Wedding bouquet with orchids: how to fold

In the modern world, there are no certain rules for creating a wedding ceremony. Naturally, every judge wants the wedding to be at the highest level, so that the composition of the flowers was original and there are still good pictures of her main event in life. The bride's

flowers at a wedding is a very important element. To create a good composition of them, you need the "right approach" and talent. A set of roses or freesia is not particularly surprising. But for example, a wedding bouquet with orchids, as well as their compositions with flowers of roses and freesia, can be made very delicate and unique.


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  • 2 What colors to combine?
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What do orchids mean?

The magnificence of roses and freesia over time begins to yield to the most delicate flowers, thanks to which the bouquet with orchids adds to the girls the touch and innocence of

So what do orchids mean? Probably, such a question is of interest to every bride, chooses a variant of a wedding bouquet with orchids. They are given only by relatives and relatives. If the bridegroom gave it - it is a symbol of deep feelings. In different countries of the world there is a symbol of this flower. For example, in the East it is a symbol of harmony, in the PRC - a symbol of refinement and female charm, in New Zealand - a legend goes that these are fragments of the rainbow that appeared and quickly disappeared, fell to the ground and broken into small pieces,in the form of these flowers.
Wedding bouquet with orchids: how to fold
Bouquet of orchids will complement the image. And their huge assortment of different varieties and colors - will make a wonderful composition.

Also, each color carries its destination:

  • pink - tenderness, affection and purity;
  • red - is considered a shade of young families, symbolizing love and magical properties;
  • white - wisdom and spirit;
  • blue - spiritual nobility and loyalty;The
  • Tiger is a passion and a strong alliance.

This is a unique beauty of the plant, donated by nature. For each bride the bouquet with orchids only decorates the image. This species originates from East Asia and Central America. There are many of them, many people even grow their orchids at home. Wedding bouquet with orchids: how to fold Many years ago, they were very expensive and far from everyone could afford them. Gardeners, who are engaged in their breeding, still continue to develop and receive new varieties. In turn, florists make chic wedding bouquets with orchids, including using in combination a flower of roses, freesia. Before final selection you can see photo examples or samples of this kind of bouquets.

What colors to combine?

When choosing a wedding bouquet with orchids, it is important to know which colors you can combine and with the ability to address this issue.

If a young girl - the most ideal option for her - white or pale pink shades. For more grown brides, the choice of colors is more. These are saturated shades of red, purple, tiger, blue or coral tones.

The color gamut composition must be mixed very reasonably. For example, from the red and the black will come an absolute nonsense, even mourning! Very good performance of purple and pale pink. If the wedding dress of the bride is classic white or red, a beautiful addition will be a bouquet of white orchids with green inserts. To give the image more tenderness, try making a composition of pink flowers with small butterflies of others, such as the same freesia or roses. Wedding bouquet with orchids: how to fold

If your wedding will be in a youth or avant-garde style, a bouquet of blue orchids will be beautiful. But in this case, the blue elements must be present in your outfit or accessories. If the dress is dark, then the flowers should be dark and saturated, such as burgundy or dark purple.

There is also an interesting fact that for the themed wedding style. A great combination of orchids with different additions in the form of shells, greenery, bamboo, small pebbles, corals, feathers and more.

Why the


When choosing wedding compositions from flowers, the bride is in contemplation for a very long time. Looking at a large number of photos, choose, at last, delicate and beautiful flowers. But why exactly the orchids - there is a question. Wedding bouquet with orchids: how to fold And because of wedding bouquets with orchids, many advantages, for example, among the same roses or freesia:

  • It is very important their symbolism of sophistication and perfection, which are so perfectly combined and complement the image of the bride.
  • These are long flowering plants, despite the fact that they are very fragile. Florists, in turn, have special skills to extend the life of a wedding bouquet. As a result, he will not last for more than one week.
  • They are suitable even for those brides who are allergic to some of the smells, because they almost do not have these flowers.
  • You can make a lot of songs from them, because their choice is simply huge! Using exactly this kind - each bride will be able to say that such a combination of colors has not been anyone!
  • We do ourselves - the composition of the wedding bouquet

    Useful information for brides who choose to decide on their own set of flowers. Provided that when we do ourselves - the composition of a wedding bouquet is very important to think carefully. There are also some recommendations on this issue. Wedding bouquet with orchids: how to fold

    For the creation of scenic compositions, it is best to use a phalaenopsis or dendrobium grade, which is on thin stalks and with lush flowers. With their help, elegant and elegant bouquets will come out. With the "right" combination, purple, tiger and purple colors look very beautiful. The most common light and pastel colors for design are white, delicate pink or cream.

    If the flowers of orchids combine with other colors, you need an original approach. It is worth choosing other flowers with small buds. If it will be buds of roses, the combination will be very beautiful, but to make the composition is very skillful, because these two types of colors - rivals that do not concede to each other their beauty. Wedding bouquet with orchids: how to fold

    Flowers of lilies are not at all suitable for combining with orchids neither their appearance nor odors. It is very beautiful to get the decoration in combination with callas, freesia, hydrangea, chrysanthemums or modest daisies. If the wedding bouquet is elongated, it can be supplemented with leaves of fern or reed. Be sure to take into account the moment that the bouquet should not be very lush if you have a voluminous wedding dress.

    Formations of compositions come out very nicely when they are made structural or dormant, in the form of a basket with a small handle or a classic round shape. Also, you can add their decoration. And then for sure, your bouquet will be unique.

    Video «How to make a wedding bouquet with orchids with your own hands»

    On record, the florist demonstrates the process of forming wedding bouquets.