DIY what is it

In this material, I will outline in detail what is DIY , describe the history of the term and its features, and also list some DIY examples related to the world of technology and IT.

DIY what is it

What it is DIY

Many of us have the engineering thread and love to crawl something new and useful with

using hand-held parts and tools. These can be any items of everyday life, various electronic devices, clothing items and so on. It turns out that all this creative desire for improvement and innovation has a completely official name, known abroad as DIY( abbreviation of "Do It Yourself" - "do it yourself").

Table of Contents

  • 1 DIY Movement What is
  • 2 What is DIY in technology and IT( + examples)
  • 3 Example 1. Bluetooth speakers
  • 4 Example 2. DIY headphones from
  • sleeves 5. Example 3. Stand for notebook
  • 6 Example 4. What is DIY Accumulator for iPhone
  • 7 Example 5. Computer Mouse
  • 8 Conclusion

DIY Movement What is

As such, this DIY movement arose in the middle of the last century. At first, it meant independent work on the home, including various types of household repairs, furniture and so on. Since 1980, the movement has become an independent subculture, with its special style, slang and a circle of supporters.

  • Music "self-taught culture" has gained popularity( a lot of little-known artists worked in punk rock, indie rock, alternative music, etc.).
  • Samizdat spread in the literature( it was especially popular on the territory of the former USSR, where writers-dissidents were published).
  • In the arts, films, clips, serials( mostly art house) were mass-produced.
  • Unique games were released in the gaming industry.
  • And tailor-lovers created special clothes and so on.

DIY what is it

I love DIY

The market could not help but react to the prevalence and mass of DIY.Even in the days of the planned economy in the USSR, all learned that it is DIY.There were also popular "Do It Yourself" stores, where many different parts and components were sold, and informational support to enthusiasts was provided by such popular at that time editions as "Young technician", "Technique of youth", "Skill hands", "Radio" and others.

Then, in the early 90's, specialized trading networks that serve the needs of DIY fans began to appear in Russia, and nowadays, due to the stagnation in the economy and the reduction of purchasing power of the population, the DIY market is rapidly developing, according to experts' estimatesgrowth is about 10% a year.

What is DIY in technology and IT( + examples)

Subculture DIY is widely represented in the IT field. In addition to the lovers of self-assembling computers( from mastodons of the level Spectrum, Amiga, Atari, etc. to more modern Apple Macintosh), there is a whole army of amateur programmers who write different kinds of programs( from office, to gaming).Technicians and amateurs collecting a variety of unique computer devices, mobile phones and mp3 players, readers and so on do not lag behind. Almost every direction is represented by DIY lovers who work, at times, only on the potential of their own enthusiasm.

After we learned DIY, what is it, I'll give the absolutely fresh examples of DIY , created by new generations that are more active and attentive to innovation.

Example 1. Bluetooth Speakers

With minimal cost and hands-on hands you will receive speakers that can give a very loud and high-quality sound, and they are very compact and free to fit into your pocket. This is a great example for DIY enthusiasts and audiophiles.

DIY what is it

Bluetooth speakers Required materials:

DIY what is it

Required materials for DIY speakers

The cost of the project will be 10-15 dollars, and the result will be the presence of speakers with good sound quality.

How they look in action can be viewed on the video:

About the technique of creating columns here.

Example 2. DIY Headphones

One more fine example of DIY engineering thinking. According to developers, they give excellent sound quality and are not expensive at all.

DIY what is it

DIY Earbuds Headset is shown on video:

Example 3.

Notebook Stand Many fans of aesthetics and amenities like this laptop stand:

DIY what is it

Notebook PC

This is convenient and aesthetically pleasing, and as usual in DIYthere is a minimum financial cost.

The sequence of actions and the list of required components are described in the video:

Example 4. What is a DIY battery for the iPhone

The battery capacity of this device is 2800 mah, which is enough for a couple of charging.

DIY what is it

External Accumulator for iPhone

The sequence of actions to create it here.

Example 5. Computer mouse

In the process of creating a DIY work, a case with a computer mouse, which contains the minimum electronics, is used. The robot rides along the surface, and when collision with the obstacle is able to unfold and go further.

DIY what is it

"Do It Yourself" robot from a computer mouse


The presence of a light head and skilled hands gives craftsmen the ability to create unique innovative products in various spheres of human life. In the field of information technology, the subculture DIY manifests itself as a hardware and software environment, creating unique devices, technologies, service and gaming applications. If you did not try yourself in this area and did not know to date what it is like DIY then maybe it is time to try yourself in it, and who knows - maybe you will be able to create something completely new and unique.