Error getting data from RH-01 Play Market server

Some Android users may try to update the next application through on the Google Play Market , and may encounter an error in obtaining data from the RH-01 server on the Play Market, which is related to the problem of obtaining server data. In this material, I will figure out that this is a RH-01 error when it occurs,

, and also explain how to fix the error in the Play Market.

Error getting data from server RH 01 Play Market

Error in Merck Plugin


  • 1 Causes of RH-01
  • Error 2 Method 1: How to fix RH-01 error when receiving data from
  • server 3 Method 2: What to do with an error RH-01 Play Market
  • 4 Method 3.The Plot Markets the Server Error RH-01
  • 5 Conclusion

The Causes of the RH-01

Error Despite the mention in the text of the error in the receipt of data from the server, I would not blame the latter. In most cases, the problem with Play Market RH-01 is not a server, but a mobile device user whose function was made some changes. In particular, the cause of this problem is the wrong setting of the Google Play Market settings or the manual stop( shutdown, deletion) of one of the important system services.

This dysfunction is often found in various custom firmware and routine phones, in which "malicious handles" some users managed to remove a number of necessary operating system applications( including the Google Services Framework).

Error getting data from server RH 01 Play Market

Illustration of RH-01

Errors The cause of the RH-01 server error may be incorrectly set in the phone's date and time. As mentioned above, the user encounters the RH-01 error when trying to access the Play Market, downloading or updating some application there. Also, this error manifests itself when a Google Account user is synchronized when a person encounters a malformation message on his gadget. Instructions on how to use Plake Market on a laptop here.

Method 1: How to fix the RH-01 error when receiving data from the

server Currently there are several options for solving the problem in the Play Market. I will list them all, starting with the simplest ones.

  • Reboot the device. Banal advice, but it often helps;
  • Check the correct date and time on your device. Go to your phone's settings, find the "Date and time" there, and check that the data is correct. If you have a check mark in front of the automatic date and time setting( smartphones usually receive this data from cell phone enhancements when logging in to the network, and there is no one on the tablets), then clear the tick from the automatic time and set the date and time on their own. Do not forget to make sure that your time zone is set correctly;
  • Clear the cache and application data of .We go to the settings, then go to the "Program Manager", select the "Right" tab right, find the Google Play Market "and click on it;

    Error getting data from server RH 01 Play Market

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  • Cleaning of Google Services After entering the program menu, click on "Stop", "Delete Update", "Clear Data", and then on "Clear Cache";

    Error getting data from server RH 01 Play Market

    Stop and delete Google Play Services

  • We perform similar actions for stopping, clearing and caching for Google Play Services and the above mentioned Google Service Framework.
  • Method 2: What to do with the RH-01 error Play Market

    • Delete our Google account. We go to the settings of our device, find our accounts in our Google Account and delete it( we click on it and click on the bottom of the "Delete account").Then reboot our device and re-create our Google account;

      Error getting data from server RH 01 Play Market

      We delete the Google Account

    • We work with the synchronization. Go to Settings, go to Accounts, and if Google accounts are synchronized, we disable synchronization and reboot the device. Then again go there, and turn on the synchronization back( after completion, you may need to reboot the device again).
    • Include Google Services Framework .If by accident or by chance you have disabled this application, it is recommended to go to the "Add-ons", go to "All", find it in the list, log in to it and click "Activate".Worse, if you removed it using root-rights, then your phone will need to install gapps( a set of Google applications) through the recker.

    Method 3: Play Market RH-01

    • Server Error Checking the file permissions. If you have root-rights on your device, go to the /System/ App section and check the permissions of GoogleServicesFramework.apk and Phonesky.apk( you need to be rw-r-r).
    • Reset device .If nothing helps, then save the necessary data from the device to the PC, and make a full reset of your gadget to the factory settings( I do this through Settings - Backup - Data reset);

    How to visualize some of my tips for fixing the RH-01 error in obtaining data from the Market Plot server can be viewed on the video:


    As we can see, there are many tools to deal with the RH-01 error in the Play Market. In most cases, it's enough to clear the data cache and the above programs, as well as delete the Google account with its subsequent re-creation. If nothing helps, then you can try to "reset" your phone to factory settings, usually helps to solve most of the problems with Google Play Market errors.