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The issue of free space on our gadgets is usually one of the most relevant, and this is of interest to the cache of the Thumbnails folder. Dozens of gigabytes of free space on the device disappear like a haze, and over time the user has to look a long and painful couple of megabytes of

free space. And what about those owners of smartphones and tablets, in which the installed memory is only four gigabytes on the device, and there are so many? The users of such devices are similar unbiased Themis, which on their scales long and painfully weighs the value of everyone in the memory of the file, with the ever-popular question "to be or not to be?"

Thumbnails of this folder

The special color of all this is created by the fact,that Android OS by default does not really play the role of such people, often clogging the free memory of the Thumbnails folder is not very user-friendly files. Lovers of photography and image manipulation can notice that the free memory of their gadgets melts in the eyes, and this despite the fact that they practically do not download anything new. In particular, this can be blamed for the process of optimizing the speed of viewing existing images in memory by creating their reduced copies, which, in fact, clog the device memory. Faced with my smartphone with a similar phenomenon, I decided to share with distinguished readers methods to combat this problem, and tell them what the Thumbnails folder is for Android phones. So, everything is in order.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is the Thumbnails folder on your phone
  • 2 How to clear the folder Thumbnails
  • 3 Method 1. CLEANER - fast, convenient, efficiently
  • 4 Method 2: Create an empty duplicate
    • 4.1 Output

Why do you need the Thumbnails folder on your

phone Ifconnect your smartphone to your computer through a USB cord, and in the Explorer, enable the display of hidden and system files "Explorer" - "Arrange" - "Folder Options and Search" - "View" - "Show Hidden Files, Folders and Disks"), then in our DCIM directory( /sdcard/DCIM/) of our device we are withwe can see the cache of the ".thumbnails" directory .This way, with a point in front, shows the hidden nature of the folder, because you simply can not see it with the standard driver of the device.

Thumbnails of this folder

The system uses the Thumbnails folder to create thumbnails of photos and videos on the device, which allows you to quickly display smaller copies of images in various applications( for example, "Gallery").Similar directories can be created in other folders where different images and videos are located, thus often substantially reducing the free space, and the device may begin to slow down due to this.

How to clear the Thumbnails folder

To clean the Thumbnail directory, some users recommend simply waving a problem with the hand and stop using such programs as the "Gallery", as they see the perpetrators of cloning their existing images in them. Instead, they recommend using ES Explorer and other similar tools with improved functionality. Although, for me, this is not an option and it is better to use other methods. For example, take advantage of CCleaner's capabilities or create an empty file called Thumbnails.

Method 1. –°leaner - fast, convenient, efficiently

To use the functionality of the application it is enough to download it from the "Play Market", start, click on "Analysis" and wait for the completion of the procedure. The CCleaner application will analyze your device, and in Thumbnails cache, the file size of the cached copies will be displayed. To say goodbye to them, it's enough to click "Clear" and the issue is resolved.

Thumbnails of this folder

Method 2. Create an empty duplicate

Another alternative that allows you to forget about the problem. thumbnails is to create a blank file with the same name.

  • Connect the device to your computer, go to the internal DCIM folder of the internal memory, and delete the. thumbnails folder there( hopefully, enable the display of the hidden and system files in the guide you have not forgotten?).Thumbnails of this folder
  • Then create on your PC a blank text file with. txt extension( for example, notepad), save it, so it should have the name ".thumbnails.txt"( without the quotes).Thumbnails of this folder
  • After saving, rename it, after deleting the extension, there should only be one name.
  • Put this file in the place of the former DCIM folder and assign it the "read-only" attribute( right-click on the file name, select "Properties" and place a check mark in front of "read-only", save).The problem is solved, and this Thumbnails directory will no longer increase and take up a lot of memory.
  • Thumbnails of this folder

    Illustrated demonstration of the process:


    Using one of the methods, you can easily clear the specified folder or block any files there. This will give you more free space on your device, and you can spend it on something more valuable than smaller copies of your images in thumbnails. Proper work with your device will not only save you extra megabytes of free space, but will also significantly accelerate the work of your gadget, making it more convenient, fast and efficient.