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Small dogs: photo and name of breed, specifics, causes, video

Small dogs: photo and name of breed, specifics, causes, video

Today a lot of miniature dog breeds are known in the world. They are distinguished by a special devotion to the owner, cheerful character and not indifferent to the conditions of detention. Photos of little dogs do not convey their size.

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  • Specificity miniature breeds dogs
  • price range pedigree pet
  • helpful videos on the topic
  • most famous tiny Chihuahua dog breed
  • - subtle beauty to people
  • Yorkshire Terrier - vidtinyatyme sense miniature Dachshund owner
  • - a born hunter
  • lapdog Italian- Infinite love and care
  • Pekingese - Stupid and militant baby
  • Brussels Griffon - strong and faithful friend of
  • Italian Spitz orVolpino Italian - puppet look
  • Falen - pleases with the heaviest tricks
  • Pomeranian Spitz - capable of triggering
  • sensation smile Jack Russell Terrier - Active and cheerful "motor"
  • Bulldog miniature - courage and courage in the body of the crumb
  • Cotonne de Toulo- luxury gourmet wool
  • Chinese crested dog - extravagant appearance
  • Lhasa apso - legacy of Tibetan monasteries
  • Small brabanson - funny face with a gamut of emotions
  • Bichon frieze - endless caressbeauty
  • Maltese swamp - bring home love and tenderness
  • Australian Terrier - ready to play all day
  • Affenpincher - independent and freedom-loving nature of
  • Norwich Terrier - folds tandem with active host
  • Hawaiian Bichon - a charming kid of children
  • Norfolk-terrier - calm - first of all
  • Papillon - fringed eyeballs-butterflies

Although basically all who dream of a pet and excellent companion do not have a large living space. It is precisely for such a case that when a person can not boast of large apartments, little dog dogs will fit the way.

Also, due to the small weight the owner of the crumbs will be very convenient to carry them in his hands or in a bag. In most cases, little dog dogs have a great exterior, so they will be a pleasure for the eyes and an eye outlet. And about prices you can not worry much, their range is so wide that you can pick a pet absolutely anyone, regardless of its level of income.

In this article, we will look at the names, photos of small dogs and the price of babies.

The causes of the emergence of tiny breeds

For a man at all times, the dog benefited greatly for the conservation of pastures, hunting and housing protection. Also, decorative little dogs are always nearby. Which brightened leisure and brought joy not only to the owners, but also their children. Considerable enthusiasm is the work of medieval artists, which depicts charming ladies with charming little cute little dogs. Often, such a small one was considered more expensive than gold and jewels.

Specificity of breeds of miniature dogs

The breeding of decorative breeds of dogs has long pursued certain goals, the desire to fix or allocate a certain exterior boundary that was especially appreciated by animal owners. For pekingese it was important to fasten their faces lion's, and for pills - a wrinkled monkey-like muzzle, causing enthusiasm and emotion. In most cases, the external characteristics of small dogs are deliberately exaggerated, here deliberately fixed dwarf or mutant signs.

Small dogs: photo and name of breed, specifics, causes, video

Selection works were also carried out to consolidate certain qualities of the character so that the pupil's behavior became pleasant and attractive to the owners. Artificially derived breeds, do not show aggression and hunting habits. If it was not possible to smooth out the anger and insubordination with people, then the selection selection failed - behavioral factors were not taken into account. There are no special requirements for smell and endurance. They are not so important for indoor dogs, unlike workers.

The price range of the paternal pupil

If you decide to buy a little dog breed, then you must immediately decide for yourself with his class. Breeders clearly distribute dogs to breeds for home-keeping and for exhibitions, the price category of which is much higher. For the purchase of a pet, enough money will be 25 thousand rubles, but the dog show-class "pull" at least 1000 euros. Older puppys have a high price, because the risk of developing diseases in the growing season decreases.

Small dogs: photo and name of breed, specifics, causes, video

Based on these tips, it will be best to buy an elderly puppy. A big risk will be the purchase of a three-month-old puppy. The high price and excellent pedigree will not guarantee the appearance of defects and diseases as it grows older.

Those who search for a pet without defects, in most cases, are cheated by unscrupulous breeders. The breeder will leave a promising puppy for the show-class, because this animal will serve as an excellent ad for the nursery. One should not even talk about the risk of acquiring a small dog in another region, using only the name of the breed and photo. The joy will last for a short while, and will become a disappointment to the breach of the breed.

Useful Video on the topic

The most famous tiny breeds of dogs

Chihuahua - a charm for sophisticated people

The smallest in the world - the crumble chihuahua. Growth of cuddles at the withers is 15-23 cm, and the weight is often less than 1 kg. It's hard to find a more loyal little friend and companion who is captivating with one's sophisticated look. The breed is in two variants: short-haired and long-haired. Chihuahua is very funny and devoted to its owners, though in some cases the girl is jealous. Very fond of playing with children, only need to be careful so that the guys do not hurt her. For the elderly, it will be a refreshment and a joy.

Yorkshire Terrier - Embrace the feel of the owner of the

Very expensive elite dog always attracts enthusiastic looks. Intelligent look, eye beads, incredibly beautiful, shimmering in the sun's coat. The dog is very mobile and emotional, she is so devoted to the owner, which serves as a reflection of his feelings and thoughts. With an increase of 24 cm and a weight of about 3 kg, she is very courageous and daring. The Yorkshire Terrier loves children and adults for its direct playful character. Such a dog is suitable for active people who adore doing sports and spend a lot of time on the street.

Duty miniature - born hunter

A small hunter reaches a height of 20 cm and weights up to 3 kg. The breed was specially derived for hunting badgers and hares, to freely penetrate into narrow holes. It is impossible, when raising a dog, to behave with her roughly and raise her voice. Only infinite love will help raise a true companion companion from a fat puppy. If it is necessary to punish a taxi, then for a while it simply ignore - it will serve as the most terrible punishment. You can not leave the dog for a long time one, the result will be a long twill and tidy wallpaper. Taxis are suitable for active hosts who like outing for nature and in the park. With the age of correct training dog will turn into a true friend of games and a true companion.

Italian bolon - endless love and care

For this breed of dogs characteristic cheerful character, communicative, smart and devotion to the owner. In addition, wonderful exterior data, do not leave anyone indifferent to such a white curly hair. Just need to give time for regular care of the Italian bloonke, three times a week to thoroughly comb it, to avoid dummies. The growth of the marshmallows is 30 cm, and the weight is 4 kg. To social adaptation you need to start as soon as possible, then the dog will recognize all family members. The girl does not like to be alone, she is always ready to play and have fun in the fresh air. You can not be rude in training, you must be consistent and soft, in time encourage the dog delicious.

Pekingese - Stupid and militant baby


of Pekingese can always be learned with convex eyes, a flat face, a flattened spout and a large head. Growth - 15-25 cm, and weight from 3 to 6 kg. Pekingese distinguishes selfish, strong, proprietary character. The owner must belong to him and nobody else. Therefore, families with young children do not need to start a "little lion", so as not to encounter jealousy and misunderstanding.

Brussels Griffon - Strong and True Friend

Dogs with a height of 26 cm and a weight of up to 4.5 kg have strong limbs and a dense body. At first, they seem simple mongols, but in fact, have long enjoyed the love of those in power. Griffins do not tolerate loneliness, they adore spending time with households and arrange various fun games. Also, a funny dog ​​will not be against other animals, only need to conduct an early socialization.

Small dogs: photo and name of breed, specifics, causes, video

Italian Spitz or Volpino Italian - puppet look

Still Italian legionors adored these fluffy doll dolls. Especially liked to decorate them with jewels and in every way indulge. But the peasants used spits to protect the herds, because the kids have a very rattling bark, which is able to stir the entire district. Baby growth - 30 cm, and weight of 5 kg

Falen - will please the hardest tricks

The roomy baby does not grow more than 28 cm, and its weight is about 2.5 kg. Woolen coat is white with spots of different colors. Dogs are very well adapted to living in an apartment, do not need long walks and loads. Very well trained, and will soon be pampering friends with skillful tricks. Falen is very tidy and almost does not smell, water procedures are enough once a month. He loves to play with children, and children are simply delighted with him.

Pomeranian Spitz - capable of triggering

smile sensation A gentle fluffy creature is a delight to all around, it is at the same time like a funny bear or cunning chanterelle. Pomeranian Spitz - a fun, open, friendly friend, you can take it with you on long trips. Growth from 18 to 22 cm, and weight not more than 3,5 kg. One of the disadvantages of the breed is considered too loud barking, therefore it is necessary from the childhood to pay attention to training.

Jack Russell Terrier - Active and cheerful "motor"

By nature, this funny dog ​​has the most cheerful, cheerful and cheerful character. The name "flying dog" was received through constant jumps on plates, balls and other toys. For those who wish to have such a dog, you need to be prepared for constant active games, training and jogging. True, at home, the child prefer to rest on the couch. Growth from 20 to 30 cm, and weight up to 6 kg.

Miniature Bull Terrier - courage and courage in the body of the crumb

A strong, sturdy body, a miniature bullterrier is a diminished copy of its great brother. Its height is only 35 cm, and weight 15 kg To keep fit very tolerant owners who can devote themselves to the training and upbringing of the pet.

Cotonne de Toulo - luxury exquisite coat

A very good dog with good character, very clever and easily performs the most difficult tricks. Especially beautiful appearance - white wool, similar to cotton threads. The height of the crust is 25-31 cm, and the weight is 5.5-7 kg. The dog is from far Madagascar. And Europe was hit by sailors and pirates who noticed her ability to catch rats and small rodents. The French were lovers of all the sophisticated, admired the charming dog, and thanks to them she became known throughout the world.

Chinese crested dog - extravagant appearance

Dog is different from all breeds in the absence of a coat, there is only a funny bangs on the head and a brush on the tail. Her height - 30 cm, and weight up to 6 kg. Dogs do not show aggression, peace-loving, love to play with children, very sensitive to shouts and punishment. They do not have a characteristic smell. And the molt is almost imperceptible.

Lhasa Apso - Legacy of Tibetan Monasteries

Lhasa apso refers to some of the oldest breeds of dogs that have been brought to Tibet. Such dogs successfully opposed the onslaught of rats and mice. They served as excellent guardians on the territory of the monasteries, warning of the appearance of strangers. It grows to 28 cm and weighs up to 8 kg. Such dogs keep a certain degree of independence, and for coarse behavior can and bite.

Small brabanson - a funny face with a gamut of emotions

Not everyone will immediately like this dog with a monkey face, no mustache and hard hair. But looking at her strange eyes, expressing the whole range of feelings, I want to get acquainted more closely. The growth of brabanson is 25.0 cm, and the weight is about 6 kg.

Frisian frieze - endless passion and beauty

Animal height at the withers from 15 to 30 cm, weight 3-6 kg. A distinctive feature is the snow-white wooly hair, resembling a thick fur coat of the Mongolian goat. Snow-white wool may have a slightly noticeable creamy tinge, and stains are allowed only in puppys. Doll's dog loves communication, but does not impose on the owners. Bishon can not be rude, because he is very vulnerable, but if you show care and attention, always ready to forgive.

Maltese swamp - brings love and tenderness to the house

In the Maltese swamps, it is very ancient, and its roots go to the island of Mljet. The excitement of Maltese is appealing, her fluffy white-skinned wool and dark eyes glowing with love to her master. Dogs are fun and playful, are trained, adore all family members, calmly relate to strangers. It is easy to contain in an apartment at an increase of up to 25 cm and weight up to 4 kg.

Australian Terrier - ready to play all day

Excellent health, excellent benevolent character qualities. The tendency to training turned him into a common pet. He is well not only in the city apartment, but also in the village privilege. Its height is 28 cm and the weight is no more than 6 kg.

Affenpincher - an independent and freedom-loving nature of

An indignant, stubborn, selfish affinpincher reminiscent of devil, possessing extraordinary intelligence and ingenuity. Puppies in the family and get in touch with other animals, although they are afraid of cats. Kids do not grow more than 30 cm, and weight about 5 kg

Norwich Terrier - folds tandem with active host

Norwich is considered to be the smallest among the terriers, its height is 30 cm and the weight is about 6 kg. Strong, enduring, possessing a strong dog's physique. Very active, cautious and friendly.

Hawaiian Bichon - the charming child of children

They have an open and sociable character, ready to endlessly play with children. Look very cute thanks to long coats, smart eyes and lowered ears. They love the owner and are constantly with him. With growth of 22-29 cm weigh only 3,18-5,9 kg

Norfolk Terrier - calm - first of all

Dog has a pleasant temper and is completely devoid of aggression, but in the event of danger, throws at the abuser. The terrier is very smart and calm, attentive and calm, easily contacts with family members and pets. The growth of the dog is 25 cm, and the weight is about 5 kg.

Papillon - fringed ears-butterflies

Papillon - a graceful, elegant, elegant dog. It got its name thanks to fluffy fringed ears. Growing baby - 28 cm, and weight up to 4.5 kg. Has a cheerful, cheerful character, but will never get bored once again. Very gentle and sensitive, loves praise and affection.

Prices and photos of small breeds of dogs can be requested in the nursery.