Right rabbit breeding at home for beginners

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Raising rabbits at home for beginners causes a lot of fears in this regard. But it is not at all urgent to take

at an industrial scale. At first you can try your hand at one rabbit or a couple of rabbits. And besides, the rabbits, these cute animals, will come to a great deal in those families where there are small children. Caring for rabbits is not difficult if you follow the three basic principles: in time to feed, care for the rabbits and give them attention and affection.

Right rabbit breeding at home for beginners

It is easy to care for rabbits if you follow the following principles: to feed, care and give them attention and affection in a timely manner.

Detected with breed

Before breeding rabbits at home, you need to pre-select the breed for cultivation. And there are about two hundred of them. Rabbits are usually grown for the sake of dietary meat, skins or both taken together. However, for the home will be more appropriate decorative rabbits. And this is the perfect option if the rabbits are kept in the apartment.

A favorite breed for domestic breeding is considered to be a pronounced ram. These fluffy animals are the lords of the funny elongated hanging ears. Breeding and keeping rabbits for beginners though difficult, but it is a very responsible occupation. The newborn rabbit should understand that different breeds of animals react differently to identical conditions of retention, therefore, when choosing a breed, priority targets should be such as the number of rooms and the availability( and also quality) of the forage that can provideThe owner of a future home farm.

Right rabbit breeding at home for beginners

A pronounced ram - the lords of the funny elongated hanging ears.

Rabbits require not only constant feeding, drinking and cleaning them, they are demanding and communicating with those who care for them, which requires some time.

Containing rabbits in a home is not difficult. To begin, you need to prepare cells with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 80 cm2 and a height of 50 cm( not less).Spacious cells should be enough to ensure that checking is not only freedom of movement, but also lifting on the hind legs. Sometimes rabbits should be let out for a walk in the apartment, and the host should at the same time observe extreme caution, as rodents can damage the electrical wiring. The greatest advantage of rabbits in comparison with dogs, cats or, for example, aquarium fish is that the cost of their content is much lower.

Choose the right amount of rabbits.

The life of rabbits in the natural environment proceeds in colonies, where each individual is provided with an individual hole, which acts as an element of the general system of dwellings. Growing rabbits can not coexist in the same cage. Male rabbits start fighting with each other. And the consequences of this grunge can be very deplorable. Mother and daughter or rabbit from one litter can safely live for a very long time, provided that from birth they are accustomed to each other. Couples do not need to keep rabbits because the male does not show any concern for their offspring.

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Grow Rabbits Healthy

Right rabbit breeding at home for beginners

Draw Cages for Breeding Rabbits.

Not taking into account long-haired breeds, rabbits should observe a smooth, coherent hair coat with a healthy shine. They can not have any secretions from the nose and eyes.

Rabbits can skilfully conceal their weakness as a sick animal becomes a rogue. It is important to control the appetite of a pet and the presence of daily feces. In the absence of such a need to visit the veterinarian.

Constipation and liquid stool are considered to be alarming signs. Diarrhea can be triggered by factors such as infectious diseases, malnutrition or edema.

It is important to examine the animal's eardrum: no scrub or new morning should not be on them. Symptoms of rhinitis and other colds are frequent sneezing and damp nose.

A healthy rabbit is inquisitive and active, jumping in a cage, takes food with hunt. The first bells that something happened, is the sluggish sucking of the rabbit in the corner of his house, shabby wool and neglect of his favorite delicacies. Most pet disease can cause fatal outcome, so do not delay your visit to a vet.

Right rabbit breeding at home for beginners

Healthy rabbits are inquisitive and active, jumping in a cage, take food with hunting.

Bringing a rabbit home, you need to put it in a cage and let it be alone. At the same time, the walls can be covered with cardboard, it will give him rest.

Feeling safe, the rabbit will take a new home. Therefore, a cell before the reception of a new occupant should be prepared in advance: there must be placed drinking bowl and rack feeder. At the bottom of the village fill the filler or sawdust( if available).Hay should always be there. Gradually you need to get accustomed to rabbit feed, giving it in small portions and with caution.

No need to try to pull the animal out of the cage by force, so as not to scare it. Other rabbits can not bear noise. You also need to ensure that it is not touched again. Children in their irrepressible desire to play with the animal can contribute to the fact that it becomes drowsy and nervous.

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Apply to the toilet

The tidbit of the rabbits will allow you to easily teach them to go to the toilet. To get rid of the unpleasant smells of rabbits defecation will help such measures as keeping rabbits by rules, regular replacement of litter and contents of the tray. It is important to trace and mark the place where the rabbit first urinated. After that, soak the cotton swab in his urine and place it in a new pot. And the former place washed and treated with vinegar, so that from there did not smell.

Right rabbit breeding at home for beginners

The rabbit tray needs to be thoroughly cleaned in time to please the clean rabbit.

Occasionally, developing a useful habit takes little time, but sometimes a lot. It is influenced by innate animal and acquired habits.

It is important to know that the pet does not like a dirty toilet. He will immediately demonstrate this, leaving a lot nearby. Therefore, the tray needs to be thoroughly cleaned in time to please the cleansee-rabbit.

The rabbit selectively treats the cleanliness of its house. In connection with this, it is not necessary to wash the cage with the use of detergents for the bath and kitchen. Their smell will repel an animal, and it can even cause it real harm. As far as water procedures are concerned, then the rule is: Do not harm. The protective layer of fat is removed from the water, and the coat may start to dim and drop out. Therefore, washing is recommended as a last resort. It is enough and that the special brush to scratch their wool.

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We feed according to the rules of

The basic ration of a rabbit makes sense to think up ahead of time. These can be dry feeds, hay, greens, root crops. Domestic rabbits in terms of content and food passions are no different from their wild counterparts. In the daytime food should contain minerals and vitamins in the amount necessary for growth of the animal.

Right rabbit breeding at home for beginners

In the morning rabbits are better to give dry foods - feed, groats, oat flakes, in the evening - vegetables, fruits, greens.

Feeding rabbits is performed twice a day. In the morning, dry food predominates - feed, cereals, oat flakes. In the evening, it is better to give vegetables fruit, herbs. In the afternoon add hay. Its low calorie content is ideally suited for snacks. It is put on the night. If the food is not spoiled, it can not be removed from the feeder. In a cage you can put sprigs of lime, birch, ash or fruit trees. In addition to having a set of nutrients that will absorb the pet, they will also need to toothpick his teeth.

You need to be able to get the rabbit out of the cage correctly so as not to injure him. For this, the hand is placed under the chest cage of the pupil and take firmly, while not crushing. With the other hand, the back paws clench, so that he could not break out and scratch, breaking out of his hands. If you want to raise an animal it is necessary to take into account that it is impossible to hold it for a long time either down the head or for a fork, as well as lift it by the eardrum. Raise it safely and slowly, do not pull it sharply. You can firmly press the rabbit to the chest, as even a calm person will try to escape to freedom.

Skilled rabbits grown in the home provides not only full feeding, cleaning of the cage and combing wool. Each owner has to trim the claws of a fluffy ward.

Kigti in natural conditions promote better clinging of the animal for turf. At home, however, they do not play any role, but cause discomfort. Here are just a few options that might happen:

  • caught a rug claw could be traumatized;
  • deformation of posture is caused by uneven perception of body load;
  • deformation of the fingers on the paws due to the growth of claws.

For this procedure it is necessary to prepare ordinary cutters, used for people and have a large gap. In the special same goggles from the pet store there is a momentary blunting and the ability to twist the claw. Light claw in rabbits makes it possible to detect blood vessels well. Departing from the last about 5 mm, make a straight cut.


It is more difficult to cut dark-haired animal breeds, as their claws are hidden by pigmentation. Therefore, it is necessary to cut 3 mm, but at intervals after 2 weeks. The situation where you can touch a capillary is not excluded. Just need to keep a ready-made cotton wool soaked in a disinfectant. If excess was cut off then you need to put a wool on the wound and do not remove it until the bleeding stops. After that again take up for shortening the claws.

After examining these recommendations and applying them in practice, you can ensure that rabbits contain - one pleasure.

However, the time for this process still needs to be given enough.

Then the pupil will answer that he will bring a lot of pleasant moments when communicating.