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Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

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Bananas with pancreatitis are not forbidden by doctors. But you should not admire them, like other fruits. Need to know the measure. Many patients stop using any fruit, in

including bananas, in the detection of pancreatitis, since fruit acids can greatly irritate the digestive system, especially the pancreas. But the effect of bananas is not so significant, and discomfort after taking banana patient will not feel. Naturally, you need to be careful and follow the exact dosage. Can you eat bananas for pancreatitis? Doctors' response will be positive.

Bananas are considered as second bread, and even the first in some countries of Africa and South America. Often they make cakes. They are not uncommon on the shelves of our stores and markets. They contain vitamins B1, B2, B5, PP, C, minerals: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron.


  • 1 Use during exacerbation
  • 2 Chronic form
  • 3 Can you eat grapes?
  • 4 General rules
  • 5 Chicken liver

1 Use during the exacerbation period

In the period of exacerbation of pancreatitis, according to the doctor's requirements, you must follow a diet. The diet menu may include fruit juices, but necessarily diluted with boiled water. You can take them one week after the cessation of attacks. You can make banana-based fruit cocktails.

Do you have pancreatitis?

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Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

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In the acute phase of pancreatitis you can eat 1 banana a day, but in the morning. Be sure to bake or grate the banana before you use it, turn it into mashed potatoes. But you can take it only a week after eliminating the attacks.

Maybe you want to buy some juices in a supermarket. Often, they do it with a banana. But do not be in a hurry. Can bananas in this form? Doctors argue that it is impossible, because when preparing the factory juice, various preservatives, dyes, flavors are used. This is done to increase the taste and ergonomic performance of products, extending the shelf life of the product.

Any of the components of the product may be the corresponding reaction of the body. Aggravation of pancreatitis may increase and the condition deteriorates.

Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

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2 Chronic form


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In the chronic form of pancreatitis, one must adhere to a rigid diet in which bananas are consumed in the same way as in exacerbation:

  • No more than 1 time per day, preferably in the morning. Since in these fruits a lot of carbohydrates, they are long digested, give a charge of energy.
  • Bananas are consumed in the wiped or baked, consisting of many dishes.
  • Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

    Since chronic pancreatitis is chronic cholecystitis - a disease incurable, accompany a person all his life, then refusing himself in tasty dishes forever is not worth it. There are many variations in the preparation of bananas in different dishes. It is necessary to think carefully about the consequences for the pancreas.

    When pancreatitis, you can prepare banana puddings, soufflé, and add to porridge. Prepare dry banana compotes. As mentioned above, it is possible to prepare banana drinks with other fruit juices, but diluted. Or with such sour-milk products - yogurt, ryazhankoy, sour. All products must be fresh.

    3 Can you eat grapes?


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    Can you eat grapes with pancreatitis? Unfortunately, doctors will say: "No."

    Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

    Phase of exacerbation - Grapes are not allowed.

    Acute pancreatitis is not allowed.

    Phase of stable remission, provided normal tolerance, in the absence of insulin synthesis deficiency - up to 10-15 berries per day.

    Avoid grapes completely. Trying to include in the menu provided the formation of a stable remission of the disease. In addition, there should be no diabetes, a pre-diabetes. The grapes contain the following vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B9, A, C, E, H, K, P, minerals: vanadium, silicon, molybdenum, rubidium, nickel, aluminum, fluorine, boron, chlorine, cobalt, chromium,phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese. It is a strong antioxidant that stimulates hematopoiesis, removes urea, enriches the heart muscle with potassium, tones up the whole body.

    Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

    4 General rules

    What you need to know about eating:

  • Products should be fresh.
  • Fruit must be triturated, wiped through a sieve, peeled. Cook mashed potatoes. .
  • Cooking in steam or bake in oven.
  • Any of the fruits is eaten in quantities of 1 pc.per day.
  • It is necessary to remember the exact list of prohibited products. Be sure to understand why they are forbidden.
  • Know the list of medicines for first aid during accidental use of Prohibited Products.
  • Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

    5 Chicken liver

    Chicken liver overtakes beef, veal and pork for the amount of protein that is well absorbed. Despite the heat treatment, it is a very high-calorie product. And its use in acute and chronic pancreatitis is unacceptable, especially in the acute phase, since it contains a lot of cholesterol. Promotes the allocation of a large number of gastric juice, pancreatic enzymes, which, in turn, mercilessly destroy and so inflamed walls of the gland.

    Can you eat bananas or grapes when you have pancreatitis?

    Animal liver for pancreatitis is prohibited. It contains a large number of extractives that greatly stimulate the stomach and pancreas to produce juice and enzymes. And it destroys the inflamed gland. Also in the modern world, animals are fed with food containing substances for rapid weight gain and growth. All of them are deposited in the liver of an animal. Getting into the human body, they destroy their internal organs, accumulating in them.

    In a chronic form of pancreatitis in a stage of stable remission with a good state of health after discussing with the attending physician only a month after the disappearance of attacks, a careful use of high-quality liver.

    The liver is cooked for steaming, steaming, cooking. You can make pasties, but without spices and not fat. At first you can combine minced meat with the liver, if it is so well tolerated, then you can use it in pure form. Combined with any garnish: porridges, vegetables, pasta.

    Liver should be selected only by proven stores, where daily checks of the sanitary and epidemiological station are carried out. It is necessary to avoid sub-products of doubtful quality which do not have quality certificates. You need to buy fresh, chilled, and not frozen liver. After all, you can not be sure of the quality of the frozen liver.

    The number of chicken liver per day is picked individually. It contains the following vitamins: B1, B9, B12, beta-carotene, A, C, PP, as well as minerals - potassium, magnesium, calcium, molybdenum, cobalt, phosphorus, chromium, sodium, iron, zinc, selenium, copper,manganese.

    Beef liver can be eaten no more than 100 g per day. It contains the following vitamins: B1, B2, B4, B5, B9, B12, A, C, D, E, H, K, PP, minerals: molybdenum, fluorine, chlorine, cobalt, chromium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium,sulfur, sodium, iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, selenium, copper, manganese.

    Before you enter any new product, you always need a qualified doctor. He must decide whether it is possible to use a new product in this period, will calculate the number per day. After all, a strict diet with a specific table number is required. Eating some foods can worsen the condition.