What kind of fish is better smoked in smoking: we choose the best


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    • 2.1 Hot smoked pork recipe
  • 3 Red fish,
    • product advantages 3.1 Salted Salmon Recommendations
    • 3.2 Recipe for red salmon fish

A delicious, fragrant hot smoked fish on the table

is a real holiday for the stomach. In a store, you do not really want to buy such a product. It is unknown what the origin of "floating", and the processing of fish in large quantities for sale is, more likely, with the help of special compositions and dyes, which in itself is very harmful. Therefore, many prefer to smoke fish on their own.

What kind of fish is better smoked in smoking: we choose the best

  • Consider your head. The gills should be red, yellowish or greenish tones speak of a poor quality product. Transparency of eyes is also important. If the eyes of the fish are muddy, then it is better to leave it in the store;
  • The abdomen should have a light pink color, yellow is not allowed;
  • Pay attention to the integrity of the fins and tail. If they are broken or very dry, it means that the carcass has repeatedly defrosted, then freezes again;
  • Skin skin should be smooth and well adhered to the body;
  • Consider the shape of the carcass. It should not have unnatural breakdowns and mechanical damage;
  • Sniff product. Bad meat has a characteristic odor.
  • It is worth noting that for smoking, you can buy sliced ​​pulp, it is much more convenient, saves time and power.

    The recipe for the smell of red fish

    What fish we should buy, we have already figured out, but in order to get really tasty food from it, you need to know some general rules of preparation:

    • so that the dish turned juicy, appetizing, it should be soaked in olive oilwith the addition of lemon juice and onion;
    • does not need to abuse spices; it will plunder the natural aroma and distort the original taste of the finished meal;
    • combines smoke with different vegetables, cereals, sour sauces.

    Follow the recipe to make delicious and nutritious foods in the smoke.


    • 4 kilograms of pink salmon;
    • 150 g salt;
    • one tablespoon of sugar sand;
    • red and black ground pepper takes half a teaspoon;
    • will need the same amount of dried basil, mustard seeds, plus bay leaf;
    • a few cloves of garlic.

    Rub the rubbed cartilage with salt, insert the gills on a bay leaf. Garlic finely chop and mix with other ingredients. Sprinkle the fish with the mixture, both externally and internally. The "sea dweller" so prepared should be put in polyethylene, left to marinate. The larger the carcass, the more time it takes for salting. Fine fish will take no more than 20 hours, and a larger "catch" is desirable to last for at least 24 hours.

    Large cod is poured in water for a few minutes, fine, it is enough to simply sprinkle, then the smoke turned out thick and stable. To drain the zhirok not chadil, the pallet poured a little water. The first 15 minutes of heat should be strong, then the temperature can be made less. Slices should sometimes turn around. If you are preparing a large fish, then the processing time of smoke can last up to 2 hours, for small portions it will take 30 minutes.

    Appearance is the main indicator of the readiness of the dish: a dry peel, a delicate golden color, a rich flavor. In the finished product, the meat is well behind the bones.

    Everything is ready! Now you know what fish you need to cook, what it takes to make it delicious, juicy and useful. Bon Appetit!