain stimuli or their complexes. Migraine attacks with aura can be warned. When detecting a certain stimulus, try to avoid its impact. Then the attacks will be short-lived, and maybe, in general, not to attack.

Factors that can be irritating:

  • bright light;
  • loud sound;
  • specific odor.

At such moments, nausea and dizziness may appear. First of all, stop the trigger's impact and the attack will retreat. During pregnancy, the opposite effect may occur. Women who suffer from migraine attacks before pregnancy get rid of them.

This occurs in the event that migraine pain has been adversely affected during the menstrual cycle. Since during the period of bearing a child he is absent, and the side effects disappear. There are cases that migraine attacks come on the last terms or after birth.

How to behave during pregnancy?

For any manifestations during pregnancy and at the first time after, you must tell your doctor. It is possible to undergo a medical examination in order to find out the causes of migraine attacks.

During pregnancy it is necessary to avoid over-tension and overwork. A stale state of the body can cause various disorders during and during pregnancy.

Pregnant must remember:

  • follow the day mode;
  • adhere to the proper diet;
  • do not take medications without a doctor's appointment;
  • do not take alcohol and narcotic substances.

In case of severe attacks of migraine headaches, urgent medical attention should be sought. They can occur as a result of pathology or cerebral hemorrhage. Such situations can arise when taking drugs, in particular cocaine, during pregnancy.

Of course, the causes may be completely different, for example, in the event of a thrombus, infections of the brain. Such complications may end with premature abortion or the risk of pregnancy for the baby and the baby. Such cases have not been recorded in medicine very much.

During the entire pregnancy, you need to be very careful about any changes in the body's activities, for timely action.

Pregnant women need:

  • to sleep at least six, eight hours a day;
  • to walk in the fresh air for at least two to three hours;
  • drink up to two liters of water per day, it helps eliminate toxic substances from the body;
  • in the diet should include as much as possible vegetables and fruits, sour-milk products;
  • do not consume preservatives and nutritional supplements;
  • chocolate, nuts, alcohol, cheese and sausages, strong tea and coffee to be eliminated from the diet;
  • take food often and slowly;
  • Avoid stress situations.

You can not tolerate pain, you need to take measures, preferably with the participation of a doctor. The room in which you are staying for a long time and sleeping must be ventilated.

What can be done to remove an attack?

Migraine During Pregnancy: Causes, Major Symptoms And Treatment Ways to fight migraine attacks a few. For pregnant women it is better to use without medication. Need to learn breathing gymnastics. For women who are waiting for a child, this can be useful and during childbirth.

At the onset of an attack, take a comfortable pose, slip in the chair, close your eyes and do breathing exercises. Oxygen will begin to flow into the bloodstream, the blood circulation will generally improve and the pain may retreat.

In this situation, head massage and certain points on the body will help relieve pain. Massage of the temporal or frontal part, massage of the whole head or neck. This massage can be performed on your own. You can lie down or sit in an armchair.

Treatment of attacks, possibly with phytotherapy and folk remedies. But then you need a doctor's advice. Admission of pills in this period is undesirable. After consultation with a specialist, you can try the drug "No-Shpa".He will take off the headache for half an hour.

The usual ways to treat migraine attacks are unacceptable during pregnancy. The formation of organs of a future baby occurs in the first months of pregnancy, and drugs can cause irreparable harm and even pathological illness of a future child.

If a headache attack has come to try to rest, lie down. Turn off the TV or computer. Stay in complete silence. A sleepy sleep will help you cope with pain. You can apply a set of activities.

If a migraine attack, accompanied by severe pain, is possible to use medicines containing magnesium. Doctors can prescribe "Paracetomol", "Acetaminophen" in a very small dosage. It is possible to use "Panadol", "Epheralgan".

Prohibited for use in the group of analgesics. The content of magnesium in the blood, can be maintained with food. Enter in your diet rice bran, coriander, sage, basil, dark chocolate, cabbage, spinach, cereals, beans, lentils or avocados. Magnesium will begin to enter the body regularly, and this can help relieve migraine attacks. The use of such products in your diet is recommended not only for pregnant women.

Use a headband when attacked. You can pre-moisten your head with warm water and tie it with a towel or put a hat. If the pain concentrates in the neck, you can apply cold compress. Ice is better not to use. Simply soak in a cold water towel.

When the cause of a migraine attack is to drink sweet tea or coffee, the drinks should be strong enough. With increasing pressure you can drink herbal teas. For this purpose, actively use mint, chamomile or hipschina, karkade or ginger, dew or mountain ash.

Lemon has a very beneficial effect on the magnesium content in the body and relaxes the blood vessels. If you do not suffer from gastric ulcer or gastritis, lemon can be useful to you. With high acidity, eat it in moderate amounts.

Modern medicine is widely used in homeopathy, acupuncture and aromatherapy. After consultation with your doctor, it is possible to use these methods during pregnancy. Before using at least one of them, be sure to measure blood pressure.


Pregnancy - A fairly difficult period in the life of any woman. He confuses certain difficulties and surprises. In this position, a woman must show increased attention to her health. Her behavior and way of life imprinted on the health of her future baby. Migraine during pregnancy has a great influence on the psycho-emotional state of the expectant mother.

It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication and to follow recommendations not agreed with the physician. The problem of migraine attacks has a certain discomfort in the psychological state of pregnant women. During this period, all pain is perceived acutely. The psychological state plays an important role in the course of pregnancy.

Any medicinal products commonly found in normal life become inadmissible during the period of baby's feeding. To this you need to get used to and accept that your life has acquired a new style and rhythm.

The mode of the day should be thought out so that there is time for rest and doing useful things. During pregnancy you may experience feelings that you have not known before. No need to be scared. It is necessary to find out their reasons and learn how to overcome all the difficulties.

Migraine is a serious problem, but many people have learned to prevent and relieve migraine attacks. During pregnancy, this problem can become an unpleasant attribute or a sign of serious complications. So do not be discouraged by its diagnosis and the detection of real causes.

All the unpleasant feelings experienced during pregnancy will be quickly forgotten, and your child will constantly be delivering a large number of positive emotions.