JavaScript error dombyclass is not defined - how to fix the error

Some users, while working on the Internet and visiting different sites( especially this applies to the well-known social network VKontakte), may encounter a situation when an operation is blocked when trying to jump to any web page, launch a video or music, and

user above receives message "JavaScript error domky class is not defined" .In this article, I will discuss this error in detail and explain how to solve the JavaScript problem domain dombyclass is not defined.

JavaScript error dombyclass is not defined - how to fix the error

Error JavaScript error dombyclass is not defined

What is the

error As you can see from the message itself, this error is due to the poor performance of one of the software modules written in JavaScript - the scripting language of the applications used, in particular, to add interactivity to the web-pagesUsually JavaScript error error dombyclass is not defined means there are software problems on the site where you are, with the problem is usually temporary, and when it is detected, developers quickly fix it. Therefore, if you encounter this error, you can make a screenshot and write a letter to the developers, indicating the problem. How to return the old version of VC here.

JavaScript error dombyclass is not defined - how to fix the error

JS error in VKontakte

How to resolve the JavaScript error dombyclass is not defined

If this problem only occurs to you and other users do not see similar problems when logging in to this site, I recommend to do the following:

  • Try to update the page,by pressing F5 or Ctrl + F5);
  • Try restarting your computer ;
  • Check the file hosts .We go to the general Windows directory, go to the system32 folder, then go to the drivers directory, then in etc. In this directory, you will see the hosts file that you want to open with a notepad( or another text editor) and view its contents. You should only have the inscription localhost there, everything else should be deleted. Save changes and reboot your PC;
  • Upgrade Adobe Flash Player and Java ;
  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies . For example, for Firefox, this is the Preferences - Optional - Network, and click "Clear Now" in front of the web content mode;
  • Check your system for reliable antivirus .Sometimes such problems can be blamed for malicious software that has gotten into your computer in any way. Use tested "fighters" with virus level Dr. Web CureIt! , Trojan Remover and others to completely clean your computer from malware;
  • Remove the questionable extensions. According to user feedback, browser extensions such as Vkplugin, Vksaver, BrowseMark, Super Mega Best and many others may be blamed for errors. Go to your browser extensions and delete them( and make sure they are not listed in the list of installed programs on your PC);
  • Use a different browser. Some users in the fight against this error has helped change the browser.

By the way, such and such a JavaScript error domkyclass is not defined errors may appear in the revision process in the Javascript detailed checking mode( for example, Mozilla).Minor drawbacks and roughness will still be found, which can cause the appearance of the problem.


As we can see, the emergence of a JavaScript error domkyclass is not defined may be due to dysfunction of the code of the developers, the action of the browser add-ons, the change of the file hosts and the impact of the virus programs. Fulfilling the tips I provide will help you solve the problem with the error, ensuring the reliable and stable operation of your system.