Hemorrhoid Treatment

Candles with calendula from hemorrhoids

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  • Candles with calendula
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Candles with calendula from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a disease that is currently very widespread. They are affected not only by the elderly, but also by a large number of young people. A few people can talk about this "delicate" problem openly, but they still have to find an effective method of treatment. Who is the most at risk for hemorrhoids? This group of people includes those who:

  • Has an inflammatory disease in the pelvic region;
  • Lives a sedentary lifestyle( eight hours a day);
  • Has problems with excess weight and sedentary;
  • Always consumes alcohol.

Hemorrhoids are also common in women in the postpartum period and during pregnancy. But today, such a surge in the disease is mostly due to an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. By ignoring preventive measures and even the very first signs of a hemorrhoids, you lose time and thereby exaggerate the disease. In due time turning to treatment at the first stage of the disease, accompanied by itching, burning and periodic bleeding, getting rid of hemorrhoids will be faster, more effective and more painless.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with calendula and other herbal extracts

Candles with calendula from hemorrhoids

At the first stage of hemorrhoids, ointments and candles have proven to be very positive. Their composition may include both chemical elements and natural, which is even more common. Candles for hemorrhoids have gained such popularity because they were more effective compared to other medications. This is due to the fact that they do not cause allergies, and their active substances very quickly get into the bloodstream and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Particularly effective homeopathic remedy is candles with hemorrhoidal calendula. Calendula is very widely used in medicine. Its main characteristics are:

  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Resists the spread and growth of bacteria.
  • Cleans the blood and stimulates its coagulation, which results in rapid healing of the wound.
  • Used to treat viral illnesses.
  • Does not have side effects and contraindications.
  • It is not contraindicated for women during pregnancy.

Calendula has long been considered a folk remedy in the fight against hemorrhoids. On its basis, special decoctions were prepared, which were used for special seated baths. Today it became possible to use candles on the basis of calendula in the treatment of hemorrhoids. This allowed pharmacists not to spend extra time and money on creating a therapeutic formula, enough to put in a candle 0,057 g of calendula and begin to effectively fight hemorrhoids at any stage of the disease. As mentioned above, calendula-based candles are absolutely not contraindicated in women during lactation and during pregnancy.

How to use calendula-based suppositories in hemorrhoids treatment?

According to the instructions, candles with calendula are used once a day at the initial stage of hemorrhoids and twice with the complicated course of the disease. In general, the very use of candles against hemorrhoids( it is worth emphasizing - the internal one, since for the external one, however, the ointment is more effective than hemorrhoids) is primarily prescribed for bleeding from the anal canal during the act of defecation. Because the purpose of candles from hemorrhoids is directed to hemostatic and anti-inflammatory action.

As the instruction shows, after applying a candle with a calendula in the anus, stay in a position lying for at least 30-40 minutes. It is also recommended to put candles before going to sleep and after emptying the intestines, then the effect will be more qualitative. In some cases, doctors recommend using an enema for this. With regard to the frequency of candles with calendula, it all depends on the speed of healing of the wound and symptoms of the disease. The course of treatment for each patient is assigned individually, and its completion must be determined only by the doctor.

Contraindications to candles from hemorrhoids and calendula in particular

Candles with calendula from hemorrhoids

Rectal candles are a very effective remedy for treating hemorrhoids, but despite their positive properties, they have a number of contraindications and side effects. Consequently, the contraindications for the use of candles from hemorrhoids include:

  • Infectious inflammatory processes in the rectum;
  • Acute tuberculosis;
  • Acute cardiovascular disease and permanent hypertension;
  • Diabetes mellitus, which is complicated by symptoms of trophic impairment of the lower extremities and weakening of the immune system;
  • Acute Osteoporosis;
  • Presence of ulcers and erosions in the rectum;
  • Complex allergic reaction to a specific composition of the suppository.

Side effects of using candles on the basis of calendula from hemorrhoids can be an allergic reaction, the symptoms of which are: itching, rash, hyperemia. It is important to note the fact that the instructions for candles with calendula do not indicate medical contraindications during pregnancy and during lactation. However, their use should be accompanied by supervision by the doctor.

Unlike other drugs, the side effects of candles - the phenomena are rare, but they are, and they can not be ignored. They are manifested mainly because of frequent use. Most often they include: itching, burning sensation and pain in the rectum, rash in the anal canal, unpleasant sensations during bowel movements.

Candles with calendula are very popular today in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and you can easily buy them at any pharmacy. Nevertheless, do not neglect our advice and try to cure the disease in a self-medication way. Trust your health to a qualified doctor, and then the disease will go quickly and painlessly. In addition, do not forget about preventive measures, then the disease will be even less likely. Take care of your health on time so that you do not have to regret it.

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