Tensor Headache: Causes and Treatment

From this article you will find out what tensor pain in the head is, why it occurs, define its symptoms and methods of treatment, consider some useful tips to prevent this type of headache.

Tensor Headache: Causes and Treatment

In recent years, more than half of humanity on earth suffers from

, a tensor headache triggered by stressful situations.


  • Symptoms of tensor headache
  • Tension headache emergence
  • Treatment of tensor headaches
  • Useful tips

Symptoms of tensor headaches

Our world is so arranged that every day a person is exposed to any anxiety or nervous breakdown that affects manifestationpain in the head. Women are more likely to have this disease, and often they are in chronic form.

Tensor pain is undoubtedly less critical, unlike migraine. She is light and moderate, but often it is constant and can periodically increase. Although the development of a tensor headache does not affect the physical load, but to provoke a sharp exacerbation, it can independently.

It can be described as "it came from nowhere and disappears nowhere."Such kind of pain can appear at any time of day and night, worry for a certain time and disappear. Tensor headache is of two varieties - periodic( it happens infrequently and does not last long) and chronic( it appears very often and has a long-term nature).

When a chronic tensor pain in the head feels pulsating in the area of ​​the forehead or the nape. She undoubtedly is very concerned about the person and does not allow to concentrate, but is not able to disrupt coordination, impair the organs of vision and the overall physical condition of the patient.

With periodic pain, a person feels a slight compression of the forehead, an unpleasant pressure in the neck and neck area. Such pain has a mild form and does not significantly aggravate the general condition, but still these unpleasant feelings of malaise, have a very negative effect on the person.

Tensor pain can worsen the sleep and appetite of the patient, as well as contribute to his bad mood. Therefore, despite the slight manifestation of headache, such a disease is not desirable to endure and tolerate, but it is better to undergo the necessary treatment in a timely manner and get rid of this painful pain.

The emergence of a tensor headache

The main culprit for the emergence of tensor headaches in humans is stress! Stress situations occur very often in everyday life of a person. It is provoked by various daily factors:

  • problems in the family or at work;
  • certain changes in life( loss of work, change of place of residence, etc.);
  • loss of loved ones or long-term parting with a loved one;
  • birth defects, sleepless nights and general fatigue;
  • failed circumstances;
  • preparation for important events( weddings, graduation exams, etc.).

Whatever the negative factor provokes nervous tension and stress in humans, the result is one - painful and annoying headaches. Feeling constant discomfort in the area of ​​the head, a person quickly tired, becomes restless and badly falls asleep or often wakes up in a dream. He has irritable attacks and chronic fatigue.

In people with high sensitivity, a tensor headache may appear with too much noise or bright light. To avoid the possible occurrence of tensor headaches, try to carefully take care of your health and not to be subjected to stressful situations.

Treatment of tensor headaches

Tensor Headache: Causes and Treatment This type of disease appears due to pinching of the nerves in the cervical spine and the occipital area of ​​the head.

Therefore, the treatment of tensor headaches is done with the elimination of the main causes of this unpleasant feeling.

To find the right way to treat this disease, visit a specialist doctor. You will need to come to your local GP and tell you in detail about the symptoms and symptoms of headache.

In order to establish the exact diagnosis of your disease, the specialist will send you for the delivery of necessary analyzes and a specific survey. Only when the doctor will be completely sure that you really have a problem with a tensor of headaches, he will appoint the necessary course of treatment.

First and foremost, you will be prescribed medication that will include anesthetics and soothing pills to help you cope with stress. It may also be necessary to take special medications to remove general tone - muscle relaxants.

During the course of treatment, be sure to exclude all possible stressful situations and try to calmly treat all the negative environmental effects.

Undoubtedly, the effect of calming drugs will have a positive effect and will help eliminate strong nervous excitement. It is very good in such a situation to surround yourself with pleasant and positive things, you can even take a vacation at work and go on vacation or travel.

This will help you to completely relax and get away from negative thoughts. Full rest and day mode will promote more rapid healing and will prevent the appearance of tensor pain in the head. In the case of a severely neglected disease, its chronic form may require a visit to an experienced specialist, which will have a beneficial effect on the patient with the necessary psychological assistance.

The main treatment of this disease will be aimed at eliminating all the symptoms of pain, ensuring the normal functioning of the nervous system and the removal of tension muscle tone.

Treatment with a specialist will definitely be more correct. Only an experienced doctor who knows all the details of the patient's personal health will be able to find the appropriate course of treatment and calculate the dosage for taking medication. Stationary treatment for this disease is absolutely not required, so the whole complex of healing is in the home.

In the event of a sudden onset of pain at home or at work, when visiting a doctor for certain reasons becomes impossible, be sure to take the pill from the headache. It will help remove unpleasant sensations and remove pain syndrome.

You can also drink at home drinks that do not require prescription drugs that are good for the nervous system. Such medications will help to block out stressful attacks and significantly improve overall health.

It is good to take soothing herbal tea before going to sleep, which significantly transforms the quality of sleep and relieves insomnia and bad experiences. When you have tensor headaches, measure your blood pressure and control it. Timely treatment of this disease will eliminate the risk of more serious diseases associated with the brain and the vessels of the head.

Accepting the necessary drugs will help prevent new attacks of the sharp appearance of tensor headaches, even in the chronic form of the disease.

It should be noted that this type of headache is not transmitted inherited. Therefore, if you have a tensor in your head, you must understand that you are the culprit for this disease.

Try to protect yourself and your nerves, do not enter conflict situations and visit your doctor in time, if necessary, without delaying the case for later.

Useful Tips

Tensor Headache: Causes and Treatment The head is undoubtedly an important human body and any violation of its functions, which is very dangerous to health. The main tensor pain is tolerable, but one should not experiment and hope "alright".

It is imperative to take measures in a timely manner, inspect the specialist and do everything possible to get rid of this unpleasant pain once and for all.

Follow only a healthy lifestyle, spend more time outdoors and always try to protect yourself from stressful situations. In the periods of pain, try to lie down, relax and calm down.

Throw away all the nasty thoughts from your head and ask your loved ones to give you the utmost care and attention. From them, your rapid recovery from this illness also depends very much.

It is important not to forget that in order to maintain good health, you need to eat properly and only healthy and healthy food.

Do not misuse harmful products, alcoholic beverages and smoking. Morning exercise, sports lessons, a society of favorable people and a family structure in relationships, necessarily affect your health is very beneficial.

Look for more positive in all situations of life and do not get close to your heart, all come across in your path of trouble. Only with such a supportive mood you can completely rule out the presence of tensor pain in the head.