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Amazon introduced its tv-prefix

Amazon introduced its TV prefix

According to the portal TheVerge, the official presentation of Amazon's multimedia firewall, FireTV, has been officially launched, which could seriously compromise AppleTV and Chromecast.

It is noteworthy that, despite the large number of rumors, the Amazon's prefix is ​​not made in the form of a flash drive.

Developers have preferred a more conservative form factor. The device is made in the form of a small box, which will look great next to the large panel.

New built on a quad core processor( clock speed is not yet specified).The amount of RAM in the novelty is 2 GB.The prefix is ​​equipped with a separate graphic chip. It is worth noting and the unusual remote control. In addition to the standard buttons it has built-in extra microphone that allows you to give the gadget voice commands. According to journalists, the prefix is ​​very responsive to all teams.

With regard to the functionality of the new Amazon console, users can access it with a variety of services, including Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon introduced its TV prefix

But this is not all. In addition to accessing various video content, FireTV can also act as a gaming console. The company has already entered into contracts with major gaming publishers( Disney, Gameloft, EA, Sega, Ubisoft and Double Fine), which have pledged to ship some of their games to FireTV.Incidentally, in addition to the remote control, complete with the prefix also comes a branded game controller called Fire Game Controller.

Amazon introduced its TV prefix

It's worth noting that Amazon does not plan to depend entirely on major publishers. The largest Internet retailer has already announced the creation of its gaming studio, which will be engaged in the creation of games specifically for FireTV.The debut project will be a defense strategy called Sev Zero. There is no particular difficulty in developing programs and games for a new prefix. FireTV is running a modified version of Android.

Buy FireTV for only $ 99, which puts it in a single line with AppleTV.True, unlike the apple consoles, the device from Amazon gives users access to a bit more services. At least "on paper".