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Can you eat before the ultrasound?

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What is the most important informative method of ultrasound diagnosis is often prescribed. Can you eat before the ultrasound? This question is very popular. The aforementioned type of

diagnosis shows internal organ damage, the presence of stones in the kidneys, the gall bladder or in its ducts and liver. In critical cases, with loss of consciousness, ultrasound can indicate the presence of internal bleeding or fluid in the abdominal cavity. For women in a position it is possible to diagnose the fetus in the uterus, determine the sex of the baby.

Can you eat before ultrasound pregnancy? This question is of interest to future mothers. How to find out about the condition of the spleen and stomach, other organs? To study the ultrasound of the internal organs, preparation is required, which depends on which body is subjected to the study.


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  • Preparation 3 Diagnosis of kidneys
  • 4 Pregnancy test
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1 Useful information

For ultrasonography of the abdominal cavity, you must prepare for 3 days before surgery. The purpose of training is to select the right diet to reduce the formation of gases. Before the ultrasound, you can not use whole buns, muffins, sweets, lemonade and other carbonated drinks. You should not eat milk and dairy products. We must abandon alcoholic beverages, lollipops and chewing gum, as well as acute and fatty foods that are the cause of spasms of the stomach. The ultrasound signal does not pass through the bubbles of air in the stomach and intestines.

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Can you eat before the ultrasound?

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2 Preparing for ultrasound


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For 3 days, the following products are not allowed to be used for research:

  • dark bread( " Borodinsky "," Beech ", rye);
  • milk soups, porridges, coffee with milk;
  • cabbage, peas, beans;
  • grapes, plums, apples;
  • dishes and flour products( muffins, cakes, pies);
  • lemonade and all carbonated beverages;
  • potatoes in any form;
  • Alcoholic Beverages;
  • coffee and strong tea;
  • fat and meat broths.

Can you eat before the ultrasound?

You can use the following products:

  • chicken, low-fat beef, boiled rabbit;
  • fish baked or boiled;
  • porridge from buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl;
  • 1 boiled egg;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • dried white bread.

You can eat buckwheat or oats welded on the water. Food should be chewed thoroughly, trying not to swallow the air. It is necessary to drink tea, weak and slightly sweetened. Drink water as much as you want. You need to starve for about 8 hours before going to a doctor for an ultrasound. To go on an empty stomach. The authorized drug in front of the ultrasound, used for digestive disturbances - Festal or Mezim. Necessary cleansing enema for 2 days, not before the study. The last supper is 18 hours and a full hunger lasting at least 12 hours. Instead of an enema, you can use Senade and other laxatives, except for Normas, Dophalac, Prelaxan, which contribute to the formation of gas and cause a reverse effect.

Lactose, released during milk processing, is part of these laxatives and is a contraindication to the application before the ultrasound. It is necessary to accept activated carbon, reduces the formation of gases and removes toxins from the body. It is necessary to take food often, but in small quantities. Making a correct diagnosis is much more important than flour from ill-assigned treatment. It is important to consult a physician in advance than to spend money on drugs, which may then be ineffective.

3 Diagnosis of kidneys


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A bladder should be filled completely to complete the study. It is necessary to drink water not less than 1,5 liters. You can drink boiling water or drink. As regards nutrition, you should follow a diet that is suitable for the liver, gall bladder and pancreas.

Can you eat before the ultrasound?

4 Pregnancy Test

There are no special dietary recommendations for pregnant women, since the intestines do not block the uterus. You can eat all small portions. An ultrasound appoint doctor 3 times, but this if there is no pathological changes in the fetus.

Can you eat before the ultrasound?

Conditions for pregnant women:

  • for a period of up to 12 weeks, drink 1.5 liters of water, filling the bladder, so that the fruit is visible to the doctor, everything can be eaten;
  • can be eaten and drunk for a period of 22 weeks, usually without restrictions;
  • should be fed without restrictions for a 30-week period.

If you do a vaginal ultrasound with a special sensor inserted into the vagina, you do not need to drink water. An important reminder is the fact that if you have a pregnancy for up to 12 weeks, a miscarriage is possible, provoked by an ultrasound. Being a sensitive organ, the uterus at the time of the study can be very excited and there will be a risk of miscarriage. It is necessary to refrain from ultrasound, if there are painful symptoms and placental debris may occur. In blood withdrawal after an ultrasound, as a rule, pregnancy is interrupted. Carefully weigh all the risks to the mother and future baby together with the doctor. Nobody can force you to do research if you do not want it.

5 Recommendations for future mothers

You can not eat before examining the abdominal cavity of potatoes, legumes, pastries and other gas-forming products. Do not drink plenty of water transvaginally when performing ultrasound. Pregnant women can drink water and eat whenever they want. It is advisable to refrain from caffeine-based drinks, which can affect the effects of exciting effects on the fetus.

Can you eat before the ultrasound?

Children's diet with ultrasound:

  • From birth to 4 years( do not feed for 4 hours, do not drink 1 hour before the procedure.)
  • Being older than 4 years of age( do not feed 8 hours, do not drink 1 hour)
  • For 3days to study dieting, as in adults Milk in bottles and porridges do not give milk Drugs are contraindicated They can cause spasm and pain If your baby is sweet, you should at this time remove all the sweets from the house. It is not allowed to buy chewing gum,chocolate and sparkling drinks6 times a day for his stomach to work all the time. In addition, it is recommended that babies start giving Espumizan, Bobotyk or another medicinal product that will reduce the formation of gases in a few days. Dosage should be specified with the pediatrician. It depends on the weight of the child and his age

    In the evening, before an ultrasound examination, it is not necessary to give your child a heavy meal for dinner. We recommend kissels and other semi-liquid fast-food recipes. However, with babies to comply with all these recommendations will be very problematic. They just need not to be fed in the morning( if possible), take a meal at the clinic. During the procedure, the parents must be with the children. A baby can cry out for fear, not from hunger. With you can take baby food bottles and feed the baby as soon as you leave the doctor's office. For children older it is necessary to bring water, cookies, chocolate, fruits and favorite toy. Different flavors can be useful after an ultrasound, when it will have to calm the baby.

    6 More Tips

    If you have a conclusion from a previously done ultrasound, you should take it with you and give your doctor before starting the study for comparison. Ultrasound of the liver is not recommended after gastrology, irrigoscopy or other X-ray contrast studies. Tell your doctor about this, otherwise the result will be diffuse changes in the liver, which are actually caused not by the disease, but by the introduction of contrast media. Do not smoke directly before ultrasound. If you have diabetes, be sure to tell your doctor to select the best time for the procedure. It is necessary to inform the medical staff if you can not cancel the administration of heart medications or drugs that have an antispasmodic effect.

    Only the observance of all the recommendations given by the doctors of clinics will lead to the correct conclusion. The uniqueness of this method of diagnosis is that it will allow the physician to quickly set the correct diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.