How to Create a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Playing in Pokemon Go users know how important it is to have a number of Pokerstons. The latter allow you to get pokemon, pokemon eggs and other useful tools for the game, pokemon and a lot of players gather around them; they play an important game of the

function without which it's easy to do. But what to do if you do not have a single one, and no one is the one, but the closest one is tens of kilometers? In this article, I'll briefly tell you what Pokestop is like in Pokemon Go, explain how to create a Pokemon, and give a link to Pokemon Go's general map of pokemon.

How to Create a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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Conclusion What is


According to the definition of the game creator of the Niantic Labs, the Pokestop is a place where players can collect game items - pokeballs, pokemon eggs and tons of other items that help catch, feed, and grow Pokemon.

Since Pokemon Go is an ideological follower of the previous game from Niantic, a popular Ingress, the absolute majority of current Pokerstops in the past( and today) have been and are the Ingress portals. The location of the portals is largely the result of the activities of the Ingress fans, which, in essence, created and "sharpened" themselves the reality of the game. Those Ingrams portals that were not visited for at least one and a half years, usually stopped their work, and the creation of them in pokemon became impossible.

How to Create a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokerstone illustration in the Pokemon's game

Usually, the pokemon is created in any public places - sights, museums, theaters, installations, and so on. On the Pokemon Go game's map, they are marked with a blue icon and when you are in the side, the icon changes shape. By clicking on the icon you will be able to scroll the disk on the screen, get the contents of the poke, then the object icon will change the color to pink, and the pokemon for you will be temporarily unavailable.

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How to make a Pokerstone

Pokemon go in Pokemon do not create just by user's wish. This is done by the company-developer Niantic itself, but you can write to it the request to create the required pokecton.

Please note that for the time being, Niantic has temporarily frozen the ability to submit requests for the creation of new gymos and hoops, and, according to one version, this is due to the lack of Pokemon Go servers for players from Russia. On the sieve game it is said that "at the moment the developer does not accept requests for the creation of new Pokestopov or Gimm," but wishing to create Poketstop in Pokemon it is recommended to visit local parks or other historical monuments of your area. How to Create a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Of course, you can try to get around this obstacle and write to developers by e-mail at [email protected] but note what to write in English, as your Russian developers are likely to not understand and not read.

At the moment on the developer's site there is only a form for removal that interferes with you. It is available here under this link, you need to specify your e-mail, the reason for the appeal and the status of the existing Pokemon( dangerous, is in personal property, etc.), and then click on the "Submit" button.

By the way, there are "figures" who try to write a request for the creation of Pokedstop in a form to remove it. With such unique people you can get acquainted here with the word "removal" in the title of their application, does not in any way disturbs.

If you are mistaken in the game, study the articles to solve them: Do not launch Pokemon go, Failed to detect location and GPS Signal not found.

Testing the Availability of

Creation As of this writing, the written form for creating new Pokemon on the Pokemon go developer site was closed.

  • But you can, as it say, try the fate, and go to the developer's site.
  • Click on "Support", then click on "Submit a request" to the right.
  • Select there Report an issue with a Gym or Pokestop and see if there is a form to create a Pokemon. It happens that impossible is possible.

    How to Create a Pokemon in Pokemon Go


  • Pokerstone Map

    As I have already stated above, poker games Pokemon games are directly related to the portals of the previous game from Niantic called Ingress. You can see the map of Ingress portals by going to the game site here.

    How to Create a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

    Map of

    As you know, since Pokemon has not been officially launched in Russia, you still can not find the Pokesport map for our spaces. You can find a map for the USA and Western European countries with gems and hoops on the same site( the location of Russia and Russia's neighboring abroad is still empty).


    Unfortunately, due to the delayed official release of Pokemon Games in Russia, the developers are in no hurry to fill the gaming locations of the Russian Federation with new gimmicks and hoops, fully relying on the "tested in the battles" baggage of the popular Ingress game. At the same time, nobody interferes with the most active and active users to write to developers on the e-mail, perhaps you will be able to speed up the output of the game for Russian users. They say the water is sharpening the stone.