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The elegance and durability of glass furniture for the bathroom

Glass bathroom furniture has gained enormous popularity recently. Such a respectful attitude to transparent surfaces is not accidental. Firstly, more and more designers embody the style of high-tech, which involves the use of glass, plastic and metal. Secondly, the glass, due to

's transparency, is not capable of cluttering the space, which is becoming more and more relevant in small rooms in the bathrooms, leading to the leaders and allowing wood, plastics and other materials to be left far behind.

The elegance and durability of glass furniture for the bathroom

It is widely believed that glass furniture does not have sufficient security and strength to be used in the bathroom. This view is erroneous, because at the stage of production, the material is endowed with such strength and thickness, which allows it to compete with plastic. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that glass furniture in the bathroom - is a symbiosis of capacity, ergonomics, unusual lightness and ease.

Features of furniture glass

Regardless of style, whether it is retro, country or modern, bathroom furniture should have a number of performance characteristics. Glass in the manufacture is subjected to quenching, through which it acquires a safety margin. Glass objects are not afraid of contact with moisture and elevated temperatures. Material is environmentally friendly, does not isolate compounds that are harmful to human health.

Bathroom glass furniture, thanks to modern technology, is made of transparent, matte or tinted glass. This approach makes it possible to use it extensively for country-style or retro design, combined with the treatment of walls under a brickwork or a tree.

If you want to get positive energy from the bathroom at the head of the choice, it's worth paying attention to the bright shades of colored glass. The latest technology offers a unique material - glass with variable transparency. Electric light makes such furniture transparent, and natural light is matte.

Bathroom Glass: Modern Offers

Not long ago, only glass shelves fell into the category of glass furniture, today the segment offers sinks and baths, bedside tables and pencil cases, curtains and screens. Glass washbasins, despite their belonging to the sanitary attributes, play an important role in the formation of the interior. Thanks to the elegant and sophisticated glass doors, the cabinets can be presented with the ease of a small room. All of the above elements, skillfully combined, allow you to get a functional, attractive and modern bathroom. Glass has found its place not only in the style of modern, in the country style and retro, in a skillful combination with wood and textiles are no less attractive designs.

Glass sinks

A badly selected sink is capable of making disharmony in the appearance of the room, breaking the unity of the design composition and the principles inherent in one or another style. When choosing glass furniture for a bathroom, it is necessary to take into account its functionality and technical connection with the system of sewage and water supply. Before choosing one or the other option, pay attention to the place of fastening the mixer. If mounting on the wall is foreseen, there will be enough shells with an aperture for a siphon, but if on a sink, special holes are required that provide protection against overflow of water.

The elegance and durability of glass furniture for the bathroom

In retro style designers recommend the use of polished glass furniture decorated with decorative nibs, on the outside, such shells have many similarities with crystal dishes.

Suitable for country style will be matt glass furniture, in this case the wood in the interior emphasizes lightness and will emphasize the naturalness of the materials. Extending the frame of the country style can be achieved by installing a bowl in the form of a flower. If you are a supporter of modern design trends, choose a shell of a clear geometric shape, which is well combined with chrome mixers.

A combination of a bathroom with glass

Bath is the main element of the room for bath procedures. Most often they are made of acrylic or cast iron. The widespread distribution of glass furniture was also reflected in the production of bathtubs. Such popularity is not accidental, it is known from the school's physics course that the glass keeps warm for a long time, heats up quickly and does not conduct electric current. In such a bathroom it is possible to enjoy hot water much longer. Glass furniture will not turn the bathroom into a steam room at high temperatures. The above list has forced manufacturers of bathtubs and shower booths to ponder the manufacture of glass constructions.

The elegance and durability of glass furniture for the bathroom

A glassy home made of skeptics is amazed, as the usual understanding of glass is not associated with strength and security. In the manufacture of furniture, glass is used with high impact strength indicators, which can withstand very large mechanical loads and influences.

The bath can be completely or partially composed of glass. If the preference is given to the design with a hydromassage, the integral capacity will not be obtained. This should also be taken into account, combining aesthetics and functionality. The bathtub occupies little space, but does not lose its functionality. A wood trim allows you to use this model if the bathroom is made in a country style.

Combined material models allow you to install baths with wooden, metal or marble faces and glass fronts. Often, in the skilled hands of the designer find a place of a container with a plastic or metal bottom and glass sidewalls.

As a remarkable and extremely attractive element, glass baths are installed in the center of the room on the podium, which sets out a number of requirements for the area of ​​the room. To get the unity of style and design bathroom furniture should be in harmony with the glass bathroom.

Bathroom furniture:

operating and maintenance rules In most cases, care is taken for ordinary glass. It is much more difficult to retain the attractive appearance of matte, patterned and relief glass, stained glass and furniture with decorative elements( fusion, crystals Swarovski).

Glass furniture with artistic glass can be cleaned in a dry or wet manner. For daily maintenance of attractive appearance, it's a fairly dry cleaning, which is realized through the use of dry antistatic napkin, lint-free cotton fabric or microfiber napkins.

For damp cleaning use cold or room temperature water. If chemical agents are foreseen, do not hurry to apply them to the entire surface, especially when a country-style or classical bathroom is made using stained-glass furniture. Paints used in the creation of exclusive furniture may not be able to withstand chemical or abrasive effects.

Effectively and carefully clean the surface with a solution of starch, vinegar or ammonia. To prepare, mix 1 liter of water with 1 tablespoon of starch or 2 tablespoons of vinegar. For a brine, water and alcohol are combined in a proportion of 3: 1.

After removing contaminants, rinse the surface with water and wipe dry, preventing the residues from drying out. The cleaning of small decorative parts is done by optics napkins.