How to use smoking: tips and tricks


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Cooking in hot and cold smoked products at home is not difficult but requires some skill.

You should learn how to use the smoke to prepare delicious and quality dishes. The optimal variant of cooking meat, fish or seafood is smoke in a smoking room, which is installed on the farmyard, or directly in the apartment.

How to use smoking: tips and tricks

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How to use smoking: tips and tricks How to use smoking: tips and tricks

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By the way of heating the smoke out:

  • wood. It is smoke for installation on the farmyard. The wood chips in the heating chamber are heated by an open method.
  • electric. The best option for apartments. Heating of fuel is carried out by Tena( heat-generators)
  • gas. Also used in apartments. They are installed directly on the gas cooker hob.

The most popular are street and home smoked hot smokes. The process of preparing the product in them is much faster. In addition, due to the special technology of cooking at high temperatures, the raw material almost does not lose moisture, so a ready-made dish turns out to be quite greasy.

In smoking cesspits, which are cold smoked, the product is already treated with cold smoke at low temperatures, the moisture from it gradually goes away. Such a dish will last longer, but it will take several days to prepare it.

Therefore, the most commonly used recipes for various smoked meals are smoked hot smoked dishes.

Preparation of Smoke Hot Smoke

In order to properly cook smoked delicacies, prepare a smoke. To do this, follow:

  • to assemble the device and check the firebox's serviceability;
  • to clean smoke from combustion products, fuming spices and other contaminants;
  • heat the apparatus to 200, then cool to 100.
  • pay attention to the choice of wood chips. The breed of a tree greatly affects the taste and smell of the product being prepared. It is best to choose sawdust of fruit trees, willow, lime, walnut or alder. It is categorically not recommended to use for smoked fuels of coniferous species.
  • How to use smoking: tips and tricks How to use smoking: tips and tricks


    Shredder The

    • meat product is picked up in any convenient way a day to smoke. You can also just rub it with salt or spices. Keep the cooked meat best in the refrigerator.

      How to use smoking: tips and tricks How to use smoking: tips and tricks

      Before smoking, the meat should be well oiled

    • , the fish is preparing to smoke much faster. It is necessary to thoroughly clean and rub it, rinse it and take it a little in salty water to remove bad breath. Then you need to immerse fish in saline solution for only one hour.

      How to use smoking: tips and tricks How to use smoking: tips and tricks

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      Fish carefully inseminate

    • chicken kept in brine for about four hours. As a rule, dissolve salt and sugar in water, but you can add wines or special seasonings for poultry.
    • fat should be soaked in solution with salt, spices and garlic for two weeks. Periodically fat is turned over, and before you start to cook, washed.

      How to use smoking: tips and tricks How to use smoking: tips and tricks

      Salts are soaked in saline solution

    The hot smoky process

  • needs to warm the smoke to 200 degrees and then cool it to the desired temperature;
  • fish smoked at lower temperatures than meat or fat;
  • in gas chimneys of sawdust is made up of a foil pouch in which several holes need to be made;

    How to use smoking: tips and tricks How to use smoking: tips and tricks

    We make holes in the foil of

  • in the smokehouses from waterworks in the water and sometimes put fresh herbs. This will give the meat a special taste.
  • after ignition of the flame must be fully open. Upon reaching the maximum heating and further cooling to the operating temperature, they should be closed for a better smoke formation. The
  • is a larger piece of product, the higher the temperature should be.
  • home gas and electric smoke are designed for high temperatures, so you should pre-set the regulator to a minimum.
  • in the process of smoking must check the state of shavings and coal in the furnace and, if necessary, add them.
  • is often not recommended to open smoke: it lowers the temperature in it.
  • should be traced to the seal of the lid of smoking. Otherwise, the raw material will not be smoked, but will boil, as smoke and heat will not be enough.
  • If the smoke occurs on a grid, you should turn the product every 20-30 minutes.
  • The time of smoking of products

    • meat is cooked at a temperature of 100-150 degrees. The estimated time is about 2.5 - 3 hours per kilogram of product. The
    • fat will have to be cooked for about two hours at the same temperature. Its readiness is easy to determine for a golden color.
    • fish up to 25-30 centimeters are prepared for about an hour. The temperature in the smoke must be at first completely low, 60-70 degrees, and in half an hour it needs to be raised to 100.
    • chicken, depending on its volume, will smoke for about 1,5 hours at 110 degrees Celsius. Its readiness is easy to check with a special thermometer. In its thick part, ready-made poultry should have a temperature of 80 degrees.

    Smoked foods are easy to do at your own home. Their cost will be quite low, and the process will not take much time and effort. The benefits of smoked products cooked on natural sawdust or coal, without the use of chemical liquids for smoking, is indisputable. After all, with this method of cooking meat, fish, poultry or seafood in them there is much more useful substances than when frying. Smokers do not provoke the appearance of excess cholesterol in the blood. They store almost all vitamins and useful protein properties.

    The method of hot smoking gives a lot of space for the experiment. After all, in addition to classical dishes of meat or fish you can smoke hard varieties of cheese, fruits, vegetables and even eggs. A variety of marinades and brines will allow you to prepare new dishes from the usual products, and many special spices for smoking will decorate any delicacy.

    Adhering to the simple rules for the operation of smoked meat and preparation of semi-finished products for smoking, you can easily create real culinary masterpieces at home.