Serial number 43 was not found in the xlive.dll DLL library

Sometimes, when you try to install and run games( GTA 4, Fallout 3, Dirt 2, Batman, etc.) or a graphical application, you may encounter an error message "Serial number 43 not found in the xlive.dll dll library" ,and instead of "43" may be any other digit. This error is related to the

to support the online games related to Games for Windows - Live and is based on the incorrect operation of the xlive.dll library as part of the specified game service.

In this material, I will introduce readers to the causes of this error, describe, when running any programs there is an error under serial number 43, and also tell how to fix the error 43 in the DLL library xlive.dll.

Serial number 43 was not found in the xlive.dll DLL library

Illustration of Error - "Serial Number 43 Not Found in DLL Library xlive.dll"

Table of Contents

  • 1 Why Error "Serial Number 43 Not Found in DLL Library xlive.dll"
  • 2 Fix Error 43 in dlix library xlive.dll
  • 3 Fix the error in other ways
  • 4 Conclusion

Why is the error "Serial number 43 not found in the dlix library xlive.dll"

For many years, Microsoft developers improve and optimize the Windows operating system, seeking to improve the quality and reliability of its operation. One of the tools for improving the OS is the use of a variety of dll libraries that can reduce the burden on the processor, speed up memory, improve the service of peripherals, and so on.

Serial number 43 was not found in the xlive.dll DLL library

Games Services for Windows Live

The error we are considering is related to the operation of the xlive.dll library, which is an integral part of the Games for . Windows Live is a free online game service that allows users to play with each other to communicate.in chat, buy different games, show game records. Installing and running games from Games for Windows - Live is impossible without the presence of xlive.dll in the system library, in the absence, damage or outdated version of which there is an error "serial number 43 not found in the xlive.dll dll library".When launching games, there can also be sequence numbers 29, 42, 5365, 5367, 5377, etc., also the error file indicates the path to the file( usually c: WindowsSystem32xlive.dll).

Serial number 43 was not found in the xlive.dll DLL library

Error with serial number 5367

The described problem occurs when starting the popular game programs: Batman Arkham City, Bioshock 2, DIRT 2, DIRT3, GTA IV, Fallout 3, Flatout Mostwanted, Lost Planet, Resident Evil, Throne, Warhammer, etc. Moreover, in some cases, it may also occur when running the Windows operating system itself, preventing its normal operation.

Fix Error 43 in xlive.dll dll library

To fix the problem of not having the serial number 43 in the xlive.dll DLL library, you need to download the latest version of Games for Windows - Live from the official Microsoft website www.microsoft.com/en-us /download/ details.aspx? id = 5549.

This collection of Games for Windows includes the library we need for xlive.dll after installing this program, everything should work correctly.

Serial number 43 was not found in the xlive.dll DLL library

Download Games for Windows

How to fix error 43 visually you can watch video:

Before installing the latest version of Games for Windows - Live it is recommended to remove the previous version of this software product. Additionally, if you are starting up with Windows 8, I recommend downloading the file above by clicking on it with the right mouse button - properties - compatibility, set the check box next to "Run the program in compatibility mode" and select "Windows 7".Check the box next to "Run this program as an administrator," click "Ok," and then run the installation file.

Correct the error in other ways

If the xlive failed to fix it. dll by downloading the full package of Games for Windows - Live then I recommend to do the following:

  • check your computer with powerful antivirus software with fresh antivirus databases;
  • use the system recovery tool to rollback the system at the time it worked correctly;
  • reinstall the program, during which I encounter an error;
  • driver update for system components that may be associated with xlive.dll such as a graphics card;
  • if the error of sequence number 43 began to appear after updating any drivers, then roll back the drivers to the previous, working version;
  • run sfc / scannow to verify the integrity of the system files and replace the missing or damaged copy of xlive.dll may also be supported by the System File Checker;
  • , install all possible updates for Windows on your computer. Some service packs and patches update the dll from Microsoft, and xlive.dll can be included in one of these updates;
  • check your RAM and hard disk for performance, it is possible that the error 43 we analyzed is due to the dysfunction of these devices;
  • check the registers using special cleaning programs such as CCleaner;
  • download the missing xlive.dll component and install it at the required address( usually from: WindowsSystem32).I have put this item to be the last one, since in this case there is a high probability of getting into a virus or downloading a file that version will differ from the version of the previously installed client. So if you decide to take a risk, then check the downloaded file with an antivirus, then register it on the system by pressing the Win + R key combination, and in the window write regsvr32 xlive.dll click "Ok" and restart your computer.


Usually the "Serial Number 43 not found in the xlive.dll DLL library" error can usually be fixed by downloading and installing Games for Windows-Live from the official Microsoft site.

If this tip does not help, then you should try other tips mentioned in this article. If nothing at all helped, then you can think about reinstalling the operating system, and also check the hardware part of your computer - maybe problems with it. But usually there is a banal reinstallation of Games for Windows - Live, which solves all the problems with the error 43.