Disease Of The Skin

Zade - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, photo

Angouleth is commonly referred to as the hangman. This is a fairly common disease that affects the skin in the corners of your mouth. Appear prognosis can be at any age, most often the disease manifests itself in the spring.


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Causes of

disease Angulitis - a disease of infectious nature. More often than not, the reason for the formation of an offset is a streptococcal infection, rarely a fungal angulitis caused by the fungi of the candidate family.

Pathogens that lead to the development of angulitis, refer to conditionally pathogenic flora, because they can be present on the skin and mucous absolutely healthy people. They come in the presence of provocative factors.

So, the development of streptococcal zade contributes to: Closed causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, photo

  • Microtrauma, including cracks caused by excessive dryness of the skin.
  • Skin contamination.
  • Overcooling or, conversely, overcooling.
  • It's a bad habit to lick or lick your lips.
  • Uncorrected caries.
  • Poorly selected braces or dentures.
  • Insufficient care of the oral cavity.

Candide osteoids, as a rule, arise against a background of candidiasis stomatitis, heylitis, candidiasis of the red lumbar lobe. The main provocative factor for the development of candidiasis angulitis is the reduction of immunity, as well as the administration of antibiotics.

The cause of recurrence is often avitaminosis, especially the inadequate intake of vitamins of the group B. It is possible to induce the appearance of angulitis, iron deficiency anemia, and also diseases of the organs of the GASTROINTESTINAL-intestinal tract.

Frequent recurrences are observed in patients with diabetes mellitus, since they have a reduced resistance to various infections.

Clinical picture of

Symptoms depend on the form of the disease.

Closed causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, photo Streptococcal angulitis is more common in children. At the beginning of the disease, bubbles with a thin tire appear in the corners of the patient's mouth. A few days later, the bubbles burst, and in their place remains erosion in the form of cracks in the skin. The crack is covered with brown bloody crust, with the separation of which you can observe a moist surface that bleeds with a crack in the middle. When opening your mouth during conversation or while eating angulitis patients experience pain in the places of erosion.

Candidiasis is characterized by the appearance in the corners of the lips of red spots surrounded by "fringe" from epithelial cells. Sometimes the surface of the damaged skin is covered with light, easily removed by the bite. A characteristic symptom of a fungal variety of angulitis is the absence of cracks and morning.

Angulitis often takes a chronic course and is manifested by frequent relapses.

Diagnostic Methods

In diagnosing angulitis, it is important not only to record clinical manifestations, but also to correctly identify the pathogen. For this purpose laboratory researches are assigned.

  • To exclude the fungal nature of angulitis, take offspring from the skin surface. During the microscopic analysis, the presence or absence of yeast fungi is detected.
  • A general blood test for angulitis patients can confirm or rule out anemia, check the content of sugar, and also the presence of inflammatory process.
  • It is very important to exclude the syphilitic origin of the intestine, since the clinical manifestations of this disease do not differ from the streptococcal angulitis. To exclude the disease syphilis is assigned a complex of serological reactions.
  • Treatment of

    Treatment of zeod is recommended to begin with the appearance of the first symptoms, as the disease can go into chronic form.

    Local and systemic drugs are used to treat the disease. At the fungal nature of angulitis antimycotic agents are used - nystatin, fluconazole, levorin, etc.

    When treating streptococcal disease, antibiotics are used. As a rule, drugs are treated with antibiotics of the penicillin group, cephalosporins, macrolides, fluoroquinolones. Additionally, patients with angulitis are prescribed vitamins B2, PP.

    Creams or ointments with antifungal or antibacterial components are selected for local treatment. The skin around the scrub should be wiped off with fucorcinol or another antiseptic solution.

    Treatment of folk methods

    Closed causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, photo In folk medicine, there are many recipes for treating injuries.

    It is important to soften the skin to get rid of zade. Therefore, patients with angulitis are advised to lubricate the skin in the corners of the mouth with a mixture of juice of fresh cucumber and honey. It is possible to use vegetable oils to soften the skin, especially flaxseed oil is especially effective in overshooting.

    You can make warm compresses of green tea for early release of angulitis. To do this, you have to make green tea in bags( you need to choose a variety without flavors), and then use warm bags for compresses on the call.

    A home-made ointment, cooked with a spoon of honey and ten drops of fish oil, is very helpful. In this composition you can add two drops of vitamins A and E. Apply such an ointment on the urethra for the night.

    An effective help with angulite will be given by tea tree oil. You need to drip a few drops of oil on cotton discs and apply to sick places for a minute. The procedure is repeated twice a day. Similarly, at zadeh you can use butter of sea buckthorns.

    Aloe juice or kalanchoe juice should be used for fast recovery. The juice, squeezed from the leaves of plants, should lubricate the skin in the affected areas. From aloe can prepare a healing infusion for treatment of zad. To do this, take three fleshy leaves, wrap them in a film and put them on the lower shelf of the fridge. Then cut into small pieces and pour in with two glasses of boiling water. Stand up to cool and strain. Use fluid to lubricate zaed several times a day.

    General recommendations for patients with

    For successful treatment, it is necessary to eliminate, first of all, external influences that have a negative effect on the skin. Patients with angulitis are advised:

    • to quit smoking.
    • At zadas it is necessary to review the diet, removing sharp and sour foods from the diet. But products rich in iron and vitamins of group B should be present in the menu of angulitis patients. Among these products are liver, grenades, apples, dairy products, cabbage of various varieties, peanuts, and almonds.
    • Try not to lick your lips.
    • In order to soften the skin during overs, it is recommended to use medical cosmetics - hygienic lipstick or lip balm with vitamins and softening skin components.

    Forecast and prevention of

    Prevention of angulitis consists of the following measures:

  • To prevent the formation of zeeds, careful observance of the hygienic rules for the care of the body. Including regular visits to the dentist for preventive examinations and treatment.
  • To avoid recurrence of angulitis, you should try to vitaminize your diet. In the winter-spring period take complex vitamins.
  • To soften the skin and prevent intercourse, when you go outdoors you should use vaseline or hygienic lipstick.