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Nail art nails or drawings on the nails for beginners at home, step by step. ..

Nail art nails or drawings on the nails for beginners at home, step by step. .. Nail Art( from the English Nails - "nails", art - "art") is an ornament and a painting of nails and is one of the most fashionable and dynamically developing areas of aesthetic cosmetology.

Thanks to the decoration of the nails, women have the opportunity, first, to always have beautiful, well-groomed

nails, even if they have flaws, and secondly, to make a highlight in their image.

Drawings on the nails for beginners. ..

The boundless fantasy, as well as the level of skill, will help you to get the desired result. The motive of the picture, color gamma, ornaments in the form of crystals, sequins, mica - all of this you can choose to your liking. And it's not necessary to contact a professional craftsman. If you are training, you can learn how to do not overly complicated nails yourself.

  • You can draw anything from abstract divorces to landscapes that turn a nail into a miniature work of art.
  • Two main techniques are used for painting nails - using a thin brush or needle. They can be used both individually and in combination, since they give a completely different effect and can successfully complement each other.
  • Before you start, it is also important to pick the colors of varnishes, most often contrasting.
  • If you use a brush, you can draw both on a dry, and with a liquid varnish. In this case, varnish varnishes will be mixed with each other.

Several subtleties for a successful start.

In order not to lose interest in such a wonderful lesson as the Nail Art, after the first unsuccessful manicure, you need to be patient and pay attention to the following rules.

  • First, prepare everything you need for your manicure so you do not have to tear yourself to look for a varnish, needle or napkin.
  • Do not hesitate to use stickers, stencils, toothpicks and other auxiliary materials. At the initial stage, they can provide invaluable help.
  • Set the goal of a simple and simple manicure. When the result is pleasing, you can swing to a more complex pattern.
  • Before opening a bottle of varnish, you need to decide exactly which picture to portray. After all, it will have to act quickly enough, until it is dry varnish.
  • To prevent the pattern from scratching a new layer and paint the lacquer only if the previous one is already dry.

Nail art nails or drawings on the nails for beginners at home, step by step. ..

Painting with needle

Conducted, as a rule, from a varnish of a kind. To get a sophisticated picture, the needle should be very thin. The technology of painting is as follows. The surface of the nail is covered with a transparent base. When it is dry enough - a copious layer of base varnish. At once, small droplets of other colors are applied and, while the varnishes are not dried, with the help of needles create different patterns, driving the needle circles, dropping in a drop, etc. So you can get very cute flowers and twigs. To get a good drawing, you need a varnish of at least three colors - one for the base and two for creating a picture. To give the painting a festive look, it can be covered with gold, silver or bronze sparkles. Do not forget about rhinestones and foil. The final stage is the coating of a practically dried pattern fixing device.

Brush Paint

For nail art at home, you can use ordinary acrylic paint, which is sold in stationery. For them, you need a thin brush "0" or "1" from the column or squirrel. Because of its composition acrylic paint is well diluted with water, so you can always get the correct smear consistency. Try to brush the brush immediately after work, since the acrylic is easy to wash, only until it is dry, and then the brush will only be thrown away. The picture with acrylic paints can also be decorated with sparkles, crystals, mica, etc., but it is necessary to do so until it is dry. When the picture is dry, it is fixed to the top coat for durability.

To carry out manicure with a brush and varnishes, you must follow the following sequence. Cover the nails with a transparent base. Allow to dry completely. Apply main color. To dryNext, using the brush as thin and comfortable as possible, with sure smears to draw the intended designs. Before using the new varnish color, make sure that the previous one is high. When the last point is put - cover with a fixing device.

Nail art nails or drawings on the nails for beginners at home, step by step. ..

Little Tricks

To prevent the hands from shaking, and because of this, the picture did not spoil, use the support. Let your hands lie on the table. In the process of drawing, you learn to move not the entire brush, but only with your fingers, holds the tool.

If suddenly it happened that the line did not go there or dropped the varnish, do not despair. Look and think of how you can use the bug and improve the manicure.

You may not have all the tools you need. No worries, for sure there will be ballpoint pens, markers, markers, or studs in the house. These ordinary household items will please you on the first occasion.

If you do not have the time or experience, you can use finished drawings for nails in the form of transposed pictures or stickers. The main thing is to cover the nail with a fastener to preserve their beauty for a long time.

Nail art nails or drawings on the nails for beginners at home, step by step. ..

A simple example of

Many started their way in the world of Nail Art with this manicure.


Prepare the foundation and fixer, varnishes: white, yellow and basic( at your discretion pink green, blue or beige), a manicure tool with a small ball at the end. Instead, the tool will fit a normal stud, because it has the balls at the ends too.

  • Apply and dry the substrate under varnish. This is your canvas.
  • The main varnish cover your nails completely all over the surface. Wait 15 minutes.
  • With a white lacquer with a tool for manicure, put five points in the form of flower petals, in a circle, one point for another. In the center, there should be an empty space between the white petals. Dry for 5 minutes.
  • Put a dot in the center of each flower with a yellow lacquer. Here are our camomiles! Dry nails again for about 10 minutes.
  • Fix each nail gently with the fastener.

You choose the number of colors on the nails yourself. It will be a gentle manicure with a romantic highlight in the form of a single flower, or a bright chamomile field - it all depends on the overall design and mood. Moreover, it is possible to make noodles from chamomile, changing white lacquer blue. Or at all to portray a fabulous flower-seven flowers. In any case, this is a beautiful manicure and an invaluable experience in nail design.

Next, it's a small matter - try, experiment, err, and fix the situation. You will not have time to look at how you will make true masterpieces.